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Basic Info

What is Troxerutin?

Troxerutin, also known as vitamin P4, is a naturally occurring flavonoid that can be isolated from tea, coffee, grains as well as veggies. It has a range of beneficial pharmacological as well as restorative activities, consisting of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti diabetes as well as anti-tumor.

Troxerutin, chemical name 7,3,4,-three (O-(2-hydroxyhexyl)) rutin, which is a mixture of hydroxyethyl rutin acquired by hydroxyethylation of rutin, is yellow, yellow-green or light brown-yellow powder, odorless, slightly salty, hygroscopic, and also the primary product of hydrolysis is hyperin. Troxerutin is a semi-synthetic flavonoid substance made from rutin with hydroxyethylation. It can prevent the aggregation of red cell and platelets, increase blood oxygen content, boost microcirculation, as well as promote the formation of new members vessels. It is the primary element of Vinaorutong, often made right into tablets as well as shots.

Troxerutin can be made of starch as a filler, as well as made right into an appropriate soft product with 95% ethanol as a wetting representative, granulated and dried out, after that sized with a nylon sieve, as well as combined uniformly with magnesium stearate and also baby powder as a lubricant After compression. Its look is smooth and fragile, the tablet firmness is excellent, the difference in tablet weight is stable, and the material is certified. With this procedure, the fluidness and discharge rate of troxerutin powder can be enhanced, to make sure that the outflow rate of the particles is fast as well as the flow rate is consistent, so regarding ensure the security of the sheet distinction. This procedure does not require drying out, eats less power, is reduced in expense, as well as is suitable for industrial manufacturing.

Troxerutin Uses

Troxerutin can inhibit platelet aggregation and stop thrombosis. At the same time, it can withstand vascular damages caused by serotonin and bradykines, boost capillary resistance, decrease capillary permeability, and also prevent edema triggered by I enhanced a vascular strak Protective result on intense ischemic brain injury.

Troxerutin has anticoagulant and antithrombotic effects, and is suitable for hemiplegia, aphasia, arteriosclerosis, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, chronic venous insufficiency, central retinitis, diabetic Treatment of retinitis and edema caused by increased vascular permeability.

Analgesic medium
Troxerutin is a water-answerable outgrowth of Ru Ding, which has quercetin analogous to Ru Ding. Mother nexus quercetin and other glycosides with quercetin mama nexus ( similar as Ru Ding, hyperoside,etc.) have significant central and supplemental analgesic goods, and their analgesic medium is related to reducing the content of calcium ions in whim-whams towel. thus, we presume that the analgesic medium of troxerutin may also be related to calcium enmity. Troxerutin is a water-answerable outgrowth of Ru Ding, which has analogous pharmacological goods to Ru Ding and advanced natural vacuity. still, compared to Ru Ding, it’s more delicate to enter the central nervous system. This may be the reason for the particularity of the analgesic effect of troxerutin.

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Troxerutin - anti-blue light sunscreen artifact

Blue light belongs to visible light, next to the ultraviolet band. Although it is not as good as ultraviolet rays, blue light has a wavelength band between 400 and 500nm, which is the highest energy band in visible light.

Blue light can penetrate deeper into the skin causing oxidative damage to cellular DNA.

Paris famous dermatologist Marie-Estler Lu said: Blue light can cause melanin pigmentation for up to 3 months, especially in the epidermal granular layer and deeper skin layer.

Troxerutin is extracted from Sophora japonica, which is a natural plant-derived component. It is one of the flavonoid rutin derivatives. Troxerutin has better water solubility and better efficacy than rutin. Troxerutin has a strong absorption effect on blue light, and at the same time has a good anti-oxidation effect, reducing various damages to the skin caused by free radicals, and can achieve the effect of anti-blue light.

Mechanism and efficacy of troxerutin

  1. Troxerutin scavenges free radicals and protects cells from oxidative stress-induced damage
    Studies have found that after cells are irradiated by blue light, active oxygen free radicals are generated in mitochondria, and these highly active oxygen free radicals can damage mitochondria and DNA. Troxerutin absorbs blue light, reduces the damage of blue light to cells, and achieves the effect of preventing blue light.
  2. Troxerutin reduces the damage of blue light to the skin by absorbing blue light
  3. Troxerutin anti-blue light-reduces the damage of blue light to the skin by scavenging free radicals
    Studies have found that after cells are irradiated by blue light, active oxygen free radicals are generated in the mitochondria, and these highly active oxygen free radicals can damage mitochondria and DNA. Troxerutin reduces the generation of oxygen free radicals through anti-oxidation, and achieves the effect of preventing blue light.
    Comparison of troxerutin and VC in scavenging oxygen free radicals.


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