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Agarose Meaning

Agarose le, also known as agarose, is a chain-like neutral polysaccharide from red algae, which contains no or a small amount of sulfate salts, and is the main component of agar. It has high gel strength at low concentration, is a nearly transparent gel matrix, and is stable to microorganisms, so it has a wide range of uses in biochemical and medical research fields

Ultrapure agarose is a chain-like neutral polysaccharide composed of D-galactose and 3,6-lactone-L-galactose. The structural unit contains a hydroxyl functional group, which is easy to form hydrogen with the hydrogen atom in the structural unit and the water molecules around the chain segment. key.

Ultrapure agarose is a type of polysaccharide, which is typically extracted from some red algae. Agarose is one of both primary elements of agar. Agar pectin is purified from agar by eliminating one more part of agar.

Ultrapure agarose is commonly used in molecular biology to separate macromolecules, particularly DNA, by electrophoresis. It is simple to prepare agarose gel plate for electrophoresis (usually 0.7 – 2%) by pouring cozy fluid option right into the mold and mildew. A range of agarose with various molecular weights and also properties for this purpose are readily available. Agarose can likewise be made into beads and made use of in lots of chromatographic methods for healthy protein filtration.

Ultrapure Agarose Uses

  1. Ultrapure agarose is the preferred substrate for processing proteins and nucleic acids because of its extensive physical, chemical and thermal stability, and its low chemical complexity makes it unlikely to interact with biomolecules.
  2. Ultrapure agarose is used for the resolution of liver disease B antigen (HAA) in professional medicine. Blood electrophoresis evaluation. Alpha-fetoglobin assay. Medical diagnosis of diseases such as hepatitis, liver cancer cells and cardiovascular diseases.
  3. Utilized as biochemical reagents.
  4. Ultrapure agarose is not only biochemically utilized as a support for gel electrophoresis as well as a provider for fondness chromatography, however additionally in medicine for the research of infection bacteriophages, bacteria, clinical examinations, biochemical evaluation, proteins, nucleic acids, antigens, antibodies, and also Splitting up as well as filtration of polysaccharides and preparation of medicines.
  5. Ultrapure agarose is one of the most frequently utilized analytical splitting up tool for agarose gel electrophoresis. The gel made from cleansed agarose has a reasonably large pore size, which can be utilized for the splitting up of macromolecules, such as healthy protein and healthy protein complicateds larger than 200 thousand Dalton, and DNA fragments larger than 100 base sets.
  6. Ultrapure agarose is also widely used in many other applications, such as immunodiffusion and immunoelectrophoresis, because agarose fibers act as anchors for immune complexes.

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Application of Low Melting Point Agarose

Preparation of DNA Xiang Xiaoqiong and Zhou Pingkun invented a simple and efficient cell preparation method, which can be used for molecular hybridization by the low-scratch agarose embedding method.

Purification of DNA Liu Qiuyun found that after purification of low-rubbing point agarose obtained by alkaline method or boiling method, it can efficiently transform Neurospora crude, and the transformation efficiency of low-melting point agarose purification can approach or reach cesium chloride. Transformation efficiency of gradient centrifugation purification. It can also be purified by low melting point agarose after restriction enzyme cleavage or modification reaction. The advantages of this method are that it is fast and efficient, and the purified product can also be used for restriction enzyme digestion, modification reactions, bacterial transformation and radiolabeling. Liu Qiuyun used the low culture point agarose purified to transform and cloned the gene successfully.

Recovery of DNA Liu Chao, Li Yue and others have developed a method of using low-flame point agarose to recover macromolecules for fingerprint analysis, and applied it to actual case handling.

Preparation of Reduced Freezing Temperature Level Agarose

A preparation method of low solidification temperature level agarose, consisting of the actions:

  1. Dissolve 4.0 g of agarose powder in 150 mL of deionized water at 90 ° C to prepare an agarose option;
  2. After the above-mentioned agarose option was naturally cooled to 82 ° C., the sodium hydroxide remedy of 0.9 mL of salt borohydride was added thereto to perform decrease response for 15 minutes. Throughout the response, the shade adjustment of the service was observed. When the shade altered from light eco-friendly to colorless and clear When fluid, the reduction reaction is terminated. In the salt hydroxide remedy of salt borohydride, the concentration of sodium borohydride is 4.4 mol/L, and also the solvent is 10.0-20.0 mol/L NaOH remedy;
  3. Adding 40 mL of salt hydroxide remedy with a focus of 3.8 mol/L to the solution gotten symphonious (2) to accomplish alkalization therapy;
  4. The solution of action (3) was quickly cooled to 5 ° C, and 20-60% (v/v) liquid remedy of ethylene oxide was slowly included dropwise within 60 min while stirring up until the concentration of ethylene oxide in the solution was 1.0 ~ 5.0 wt%, and after that stirred for 60min;
  5. Home heating the option acquired in step (4) to 70 ° C., adding 3.0 mol/L acetic acid remedy dropwise while stirring to readjust the pH worth of the solution to 7.2;dding 40 mL of salt hydroxide remedy with a focus of 3.8 mol/L to the solution gotten symphonious (2) to accomplish alkalization therapy;
  6. Adding warm isopropanol at 45 ° C to the solution symphonious (5) while mixing, and afterwards standing for 1.0-3.0 h for alcohol precipitation category;
  7. The material gotten symphonious (6) goes through centrifugal purification to get a white precipitate, which is immersed with 60% quantity focus of isopropanol and also crushed, then washed 4 times with isopropanol, and squeezed as well as dried out to acquire a filter cake;
  8. After those filter cake is put in an air drying stove at 55 ° C and also dried out at a constant temperature level for 12.0 h, after that crushed and also sieved with a 200-mesh filter to obtain the agarose of the low solidification temperature, and the melting temperature level of the agarose is 60.0 ℃, solidification temperature 26.5 ℃, gel toughness is 265g/cm2.


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