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Grapefruit Oil

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Why does everyone love grapefruit?

At the turn of autumn and winter, it is time for a large number of grapefruits to compete for beauty. Although it looks like it will be soaked in rain and dew, if you want to say that the little cutie you can’t put down in your heart, it must be grapefruit. Different from the common grapefruit, the grapefruit has a small body and is like a big orange in the hand. When the fruit is ripe, it hangs on the tree like a bunch of grapes, so people give it the nickname “grapefruit”. The skin of the grapefruit is very thin, and with a light stroke, the fragrance of the grapefruit can’t wait to burst out, and the taste is very similar to the aroma of the grapefruit. It’s small, thin-skinned, and fruity, all for the sake of the sweetness of the pulp. The crystal clear grapefruit meat looks quiet and quiet, and after eating it in one bite, it is instantly amazing. The grapefruit meat seems to have started dancing in the mouth, and it is still a passionate disco, so sweet that the heart is trembling! Every time you eat a grapefruit, it is like drinking a glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice.

I would like to share with you the grapefruit, the treasure of autumn and winter fruits, which was discovered only in the past two years. The joy of eating a grapefruit alone can only be understood after experiencing it.

The grapefruit peeled and eaten with bare hands is sweet and cute. In autumn and winter, to reduce dryness and replenish water, it is perfect to have a few grapefruits in your pocket. The biggest feature of grapefruit is that it is petite, a circle larger than an ordinary orange, and about the same size as a grapefruit. Whether it is a picnic or a business trip, it is very convenient to take with you, and you can drink “grapefruit juice” anytime, anywhere. Even a person can easily eat two grapefruits, and no longer have to worry about the embarrassing scene of wanting to eat grapefruit and no one sharing it. Although the body is small, the flesh is very rich. After the grapefruit is cut, only a thin layer of skin is close to the flesh, and it can be torn open with bare hands. When I think of those grapefruits with large and thick skins, they have to be “fully armed” to peel them every time they eat grapefruits. Grapefruits have already won the peeling with bare hands! In addition to the volume advantage, grapefruit is much more juicy and sweeter than ordinary grapefruit. The juice of each fruit pulp is very rich, and a little force when peeling will pierce the pulp, and the sweet juice flows down the palm of the hand, and the whole hand seems to be coated with grapefruit-flavored hand cream. As for the taste, it is absolutely amazing, I can actually feel such a sweet grapefruit in this life! It’s not the kind of dry sweetness, but the sweetness and sweetness that is filled with juice. After eating a piece, I want to eat another piece!

Origin of grapefruit

From the “Pomelo Township” Zhangzhou, Fujian, the Shatian hills breed good taste. The taste of grapefruit can best reflect its growing environment, just like people’s “original family”, grapefruits that look similar, stand out from each other at the moment of entry. The grapefruit I recommend to you is from Zhangzhou, Fujian. The hilly terrain of Shatian at an altitude of 50-300 meters has its own halo, which makes the crops grown on this land exceptionally excellent. The latitude of 24 degrees north and the subtropical climate are very suitable for the growth of grapefruit. It is simply a paradise for grapefruit. Coupled with the annual average temperature of 21 °C, selenium-rich soil, and mountain spring water irrigation, imported grapefruit seems to have returned to its “hometown”. It’s even sweeter here. Planting these grapefruits cannot be replaced by machines. The local fruit farmers follow the planting rules handed down from generation to generation, and always insist on only applying farmyard manure, and let the fruit trees grow naturally through bagging to prevent insects and no ripening agent. , only to achieve the achievement of “the world’s pomelo town, China’s pomelo capital”. Grapefruit grown in this environment, peeling off the grapefruit skin, there is a charming grapefruit aroma blowing on the face, which is refreshing. Grapefruit is plump and juicy, the flesh is crystal clear, very tender, and you will never want to leave after a bite. A small piece is stuffed into the mouth, the slag is melted in the mouth, and the whole is eaten unconsciously.

Grapefruit is a hybrid of orange and pomelo. It is named after it grows in clusters like grapes. It has the depth of grapefruit and the lively characteristics of sweet orange. Therefore, grapefruit is a product of artificial cultivation. Grapefruit varieties are different all over the world, especially Israel, Brazil, Florida and California in the United States are the main producing areas of grapefruit essential oil. Grapefruit essential oil is greenish-yellow and has a citrus aroma very similar to fresh grapefruit. It has a fresh, pure, fresh, sharp front and a slightly sweet citrus finish. It’s the flavor that most people like.

 Grapefruit originated in Asia. It is an artificially planted tree species. Early Europeans used it for decoration and arranging courtyards. It was discovered in the Caribbean island of Barbados in Latin America in about 1750, and then it began to be slowly commercialized. Mainly grown in the United States, Brazil and Israel. Grapefruit fruit is picked from a smooth-leafed tree, 10m high, with white flowers and large, pale yellow fruit. The essential oil glands are buried deep in the peel and can only produce a small amount of essential oil.


Weak water three thousand, I just want grapefruit. The person who invented the grapefruit must have a girlish heart. It turned the grapefruit from a giant into a little princess. It can be held in one hand and looks very cute. This also makes the grapefruit the most favored “old and young” in the grapefruit family. It does not have the majesty of the imperial concubine, but because it is convenient to eat and has a sweet taste, it is easier to be approached. The correct way to open a grapefruit is to peel it by hand, not cut it with a knife. The skin of the delicate grapefruit is very thin. When eating, you must experience the joy of peeling the grapefruit by hand. Second, the skin of grapefruit is a bit bitter. If you cut it with a knife, the juice from the skin will penetrate into the pulp, which will affect the taste. Since I have grapefruit, I have had the joy of peeling grapefruit easily with bare hands, and the juice is rich and the pulp is sweet. Such grapefruit is really in love with one bite, and I want to eat it after eating! At the turn of autumn and winter, you must also try the beautiful, peeling and delicious grapefruit!

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Grapefruit is cool in nature, sweet and sour in taste, and has the effect of clearing heat and quenching thirst. Grapefruit essential oil is obtained by pressing the peel of the fruit. Grapefruit essential oil can nourish tissue cells, increase physical strength, relieve bronchitis, diuretic, improve obesity, edema and diseases of the lymphatic system, and resist infection. Grapefruit essential oil can also fight depression, especially in the symptoms of depression or drowsiness in winter, it can restore the spirit, and it is a regulator of seasonal mental disorders.

Grapefruit essential oil has a strong refreshing taste, pale yellow or light ruby ​​color, and viscous water. Can help restore vitality, reduce stress and relieve tension. As with all citrus essential oils, grapefruit essential oil should be used up within 6 months of the purchase period.

Medicinal history and usage of grapefruit essential oil

In French medicinal history, it was used as a remedy against fat, digestion, hydration, and anti-congestion. It can affect our cardiovascular system. In addition to the effect of weight loss, it also has the function of anti-edema and cleansing of the kidneys. In medicine, grapefruit essential oil can relieve symptoms of drug addiction, anorexia, appetite control, cellulite, dry throat, edema, gallstones, hangover, lymphatic congestion, mental depression, nourishment after miscarriage, obesity, overeating , PMS, slimming, skin improvement, etc. For changing our eating habits, lymphatic system metabolism, edema, fat accumulation, grapefruit can help. Also a detoxifying enhancer for the lymphatic system. Grapefruit essential oil can be blended with basil, bergamot, cypress, frankincense, geranium, lavender, peppermint, rosemary, and ylang-ylang. Generally, we think that the essential oils of fruits are sensitive to photosensitivity, and it is not recommended to use them during the day. It is recommended to use at night, and there is information that the biggest difference between grapefruit essential oil and other citrus essential oils is that it is not sensitive to light.

While grapefruit essential oil contains light-sensitive furanocoumarins, there seem to be other components that neutralize and counteract its effects. This is a good example of how a natural multi-component essential oil is much safer than an isolated compound with a nicknamed single component. Grapefruit essential oil has many properties of citrus essential oils, so when the skin is exposed to the sun, you may wish to use grapefruit essential oil instead. Grapefruit essential oil is rich in vitamin p, vitamin c, and soluble cellulose. Vitamin p, can enhance the function of skin and pores. Vitamin C is involved in the synthesis of human collagen, which is beneficial to the health and beauty of the skin. Grapefruit essential oil can balance oil, eliminate obesity, reduce fat, promote circulation, help digestion, and condition oily skin. It is an essential oil for weight loss that everyone must remember, and has a very significant effect on weight loss.

Then we can roughly divide the usage of grapefruit essential oil into four aspects.

grapefruit essential oil
Grapefruit Oil

How to use grapefruit essential oil?

The Story of Grapefruit Oil

Grapefruit is called grapefruit in our country. It originated in Asia and is an artificially planted tree species. It is one of the subtropical plants of the Rutaceae citrus. Early grapefruit was used as a decorative bonsai by Westerners for ornamental use.

There are 3 main varieties of grapefruit commonly found in the market. Marsh grapefruit: Marsh grapefruit with white pulp, also known as seedless grapefruit, is polyploid, and there are also varieties with red pulp; Duncan grapefruit: Duncan grapefruit with white pulp, The fruit is larger, the skin is thicker, the seeds are more, and the pulp is slightly bitter; Thompson grapefruit: Thompson grapefruit with red flesh. In addition, some varieties have pale yellow or pink pulp or almost colorless and transparent.

In the 19th century, grapefruit began to be loved and welcomed by Europeans as a fruit and vegetable cake. In North America and European countries and regions, it has become an essential fruit and drink for family breakfast, especially in the upper class and the white-collar class, eating grapefruit is a taste. Therefore, eating grapefruit and drinking grapefruit juice has become a fashion for a while, which is a cool thing in the eyes of ordinary people, which is why grapefruit is called “fruit from heaven”.

In fact, the grapefruit itself has a strong, lemon-like essential oil flavor that, when inhaled, leaves you feeling energized and invigorated. In addition to boosting the mood, the essential oil cold-pressed from grapefruit peel also cleanses and strengthens the body.

So when it was brought to the Caribbean by a captain named Shadak, the people there used grapefruit as a raw material for making cosmetics and fragrances.

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