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Basic Info

What is Zinc Ricinoleate?

Zinc ricinoleate is a new kind of ventilating raw material with high effectiveness and environmental management. It can be applied to ventilate materials, kitchen areas, bathrooms, animals, vehicles, food factories, sewer treatment plants as well as other objects. It has a wide range of applications.

Experiments have shown that TEGOSorb A30 with zinc ricinoleate as the main element has a more powerful capacity to get rid of formaldehyde and also has an excellent capacity to eliminate sulfur compounds. The deodorant created with it as the cornerstone can get rid of most of the smells produced in home life, the ventilating effect is thorough, the odor will no longer regrow, the air is fresh, as well as it is easy to biodegrade, safe, and also the deposit will not harm the body reason harm.

In order to boost the sensory effect of antiperspirant, an ideal amount of significance, ethanol, etc can be contributed to the deodorant formula consisting of zinc ricinoleate. Additionally, adding appropriate anti-bacterial agents can increase the anti-bacterial function of the formula. Formulation layout Antiperspirant products can be made right into gel-like strong or spray-type products.

Zinc ricinoleate is additionally an extremely safe as well as eco-friendly product. Its intense oral toxicity (rat) LD50 is above 2000mg/kg, which is a low toxicity degree. It is non-irritating and also non-sensitizing to the skin and eyes, and its biodegradability is as high as 99%. When Tego ® Sorb is used to establish the deodorant in the auto, the efficient material is as low as 0.5%, which has an excellent deodorizing impact, and the general price is economical. You can freely select whether to compound it with flavors and fungicides according to the product function style, or according to the item. The type style is made right into spray, aerosol, gel as well as even coated on the substratum by coating modern technology, which is versatile and also unpredictable to fulfill the needs of various levels of customer teams.

Zinc Ricinoleate Uses

Bactericides, emulsifiers, greases, lubricants, water repellents, lubricating oil additives, stabilizers in vinyl compounds.

Zinc Ricinoleate is a very effective deodorant based on zinc ricinoleate. As a result of its good deodorant residential or commercial properties, zinc ricinoleate is especially suitable for usage in all sorts of deodorant creams.

Since the 1950s, foreign nations started to examine its deodorant effect, and also by the 1970s, it had actually been made right into an industrial deodorant for numerous objectives. Previous researches have revealed that the largest benefit of this antiperspirant is that it has reduced poisoning when soaked up with the skin, mouth and breathing system, and also it is risk-free as well as reputable to make use of.

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Superb Anti-Sedimentation Agent

Zinc ricinoleate, likewise known as zinc soap, is a white powder made from fine-tuned castor oil as well as zinc sulfate through saponification and also salting out. It is a crucial outstanding anti-sedimentation representative in paint manufacturing. The usage of zinc ricinoleic acid is 0.1% for top-quality paint and 0.6% for low-grade paint. The basic dose is 0.6%-1.5%, and the maximum disappears than 2%.

  1. In solvent-based paint, add 1-2% of the weight of the pigment to improve the dispersion efficiency of the pigment, prevent the pigment from flocculating and returning to coarseness, and significantly improve the dispersion effect of the paint.
  2. Adding 0.6% of the weight of the paint during paint production can prevent pigments from settling and agglomerating during paint storage and play a dispersing role. When using this product, you can add it during pigment processing, or you can directly sprinkle it into the paint in proportion and grind it.


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As a zinc ricinoleate supplier and manufacturer with a strict standard product quality system certificate, Zhishang Chemical has long been providing the best zinc ricinoleate raw materials to customers all over the world.

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