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Basic Info

What is Triethylamine?

Triethylamine, also known as “N,N-diethylethylamine”, is a colorless oily liquid with a strong ammonia odor. Flammable, slightly soluble in water, soluble in ethanol, ether and other organic solvents. It is irritating and poisonous. If swallowed by mistake, it will cause poisoning and burn the skin. Its steam will strongly irritate the eyelids and mucous membranes. It may cause combustion and explosion hazards when exposed to open flames, high temperatures, and strong oxidants. The maximum allowable concentration in the air is 25ppm. Relative density: 0.7255 (25°C/4°C); Melting point: -114.8°C; Boiling point: 89.5°C; Flash point: -7°C; Explosion limit: 1.2% to 8.0%.

It should be stored in a cool and ventilated place, and the maximum storage temperature should not exceed 30°C; keep away from fire and heat sources. It should be kept separate from acids and oxidants during storage. When loading and unloading, it should be loaded and unloaded lightly to prevent damage to the package. When disposing of spilled materials, the fire source should be cut off first, and gas masks and gloves should be worn. Contaminated areas should be flushed with water, ventilated, steam removed and residual liquid evaporated. Fire-fighting methods can be sand, dry powder, foam, carbon dioxide. When the eyes are irritated or in contact with the skin, rinse with water first, and then wash thoroughly with soapy water. When it enters the mouth, rinse your mouth immediately, drink water and send to the hospital for treatment. UN No.1296/3285/3-02/320; Domestic product name No.: 32168, Class I flammable liquid.

Triethylamine can be obtained by reacting ethanol and also ammonia in the existence of hydrogen in an activator furnished with copper-nickel-clay driver under home heating problems (190 ± 2 ° C and also 165 ± 2 ° C). The response will certainly likewise generate monoethylamine and diethylamine. After the product is condensed, it is sprayed and also soaked up by ethanol to obtain crude triethylamine, and also ultimately it is divided, dehydrated and also fractionated to obtain pure triethylamine.

Triethylamine Uses

  1. Triethylamine is used to produce salts of various pesticides containing carboxylic acids, such as chlorhexidine and 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid.
  2. Triethylamine is an effective ingredient in FlyNap, which is a product used to anaesthetize drosophila. Triethylamine is used in mosquito and vector control laboratories to anesthetize mosquitoes. This is to preserve any viral material that may be present during the species identification process.
  3. The bicarbonate of triethylamine (usually abbreviated as TEAB, triethylammonium bicarbonate) can be used for reverse phase chromatography, usually for gradient purification of nucleotides and other biological molecules.
  4. In the early 1940s, triethylamine was found to combine with nitric acid to produce spontaneous combustion, and was considered as a possible propellant for early spontaneous combustion rocket engines. The Soviet “Scud” rocket makes use of TG-02 (“Tonka-250”), a blend of 50% dimethylamine and 50% triethylamine as the starting fluid to spark its rocket engine.

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Application of Triethylamine

Triethylamine is mainly used as alkali, catalyst, solvent and raw material in organic synthesis, and also used as high-energy fuel, rubber vulcanization accelerator, polymerization inhibitor of tetrafluoroethylene, surfactant, wetting agent, preservative and bactericide .

Triethylamine is the simplest three-substituted tertiary amine that is liquid at room temperature, so it is widely used as a solvent and base in organic synthesis, generally abbreviated as Et3N, NEt3 or TEA. It is one of the most commonly used organic bases in organic synthesis. It has a boiling point of about 89 degrees Celsius and is relatively easy to remove by distillation. The solubility of its hydrochloride and hydrobromide in organic solvents such as ether is not very high, so it can sometimes be separated directly by filtration. The simpler trimethylamine is a colorless gas under normal conditions and must be stored in a gas storage tank under pressure or in the form of a 40% aqueous solution, which is not as easy to use as triethylamine.

Triethylamine can be used in elimination reactions such as Swern oxidation reaction, dehydrohalogenation reaction, Heck reaction, preparation reaction of silanol ether, reaction of preparation of ester and amide from acid chloride, and protection of hydroxyl, carboxyl and amino groups base catalyst. It reacts with hydrochloric acid to obtain triethylamine hydrochloride, and reacts with an alkylating agent to obtain the corresponding quaternary ammonium salt. Triethylamine and unsaturated acid chlorides/anhydrides will produce water-soluble, biotoxic conjugated complexes, especially for the synthesis of biomaterials, and this reaction will have a significant impact on subsequent cell experiments. It has recently been reported that this complex can have a dyeing effect on cross-linkable polyesters obtained by condensation of unsaturated acid chlorides/anhydrides with terminal hydroxyl groups of polymers. Inorganic weak bases such as potassium carbonate have been suggested to replace triethylamine as a catalyst in this type of reaction, and this method can simplify the purification steps of the product at the same time.


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