Top Foods Rich in Vitamin K2

Vitamin K is an essential fat-soluble nutrient, and also our body needs it to accomplish healthy and balanced blood coagulation and also other functions. It has 2 forms:

Vitamin K1, (phylloquinone) is discovered in green leafy vegetables, veggies and some veggie oils.

Vitamin K2, (menaquinone) exists in dairy products, fermented foods and pet products.

You can likewise obtain vitamin K supplements, but scientific trials reveal that the vitamin K we extract from food is a lot more effective for our body. Our body makes some vitamin K in the colon, and also many people obtain the rest of their requirements from their diet.

Table of Vitamin K2

Why vitamin K2 is required?

Vitamin K1 and also K2 can guarantee healthy blood coagulation as well as stop too much bleeding and also contusion when blood vessels are injured. But current study reveals that they play different roles in various other aspects of our health and wellness, and vitamin K2 boosts health and wellness advantages independently of K1.

Nevertheless, there is no certain recommended intake of vitamin K2 today. You must take 90 to 120 micrograms of vitamin K – but this requirement is based upon vitamin K1 needed to avoid blood loss.

Researchers researching the role of vitamin K2 have shown that daily intake of 10 to 45 micrograms of vitamin K2 can bring benefits. But in the ordinary diet plan, regarding 90% of the vitamin K consumption is K1.


What are the benefits of vitamin K2?

Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the health benefits of vitamin K2. Until recently, vitamin K was underestimated and misunderstood by both the scientific community and the public.

It is widely believed that the benefits of vitamin K are limited to its role in blood clotting. Another popular misconception is that vitamins K1 and K2 are just different forms of the same vitamin — with the same physiological function.

However, new evidence confirms that vitamin K2 does much more than stop bleeding in the body. It can help avoid chronic disease by:

  • Prevent cardiovascular disease
  • Ensure healthy skin
  • Strengthens bones and improves bone health
  • Boost brain function
  • Support growth and development
  • Help prevent cancer

Vitamin K2 consumption in our diet plan supports:

vitamin k2

Food including vitamin K2

Vitamin K exists in lots of foods, but usually, the majority of the foods we consume are K1 in plants. These eight foods abundant in vitamin K2 can help you achieve a much better diet regimen equilibrium.

Natto is a Japanese recipe made from fermented soybeans. It is rich in many nutrients that promote digestive tract wellness and also is the wealthiest source of readily available vitamin K2. One tbsp of natto includes 150 micrograms of vitamin K2, concerning twice the advised intake.

Although a lot of vitamin K2 originates from pets, eel supplies a seafood alternative. Each 100g eel contains 63 micrograms, which remains in line with your suggested level for the day.

Cheese is just one of the best sources of vitamin K2, calcium, vitamin An and also protein. However, they are additionally high in hydrogenated fat and also calories, so you ought to eat them in moderation. The content of vitamin K2 varies with cheese and also enhances with age in all kinds of cheese. Typical cheeses with the highest vitamin K2 web content of 50g per offering include:

  • Minster 50 μ g.
  • 34 micrograms of Camembert cheese.
  • Edam and maturing as much as about 32 micrograms.
  • 12 micrograms of cheddar cheese.

Beef liver is one of one of the most healthy meat items you can eat. It has all the nutrients you require daily, such as vitamin A, riboflavin, folic acid as well as copper. The 100g section also contains greater than 11 micrograms of vitamin K2, making it the most effective meat resource of vitamins.

If you do not such as liver as well as other visceral meat, you can pick hen to supplement vitamin K2. Each 100g part consists of 10 micrograms of vitamin K2, and the vitamin K2 material of hen is 5 to 10 times that of beef or pork.

Simply one tablespoon of butter contains 2.1 micrograms of vitamin K2. Nonetheless, the same tbsp includes concerning 100 calories and also 11 grams of fat, so be sure to keep a percentage to prevent possible wellness threats and unneeded weight gain.

Pickled cabbage is fermented cabbage with one-of-a-kind sour taste. Like natto, this fermentation procedure has many wellness advantages, such as promoting intestinal tract health and wellness as well as boosting immunity. Each fifty percent mug of pickled cabbage has 2.75 micrograms, which is also a vital source of vitamin K2.

An egg yolk can include 67 to 192 micrograms of vitamin K2. However, the amount depends upon what the chicken consumes. Many chicken feed today is strengthened with vitamin K, and also this material will certainly be moved to eggs. However, chickens fed corn or beans are at better danger of vitamin K deficiency.


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