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Basic Info of Undecenoic acid

What is Undecenoic acid?

Undecenoic acid is also called 10- undecenoic acid, Shiyixisuan Undecylenic Acid, as well as 10- undecenoic acid is an acid compound, mostly as a chemical intermediate. Drug eleventy acid consists of C11H20O2 as well as not less than 96.0% (g/g). Eleven anne acid is a light yellow to yellow liquid. When it is chilly, it comes to be a milklike crystalline mass; it has a special odor. It can be mixed with ethanol, methane, ether, fat oil or volatile oil, and also nearly insoluble in the water.

The literary works reports that 10- undecenoic acid is utilized as raw oil, which first obtains 10- eleven elene acid methyl. Pyramide. Eleven olefin oxidation can additionally be utilized.

Nonetheless, the majority of the 10- undecenoic acid made of resources today is coarse products, which include more volatile components such as aldehyde, hydrocarbons, alcohol, esters and also high boiling dots The particle has double bonds, which is more conscious heat. When heated up for a long time, it is simple to generate polymer or oxidatively. Separation and also pureness with standard distillation techniques frequently require long -term home heating, which is very easy to damage the 10- undecenoic acid structure. Low, it is challenging to make certain the needs of medical and high -purity 10- undecenoic acid synthesis.

Undecenoic acid Uses

  1. Undecenoic acid is an important raw material for the synthesis of fragrances, such as fragrance γ-undecanalactone (also known as peach aldehyde), polycyclopentadecalactone, musk ketone, nonanal and nonanol, nylon and other products.
  2. 10-Undecenoic acid is used to treat fungi of skin and mucous membranes, and is used to treat skin fungal infections such as tinea capitis, tinea cruris, tinea pedis, and fungal vaginitis. Best for athlete’s foot.
  3. 10-Undecanoic acid is used in the manufacture of drugs, cosmetics and perfume, including Dandruff Removing Shampoo, antibacterial powder and musk in perfume and perfume.
  4. Undecenoic acid can be used in silicon based biosensors. With the help of the covalent bond between the silicon atom and the double bond of undecenoic acid, a monolayer can be made on the surface of the bare silicon transducer. Carboxylic acid groups can still be used to bind biological molecules, such as DNA or proteins.

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Application of Undecenoic acid

  • Silicon-Based Biosensors
  • Natural fungicide
  • Chemical intermediates for fragrances and essences
  • Cosmetics and Personal Care: Highly Effective Natural Antibacterial and Antiseptic Properties
  • Diols and polyols based on undecylenic acid
  • Additives in cutting fluids (fungicides or triethanolamine salts as anti-rust additives)

Preparation of Undecenoic acid

The literature reports that 10- undecenoic acid is used as raw oil, first obtained 10- eleven elelosate, and then a sodium hydroxide reaction is generated to generate sodium eleven oleanate. 10- Undecenoic acid. Olefin can also be oxidized and synthesized by 10-1rne acid.


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