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Basic Info

What is Urea?

Urea, also known as carbonamide, is a final product of healthy protein metabolic process in humans as well as creatures, and also is also a significant organic nitrogen substance excreted by pets. The pure item is white granular or needle-like, prismatic crystal, as well as it is light red or yellow when blended with heavy metals such as iron. Unsavory and odor-free, conveniently soluble in water, ethanol and also benzene, insoluble in ether and chloroform. At 20 ° C, 100 kg of water can liquify 105 kg of urea, and it soaks up heat when dissolved. Liquid solution is neutral reaction. The nitrogen content of the pure product is 46.65%, and also the farming urea is 42% to 46%. It consists of a small amount of biuret, normally less than 2%, as well as is generally safe to plant growth; the certain gravity and mass density of urea are little, and each cubic meter of fertilizer Weighs 0.65 bunches.

Urea is a neutral plant food and does not include harmful components. The hydrolyzed items NH +4 as well as HCO-3 can be soaked up as well as utilized by plants. It is used time after time and also normally has no adverse results on soil residential properties. It is suitable for different plants and also soils, as well as its fertilizer impact resembles that of ammonium sulfate with equivalent nitrogen material; it is better than ammonium sulfate for “maturing” paddy areas that do not have active iron as well as are prone to hydrogen sulfide poisoning. Extreme application of urea, or high biuret material, can conveniently trigger ammonia and biuret poisoning to plants; the greater the urease activity of crops, the a lot more sensitive they are to the poisoning of urea as well as biuret. Urea can be utilized as additional feed for hatchling pets. In industry, urea is the raw material for the synthesis of urea-formaldehyde, melamine-formaldehyde material, and so on. It is utilized in the manufacture of tetracycline, phenobarbital, high levels of caffeine and also various other medicines in medicine. The color sector uses it to produce vat brown BR, phthalocyanine blue B, etc.

Urea is packed in woven bags lined with plastic film and exterior. It needs to be kept in a dry storage facility, and can not be stored and also delivered together with acids.

Urea Uses

  1. Used as resources for fertilizers, animal feed, nitroglycerins, stabilizers, and urea-formaldehyde resins.
  2. Urea used for the separation of nitrogen oxides as well as nitrous acid and also chromatographic evaluation, additionally used as a biological culture representative.
  3. Urea is generally utilized as a plant food. In industry, it is also used as a basic material for the manufacture of urea-formaldehyde resin, polyurethane, and also melamine-formaldehyde material. It is also commonly made use of in medication, nitroglycerins, leather, flotation protection representatives, pigments, and dewaxing of petroleum items.
  4. It is made use of in analysis to check antimony and also tin. Determination of lead, calcium, copper, gallium, phosphorus, iodide as well as nitrate. When measuring blood urea nitrogen, prepare standard solution to determine lotion bilirubin. Separation of hydrocarbons. It is made use of to break down nitrogen oxides and also nitrous acid in analysis. Prepare society tool. Stabilizer for the resolution of uric acid by Folin method, homogeneous precipitation.
  5. Urea is an important basic material for the production of chemicals. It can be made use of to create fungicides cymoxanil as well as pyrithrimol, pesticides triazophos, thionon, pyrimidinox, fenitronil, tetramethrin, herbicides diuron, and so on. Yeast food; eating gum tissue structure improver. GB2760-90 is detailed as a handling aid. For alcohols, gelatin products, a glass of wine, yeast-fermented baked products.

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Application of Urea

Transformation of Urea in Soil

After urea is applied to the soil, a small part of it dissolves in the soil solution in a molecular state and is adsorbed by the soil; most of the other part is hydrolyzed into ammonium carbonate under the catalysis of urease, and then generates ammonium bicarbonate and ammonium hydroxide. Among them, ammonium and nitrate nitrogen after nitrification can be absorbed by plants, so urea should be applied 4-8 days before the fertilizer-requiring period of crops. The conversion of urea in soil is affected by soil pH, temperature and moisture. It is a neutral reaction in soil. When the moisture is appropriate, the higher the soil temperature, the faster the conversion; when the soil temperature reaches 10°C, urea is completely converted into ammonium nitrogen It takes 7-10 days, 4-5 days at 20°C, and 2-3 days at 30°C.

The new urea will add urease inhibitors or nitrification inhibitors to slow down the speed of urea hydrolysis and nitrification and prolong the release period of nitrogen in urea. Urease exists in plants and is also secreted by a variety of microorganisms. Its quantitative activity is positively related to the content of soil organic matter. Therefore, improving the state of soil organic matter can also promote the absorption rate of nitrogen in urea by plants.


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