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Basic Info of Zeolite

What is Zeolite?

Zeolite is a general term for different framework minerals made up of aluminosilicates. It is a huge family members. There are 40 type of all-natural zeolites uncovered in the world as well as 150 sort of artificial ones. The shade of zeolite is usually light grey, in some cases fleshy red. In the hand, it is undoubtedly lighter than average rock, since the inside of zeolite contains little pores as well as networks, which is much more challenging than honeycomb.

Zeolites were originally originated from ores developed from volcanic deposits and were first uncovered in 1765 by Swedish mineralogist Kronsti. It is named “zeolite” due to the boiling sensation brought on by the rapid growth of water when it is melted. “Stone” (lithos) indicates “boiling” (zeo) in Greek. Since then, individuals’s study on zeolite has actually continued to grow. The inside of zeolite contains small pores as well as networks, much more complex than a honeycomb, 1 cubic micron has 1 million nano-scale pores! Zeolite has a huge specific surface area, the area of one gram of changed zeolite powder amounts the location of a football field!

Human beings have actually carried out research on zeolite for greater than 200 years, and also a selection of zeolite minerals have actually been discovered worldwide, consisting of clinoptilolite, mordenite, chabazite, pyroxene, analcite, potassium zeolite, sodium red zeolite, needle zeolite etc., amongst which clinoptilolite is one of the most abundant all-natural zeolite worldwide. Since the 1950s, zeolite has been commonly utilized as a mineral raw material in industry as well as farming.

Zeolite Uses

  1. Cultivation of algae: Because it contains a large amount of minerals and trace elements, and most of them exist in the form of oxides, they can be hydrolyzed to release ionic states and can be directly absorbed and utilized, so they can be used for the cultivation and maintenance of microorganisms such as bacteria and algae.
    In particular, it contains a large amount of silicon oxide, which can obviously assist in the cultivation of diatoms after large doses.
    This usage is more effective when combined with amino acids, fertilizers and water pastes, carbon source fertilizers, and bacterial preparations. In addition, when the algae stratification occurs in the middle and late stage, this method is very effective for topdressing the base fertilizer and treating the stratified water.
  2. Water purification: due to the presence of silicon oxide, calcium oxide, iron oxide, aluminum oxide and other components, the hydrolyzed products have obvious flocculation effect, and the zeolite powder itself has a reticular porous structure with obvious physical adsorption. The superposition of the two functions makes the zeolite powder have a significant water purification effect.
    In addition, this application can also process some toxic substances, the most typical of which is ammonia nitrogen, zeolite powder + spore + photosynthetic bacteria to process ammonia nitrogen. This formula is a very classic usage in ammonia nitrogen treatment plan. As long as the quality is good and the weather is good, it can be reduced by up to 0.2 per day. -0.5ppm ammonia nitrogen. In addition to ammonia nitrogen, zeolite powder has a certain effect on the auxiliary treatment of nitrous acid, hydrogen sulfide, residual chlorine, algal toxins, heavy metals, organic toxins (such as cyanide, phenols), etc. It should be noted here that when using large doses of zeolite powder, pay attention to the algal phase, especially when the algae are aging, it is easy to cause algal blooms.
  3. Bottom modification: This is the most widely used use of zeolite powder on the market today. The principle is very simple, purification and mineralization. But zeolite powder, like humic acid, has a poisoning effect. Although this effect of zeolite powder is milder than that of sodium humate, it is equally dangerous in large amounts.
  4. Conditioning the stomach and intestines: This usage requires higher requirements and requires the use of clinoptilolite powder with high fineness. It has the effects of supplementing trace elements, promoting digestion and absorption, and assisting in the treatment of enteritis. In addition, it can supplement calcium to promote growth and reduce the material ratio. However, since a lot of feeds have been added, and many drugs are also used as diluents or carriers, there is no need to add extra in general.

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Application of Zeolite

  • Preparation of a new type of antibacterial seaweed fiber.

    It is characterized in that the preparation process is as follows: adding alginic acid and a certain amount of compound ammonium salt into a reactor for reaction, preparing ammonium alginate, dissolving ammonium alginate in water to prepare a spinning stock solution with a mass percentage of 3-8%, In an ammonia water coagulation bath containing ammonium chloride and basic copper carbonate, the antibacterial cupric ammonium alginate fiber is obtained by a wet spinning process.

    The copper ammonium alginate fiber obtained by the invention has the advantages of soft texture, high moisture absorption, antistatic, safe for human body and no toxic and side effects, and has long-lasting antibacterial function; it can be used to manufacture medical non-woven fabrics, and can also be mixed with cotton, linen, viscose, etc. , Bamboo fiber, silk, Tencel and other blends are used to manufacture high-end clothing and mask base fabrics.

  • Preparation of flaky carbonaceous heat source for cigarettes.

    The method includes the following steps: mixing sodium alginate or ammonium alginate or potassium alginate with carbon powder and water, stirring to form a colloid, wherein the mass ratio of sodium alginate or ammonium alginate or potassium alginate to carbon powder is 1 : 5-45, then extrude the jelly into a thin sheet, fully contact the thin sheet with the calcium salt solution to obtain a solidified product; the solidified product is rinsed and dried to make the water content reach 10-20%, That is, the sheet-like carbonaceous heat source material for cigarettes is obtained.

    The invention not only reduces the harm caused by the glass fiber inhaled into the human body, but also improves the flammability of the carbonaceous heat source, and has the characteristics of simple method, short production period and low cost.

Preparation of Zeolite

  1. Zeolite can be utilized in sewage therapy.
  2. Zeolite pet cat trash can deodorize as well as anti-bacterial.
  3. In regards to water therapy, zeolite is used to deal with waste gas and also waste water, remove or recoup steel ions from waste water and waste liquid, and also get rid of contaminated contaminants in waste water. In regards to air purification, zeolite can convert auto exhaust right into NOx; it can additionally be utilized to get rid of or recycle hazardous waste gas as well as minimize the smell of animals ranches; it can additionally be made use of as air freshener and also separator. In the treatment of radioactive waste, it can be utilized as a nuclear waste disposal backfill product, or the radioactive title web page 137Cs as well as 90Sr can be removed. Furthermore, zeolite can additionally be made right into anti-bacterial medicines and stimulant service providers.

In the light industry, zeolite can be utilized in papermaking, synthetic rubber, plastics, resins, coverings, tooth paste fillers and also quality colors. Zeolite can likewise be made use of in fridge production to boost refrigeration effectiveness; when used in plastics, it can improve the antistatic properties and also light resistance of plastics; when utilized in ceramic production, it can boost the covering power of glaze as well as minimize the shooting temperature of ceramics. In addition, zeolite can likewise be used as a bleaching representative and a powder carrier, as well as can likewise be used in the refining of sugar.

Zeolite for the chemical sector

In the petroleum and chemical sectors, zeolites are made use of as catalytic splitting, hydrocracking as well as chemical isomerization, changing, alkylation, and disproportionation of oil refining; gas and also liquid filtration, separation and storage agents; hard water softening, salt water Desalting representative; unique desiccant (drying out air, nitrogen, hydrocarbons, etc); prep work and also synthesis of styrene, ethylbenzene as well as cumene, linear alkylbenzene, caprolactam, propylene oxide, and so on.

Zeolite utilized as rocket ignition representative

In nationwide protection, space technology, ultra-vacuum modern technology, power growth, electronics market, and so on, zeolite can be made use of as CO2 adsorbent, gas desiccant, rocket ignition agent, storage of atomic energy activator fission reaction as well as nuclear reactor in spacecraft and submarines to eliminate carbon dioxide and water.

Zeolite is used as a feed additive

Utilized as a soil conditioner in farming, it can protect fertilizer, water and stop parasites as well as conditions. In the livestock market, it is made use of as a feed (pig, hen) additive and also antiperspirant, etc, which can advertise the growth of livestock and enhance the survival price of chickens. In tank farming, zeolite can be used as a feed additive for fish, shrimp and crab. Zeolite has a variety of macro and micronutrient essential for the growth and also development of fish, shrimp and crab. These aspects are mostly in the form of exchangeable ions and soluble bases. It is simple to be absorbed and made use of, and it additionally has a variety of catalytic features of biological enzymes.

Consequently, the application of zeolite in fish, shrimp and also crab feeds has the features of advertising metabolic process, advertising development, boosting disease resistance, boosting survival price, managing animal body liquids and also osmotic stress, keeping acid-base balance, and also cleansing water top quality. Anti-mildew impact.

In the structure products sector, zeolite can be used as cement hydraulic active admixture, terminated fabricated light-weight aggregate to make lightweight as well as high-strength boards and also bricks; it can additionally be used to make foam glass, lightweight porcelains, tinted concrete and construction adhesives representative.

Foam glass made from zeolite

Zeolite is used to make tinted concrete


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