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Basic Info

What is Triclocarban?

Triclosan (TCS), scientific name “dichlorophenoxychlorophene”, also known as Irgacare MP, IrgasanDP-300, etc., its normal state is white or off-white crystalline powder, slightly soluble in water, moderate solubility in dilute alkali, in It has high solubility in many organic solvents. As a broad-spectrum antibacterial agent, triclosan is widely used in daily chemicals such as hand sanitizer, bath soap, body wash, cosmetic powder and concealer, nail cleaner, toothpaste, etc. It can be made into a transparent concentrated liquid product after dissolving in a water-soluble solvent or surfactant.

In addition, triclosan has stability, low toxicity, high stability to strong acids, strong alkalis and heat, non-irritating to the skin and resistance to infection-causing or pathogenic Gram-positive bacteria, fungi, yeast and viruses (such as A , hepatitis B, rabies virus, HIV (HTV), etc. have a wide range of killing and inhibition.

Similar to triclosan, triclocarban (TCC) also has good compatibility with the skin, and has a highly effective inhibitory effect on gram-positive bacteria, gram-negative bacteria, fungi, yeast and viruses.

Triclocarban is also found in everyday products. Its bactericidal mechanism is as follows: Triclocarban penetrates the cell membrane and destroys the enzymes on which microorganisms depend for survival, thereby eliminating bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microorganisms. However, this enzyme is unique to microorganisms and is different from the enzymes in the human body. Therefore, when triclocarban exerts its antibacterial effect, it will not directly have adverse effects on the human body.

Triclocarban Uses

3,4,4 ‘- Trichlorocarbanilide will interfere with mammalian reproduction and may lead to methemoglobinemia in humans.

Trichlorocarban is utilized as a bacteriostatic and also chemical in soap as well as other cleaning structures. Chemicals as well as disinfectants are widely used in washing powder, soap, shower gel, etc.

Antimicrobial agents for day-to-day chemicals. It has the attributes of continuous, risk-free and also stable sanitation, exceptional compatibility with the skin, and also effective restraint as well as murder effect on gram-positive bacteria, gram-negative bacteria, fungis, yeast and viruses.

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Application of Triclocarban

  • Bacteria
    Trichlorocarban is mainly active against gram-positive bacteria (bacteria with thick peptidoglycan wall). The exact mechanism of action of triclosan is unclear, but it has been proved that it has bacteriostatic effect and can prevent bacterial proliferation.

  • Human beings
    Like bacteria, the specific mechanism of the effect of triclosan on human health is unclear. In general, triclosan can enhance gene expression of other steroid hormones, including androgen, estrogen and cortisol. It is speculated that the function of this compound is similar to the cofactor or co-activator that regulates the activity of estrogen receptor and androgen receptor. Experiments show that triclosan can activate the constitutive androgen receptor and estrogen receptor in vivo and in vitro α It may also change the normal physiological homeostasis. The activation of these receptors will amplify gene expression, which may be the mechanism basis of the effect of triclosan on human health. However, further research is needed to determine whether triclosan can increase the activity of sex steroid hormones by binding to receptors or by binding to receptor coactivators and making them sensitive.



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