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Basic Info of Trehalose

What is Trehalose?

Trehalose is a non reducing disaccharide, in which two glucose particles α, α- 1,1-glycoside bonds are connected together. α, α- Trehalose is the only terminal isomer of trehalose, which has been isolated as well as manufactured from microorganisms. This sugar exists in a range of microorganisms, consisting of microorganisms, yeast, fungi, bugs, invertebrates and also lower and higher plants, where it can be used as a resource of power as well as carbon. It can be used as stabilizer and also protector of protein as well as membrane: protect against dehydration; Shield against the damages of oxygen free radicals (anti-oxidation); Cold defense; As a picking up substance and/or a growth regulatory authority; It is a structural element of microbial cell wall surface. Trehalose is made use of for biopharmaceutical preservation of unsteady protein medicines as well as cryopreservation of human cells. It is used as a component for drying as well as refining food, and likewise as a sweetening agent. Its family member sweetness is 40-45% of sucrose. In 2001, JECFA assessed several safety studies of trehalose and also designated “undefined” ADI. Trehalose has actually been approved in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. Trehalose might be used in eye goes down to avoid corneal damage due to dryness (dry eye).

Trehalose exists in mold, algae, dry yeast, ergot, and so on, as well as can likewise be synthetically synthesized. It has the special feature of preserving organic vitality, and can effectively safeguard the structure of cell membrane layer as well as healthy protein, so that the microorganism can maintain the cells moist under uncommon conditions, such as high-temperature dehydration (drying out, high osmotic pressure) as well as freezing, and prevent the loss of nutrients and cell damage brought on by the loss of water In addition, in vitro trehalose additionally has the attributes of supporting biofilm and protein structure. It is made use of internationally to secure genetic engineering enzymes, various viruses, injections, antibodies, healthy protein variables, nucleic acids, and so on, and also as a stabilizer and also guard of bioactive substances, it has wide application potential customers in food, wellness items, cosmetics, medicine, molecular biology, agriculture and various other areas.

Trehalose Uses

The sweetness of trehalose is 45% of that of sucrose, and also its mild as well as refreshing sweet taste as well as just-right sweet taste are unrivaled by sucrose. After trehalose is blended with food materials, its light as well as reduced sweet taste can highlight the original taste of food products.

Trehalose is a non-reducing sugar. When coexisting with amino acids and also healthy proteins, it will not produce browning (Maillard Response) even when heated. It is really ideal for foods and beverages that require warm treatment or heat preservation.

Since trehalose has excellent anti-aging result of starch, it can be made use of in rice and also flour foods rich in starch to get excellent results, and also this effect is more noticeable in low humidity or freezing conditions.

Since trehalose does not break down in the mouth, produces much less acid, and does not generate glucan that creates cavities, it can additionally hinder the development of insoluble glucan mucilage produced by sucrose, so it can be stated that trehalose is beneficial. Tooth tired practical sugar.

Trehalose is the most secure sugar among all-natural disaccharides, and it will certainly not be colored or decayed even if it is heated at 100 ° C and also pH 3.0 for 30 minutes.

Trehalose functions well to avoid protein denaturation throughout freezing, heat or drying. Adding trehalose to different foods having healthy protein can safeguard the natural structure of protein molecules really properly, to make sure that the flavor as well as texture of the food stay the same.

The main part of the unpleasant rotten odor in fish food is trimethylamine, however fresh fish does not have trimethylamine, it is generated by microbial putridity throughout storage, the lower the degree of freshness, the production of trimethylamine more. If trehalose is included before heating and also handling, the generation of trimethylamine can be considerably hindered, the generation of undesirable questionable odor can be reduced, and also the fresh taste of fish can be maintained. Furthermore, the smelly odor of poultry and livestock meat such as hen and the main element of stagnant rice odor, volatile aldehydes, can also be prevented by trehalose. Stink as well as stagnant rice smell, maintain the freshness of meat and rice high quality.

The solubility of trehalose is less than that of sucrose at reduced temperature level, and more than that of sucrose at heat. It has very good crystallinity and will certainly not weaken under acidic problems, and it can likewise crystallize under problems consisting of a large quantity of other sugars.

Some foods themselves are not hygroscopic, but when sugars such as sucrose are included, the hygroscopicity enhances substantially, which influences the flavor and storage space duration of the food itself. And even if the family member humidity reaches 95%,.
Trehalose is still not hygroscopic.

Trehalose has a glass change temperature as high as 120 ° C. This property, incorporated with its procedure stability as well as reduced hygroscopicity, makes trehalose a high protein protectant and optimal spray drying flavor retainer.

Trehalose has a collaborating effect on the sweet taste and also fragrance of food, and can boost the sweet taste high quality of other artificial sweeteners such as aspartame. It can also moderate as well as partially mask other undesirable tastes, decrease astringency as well as resentment. The sour preference has a comforting effect.

Foods rich in edible oils and fats are heated as well as irradiated by light throughout storage, which will generate a poignant smell. The more unsaturated fatty acids in the oil, the more likely this smell will be produced, resulting in degeneration of food flavor, vitamins and mineral loss, and even Degeneration and loss of food worth. And trehalose has an excellent inhibitory impact on the decomposition of unsaturated fatty acids in oil parts.

Trehalose can maintain the turf task in food, and at the same time, it can also maintain the SOD-like task of antioxidants such as vitamin C and also b-carotene ingested from veggies and also fruits in every day life, which assists to prevent the extra in the body. Oxygen ions are significantly raised.

Like sucrose and maltose, trehalose is a nutrient that is conveniently taken in by the small intestine as energy (calorie per gram of trehalose is 4 kcal), but trehalose has a much more steady blood sugar level. This special attribute makes algae Sugar is excellent for formulating drinks to supply energy and also minimize exhaustion and stress and anxiety.

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Application of Trehalose

Preparation of Trehalose

  • Microbial extraction method
    The microbial extraction method takes lactic acid bacteria, yeast, mold and other bacteria containing trehalose as the extraction source. First, the bacteria are treated by drying, changing the osmotic pressure, etc. to accumulate more trehalose in the body, and then pass through ethanol. and other organic solvents for extraction and purification to obtain trehalose crystals of higher purity. This is the traditional trehalose production method. Since the trehalose content in yeast is high, which can reach 20% of the dry cell weight, yeast extraction is usually the main method.
  • Fermentation method 
    Fermentation method is made by culturing microorganisms on a certain substrate, producing trehalose by microbial fermentation, and then extracting and refining it from the fermentation broth. Cardinia, Rhizoctonia, Micrococcus, etc. Generally, strains with high trehalose production are firstly selected by mutagenesis, cell fusion or gene recombination, and then high-concentration medium and hypertonic fermentation are used, and the cells are starved for 02~3h before the end of fermentation, so as to obtain seaweed-containing strains. Cultures with higher sugars. The disadvantage of this method is that the conversion rate is low, the composition of the fermentation broth is complex, and the extraction and purification of trehalose are difficult. Therefore, it is very important to study and apply advanced biochemical separation technology to improve the conversion rate and purity for low production cost and promotion of application.
  • Enzymatic conversion method
    The enzymatic conversion method uses glucose, maltose or starch as substrates, and converts it into trehalose through the action of enzymes related to the synthesis of trehalose. According to its substrate, it is mainly divided into three production methods: glucose, maltose and starch as substrates.


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