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Basic Info of Tungsten Hexacarbonyl

What is Tungsten Hexacarbonyl?

Carbonyl tungsten (molybdenum) complexes are important organometallic compounds. They are coordination compounds formed by transition metal tungsten (molybdenum) and carbon monoxide ligands. They are usually six ligands and are widely used in organic synthesis. For example, molybdenum hexacarbonyl can be used to catalyze ring opening polymerization of cycloolefins under light conditions; Carbonyl tungsten or carbonyl molybdenum complexes can react with olefins, fast hydrocarbons, diazomethanes, eyes, etc. to produce various organic molybdenum compounds; Simple substituted organomolybdenum compounds and complex binuclear complexes can be prepared by using the ligand of carbonyl tungsten or carbonyl molybdenum complexes for intermolecular replacement or exchange reactions.

Hexacarbonyl tungsten chemical formula W (CO) 6. Molecular weight 351.91. White crystal. Specific gravity 2.65. Sublimate at 60 ~ 70 ℃ in vacuum. It decomposes slightly under sunlight. It rapidly decomposes into tungsten and carbon monoxide at about 150 ℃. Insoluble in water, insoluble in ethanol, ether, benzene, and soluble in fuming nitric acid. It consists of tungsten hexachloride, aluminum powder and carbon monoxide (1.1 × 107 PA) heated to 100 ℃ in a pressure heater. As a catalyst, it can also be used for tungsten plating on metals or ceramics. Tungsten hexacarbonyl is a coordination compound, through which the first dihydrogen complex is obtained.

Tungsten hexacarbonyl is a colorless solid. Like the carbonyl complex hexacarbonyl chromium and hexacarbonyl molybdenum, it is volatile and stable in the air, in which tungsten atom has zero valence. The band position, intensity and spectral type of the vibrational spectrum of hexacarbonyl tungsten are closely related to the internal properties such as the chemical structure, spatial geometry, molecular force field and the distribution of electron cloud in the same molecule. Moreover, its spectral characteristics have a significant impact on the fluorescence properties of the prepared materials. Therefore, the study of its vibrational mode and vibrational spectrum is of great significance. Some studies have used the high symmetry of hexacarbonyl tungsten molecules and combined with the group theory method to analyze the vibration mode and spectral activity of hexacarbonyl tungsten molecules. Finally, the demol package based on density functional theory was used to calculate hexacarbonyl tungsten molecules, and 13 different vibration frequencies, molecular bond length, electron cloud distribution and other information were obtained.

Tungsten Hexacarbonyl Uses

  1. Tungsten hexacarbonyl [W (CO) 6] can be used as a precursor for depositing WO3-x films and as a gas sensor for detecting NO2.
  2. Tungsten hexacarbonyl can be used as a catalyst and can also be used for tungsten plating on metals or ceramics.
  3. The precursor of Fischer carbene complex can reduce PD (II) to nanoparticles PD (0), which has catalytic activity in Hiyama cross coupling.
  4. Tungsten hexacarbonyl is a useful carbonyl amine catalyst and a stable source of tungsten atoms induced by electron beam deposition.
  5. Tungsten hexacarbonyl is used in the preparation of tungsten-containing composites and materials, and also in photochemistry.

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Application of Tungsten Hexacarbonyl

Tungsten hexacarbonyl is a transition metal ion complex with high molecular symmetry. As an important catalyst, tungsten hexacarbonyl can not only be used as a catalyst to prepare polyphenylene vinylene with good fluorescence properties, but also to prepare special compounds containing bifluorene structure. At the same time, using tungsten hexacarbonyl as the material or precursor, through the chemical vapor deposition process, the tungsten carbide film material can be obtained by depositing on the surface of the carbon fiber, and the tungsten film can be obtained by depositing the tungsten film on the surface of the copper substrate. Examples of its application are as follows:

  1. Using tungsten hexacarbonyl as raw material and porous anodic alumina as template, lay the raw material on the bottom of the ceramic crucible, then place the opening of the porous anodic alumina template on top of the raw material, seal the crucible and place it in a tube furnace for heating , low temperature sublimation, so that tungsten hexacarbonyl is deposited in the porous anodic aluminum template, and the temperature continues to heat up to thermally decompose the tungsten hexacarbonyl deposited in the porous anodic aluminum template to form a metal tungsten deposit;
  2. Continue to heat up to make step 1) metal tungsten deposition and oxidation;
  3. Remove the porous alumina template with dilute acid solution, then carry out suction filtration treatment, and dry to obtain the finished product.
  1. Using a dual temperature field slide rail plasma PECVD system, the tube furnace is filled with argon; the SiO2/Si substrate is placed above the container with tungsten hexacarbonyl powder, and the container with sulfur powder is placed in the tube furnace The center of the first heating furnace; then put the container with tungsten hexacarbonyl in the center of the second heating furnace of the tube furnace; pass argon;
  2. Under the argon atmosphere, the pressure in the tube furnace is increased to 133.29Pa, the power of the plasma generator in the plasma generator is set, the temperature of the first heating zone is raised to the volatilization temperature of the sulfur powder, and the temperature of the second heating zone is raised. to the volatilization temperature of tungsten hexacarbonyl; after the two temperature zones are heated up, the mixture of argon and hydrogen is changed; tungsten disulfide is deposited on the substrate, and then lowered to room temperature to obtain a two-dimensional WS2 thin film material.

Preparation of Tungsten Hexacarbonyl

A technique for a tungsten hexacarbonyl or molybdenum complex with easy process, high performance as well as affordable, the technical plan is:

  1. Area tungsten or molybdenum chloride, decreasing representative as well as non-polar natural solvent in a pressure activator with a magnetic stirrer;
  2. Clear out the air in the reaction system by repeatedly charging and discharging carbon monoxide 3 times, and after that the response kettle is warmed to a response temperature level of 25 ° C to
    50 ° C;
  3. Feed carbon monoxide to 5MPa ~ 15MPa and also keep the pressure in the reactor, then open the stirrer, the mixing speed is 100 ~ 360 rev/min, and the response time is 1 hour ~ 12 hours;
  4. After the response is finished, the response option is taken out after the option is cooled down to room temperature, and anemic crystals of tungsten hexacarbonyl or molybdenum hexacarbonyl are obtained by distillation and home heating sublimation.

In the above-mentioned technical scheme, the chloride of tungsten or molybdenum is tungsten hexachloride or molybdenum pentachloride, the minimizing representative is carbonyl iron powder and pentacarbonyl iron facility combination of equivalent mass ratio, and the non-polar natural solvent is anhydrous ether. Or anhydrous acetone, and also their mass ratio (tungsten or molybdenum chloride, reducing agent as well as natural solvent) is 3% -6%, 4% -10%, 85% -93%. The purity of carbon monoxide gas made use of in the response process is needed to be no less than 92%.


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