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Basic Info of Triisobutylaluminum

What is Triisobutylaluminum?

Triisobutylaluminum is a colorless transparent liquid. Relative density 0.7876. Melting point 6 ℃. Boiling point 212°C, 114°C (4.000×103Pa), 86°C (1.333×103Pa). Refractive index 1.4494.

The chemical properties are lively, and it reacts violently with water, acid, alcohol, and ammonia, and explodes. It can strongly smoke or catch fire in the air. This product is toxic, burns to the skin, and its vapor is irritating to the respiratory organs.

Triisobutylaluminum Uses

It is characterized in that: in a dry single-neck glass bottle in an inert gas atmosphere, triisobutylaluminum and butyllithium are dissolved in the first solvent, the bottle mouth of the glass bottle is sealed with a latex tube, and in a 40-50 ℃ water bath Placed at a constant temperature for 10-20 minutes, and cooled to obtain an aluminum-lithium catalyst; the molar ratio of triisobutylaluminum and butyllithium is 1:3 to 3:1; the first solvent is selected from tetrahydrofuran, anisole , 1,4-dioxane, cyclohexanone or toluene; the ratio of the amount of the first solvent to the sum of the triisobutylaluminum and butyllithium is 20 milliliters: 0.04 to 0.09 moles.

The provided catalyst has the advantages of simple preparation method, good catalytic activity, high catalytic efficiency, low reaction temperature, high yield of copolymer, and simple post-processing procedure of the prepared terpolymer. Easy to wash and separate.

The titanocene compound catalyst is composed of titanocene compound, polyaluminoxane and triisobutylaluminum, the general formula of the titanocene compound is Cp*Ti(O-Ph-X)3, and Cp* is pentamethylcyclopentane Diene, X is F, Cl, CH3, OCH3, the structural formula of titanocene compound is as formula (I); the general formula of polyaluminoxane is -[-AlR-O-]n, wherein R is methyl, and n is 4~40, n is preferably 15~30; the molar ratio of titanocene compound, polyaluminoxane and triisobutylaluminum is 1:50~700:0~300. The preferred molar ratio of titanocene compound, polyaluminoxane and triisobutylaluminum is 1:300~700:100.

The titanocene compound catalyst has high catalytic activity, catalyzes the bulk polymerization of styrene at an industrially suitable temperature, and the prepared syndiotactic polystyrene has high syndiotacticity, melting point and molecular weight.

Its structure from inside to outside is: neoprene rubber layer, skeleton material layer, chlorinated polyethylene rubber layer and composite coating; the skeleton material layer is made of polyester fiber and steel wire; the composite coating is composed of three layers. Made of isobutyl aluminum, vinyl silicone oil, polyimide, bentonite, silica particles. The parts by weight of the composite coating raw materials are: 5-10 parts of triisobutyl aluminum, 3-6 parts of vinyl silicone oil, 1-4 parts of polyimide, 3-5 parts of bentonite, and silica particles 8-15 servings.

The high-pressure-resistant and low-permeability automobile fuel hose provided by the invention effectively improves the flexibility and kink resistance of the automobile fuel hose through the skeleton material layer, and keeps the hose recovering deformation after being subjected to high pressure; at the same time, the added nano-silica particles have substantially uniform properties. The particle size makes the hose exhibit low permeability to liquids. Therefore, the automobile fuel hose can be widely used in the automobile field, and has strong practical value and economic value.

The method uses styrene as the monomer, titaniumlocene metal compound as the main catalyst, alkylaluminoxane and triisobutylaluminum as the co-catalysts, and the seed semi-precipitation is carried out in a composite inert medium under normal pressure and a temperature of 50-80 °C. Continuous aggregation. The seeds are syndiotactic polystyrene particles with better particle shape, which can be synthesized by in-situ synthesis or heat-treated to obtain seeds with better shape.

The invention has the characteristics of non-stick still agglomeration, low power consumption of the reactor, stable reaction and easy operation, high styrene conversion rate, and the bulk density of the final product is not less than 0.45g/cm3, etc., is convenient for industrial production, and is suitable for vertical or Various types of horizontal stirring polymerization tanks.

It is characterized in that: select triisobutylaluminum Al(i-C4H9)3 in molar ratio: titanium tetrachloride TiCl4=0.8~1.5:1 preparation complex catalyst, isoprene monomer concentration is 10~15 %, the polymerization reaction time is 2~5h. The Mooney viscosity of the obtained product is ML-1+4(100)75~85, the content of cis-1,4-polyisoprene is 96~98%, the content of cis-1,4 formula is high, and the total ash content is 0.3~0.5% , Cu content ≤ 0.0001%, Fe content ≤ 0.0004%, titanium content ≤ 0.06%, low gel content, wide molecular weight distribution, performance close to natural rubber, toluene solvent and isoprene monomer can be recovered during the synthesis process. It has a good effect of energy saving and emission reduction.

In this method, in the process of preparing 2-isobutyryl-1,10-phenanthroline from 1,10-phenanthroline, triisobutylaluminum is used as the starting material, and then hydrolysis and nitrification are carried out successively. Oxidation of benzene to give 2-isobutyryl-1,10-phenanthroline, followed by condensation of 2-isobutyryl-1,10-phenanthroline with substituted aniline to give 2-isobutyryl-1,10- phenanthroline amide ligand, and then react the ligand with ferrous chloride to obtain the target product.

The synthesis method has few steps, simple process, reduced catalyst preparation cost, and uses non-toxic triisobutylaluminum to replace the use of potassium cyanide in the conventional preparation method, and has broad industrialization prospects.

It is made from the following raw materials by weight: 10-15 parts of silicone rubber powder, 5-10 parts of styrene-butadiene block copolymer, 3-9 parts of titanium dioxide, 13-17 parts of triisobutyl aluminum, toluene -2-5 parts of heptane, 6-9 parts of sericite, 9-15 parts of propylene, 4-6 parts of diatomaceous earth, 5-12 parts of china clay, 5-13 parts of iron oxide red, ethylidene norbornene 3- 5 parts, 5.5-8.5 parts of triacetin, 7-9 parts of anhydrous calcium chloride, 11-16 parts of zinc oxide, 15-18 parts of chalk, 7-12 parts of barite, 7-15 parts of carbon black, 1-3 parts of antioxidant, 2-8 parts of color masterbatch, 5-8 parts of thermoplastic elastomer, 2-6 parts of EPDM rubber, 4-8 parts of antistatic agent.

The above rubber hose has good acid and alkali resistance and wear resistance, and has no pollution to the environment; it can effectively delay the aging effect of the rubber hose, not only further increase the toughness of the rubber hose, but also improve its heat resistance. product, can increase the heat resistance coefficient 2-fold.


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