Why are some plastic bags not able to hold food?

Plastic bags are everywhere in our lives, and it’s a convenience for our lives. For example, on a hurried morning, we often choose to let the seller put the food together and take it away.

This kind of packaging usually uses plastic bags, but not all plastic bags can be used for food.

Some plastic bags have the words “food”, which can be used to hold food, and more plastic bags can not be used for food, especially colored plastic bags, but the color is good, but Such plastic bags are generally reworked from recycled plastic bags, and color plastic bags are generally used in the production process, the colorants usually contain benzopyrene, and benzopyrene is a kind of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons cause a lot of harm to human health, so use this bag to pack food as soon as possible.

Not only colorful plastic bags can not contain food, some plastic bags contain plasticizers, if you use some unqualified plastic bags to hold hot food, plasticizers in plastic bags such as “phthalates”, etc. The substance migrates into hot foods. “Phosphate”, a chemical widely used to increase the toughness of plastic products, may play an estrogen-like role in the human body, interfere with endocrine, cause male reproductive disorders, and increase female suffering. Breast cancer risk.

Therefore, try not to use plastic bags to hold food, and also use food plastic products that meet the national standards and pass the inspection; office workers should prepare glass bowls or ceramic dishes in the office when using plastic lunch boxes to store food. The food in the lunch box is poured into a glass bowl or ceramic dish and then heated by microwave. Do not directly heat it with a plastic lunch box to reduce or eliminate the migration of plasticizer.

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