Thiourea Dioxide

Thiourea dioxide

Thiourea Dioxide

Thiourea dioxide, thiourea dioxide is a stable compound with neither oxidizing nor reducing properties. The appearance is white crystalline particles or light yellow, without irritating odor, and its solubility in water is 26.7 g/L (20°C), saturated aqueous solution The PH value is 5.0. It is very stable even in an aqueous solution at 20-30°C, but under heating or alkali, it will decompose and release the highly reducing sulfinic acid, so it has a controllable reduction effect.

Thiourea dioxide has the following properties: First, thiourea dioxide has a higher reduction potential, the effect is obvious, and the reduction rate of the reduction potential is slow, only 1/5 of the reduction of the reduction potential of the sulfonate; in addition, it also has thermal stability Good, convenient storage and transportation, non-toxic and tasteless, simple operation, convenient storage and transportation, etc. Thiourea dioxide is a new and environmentally-friendly alternative to sulphuric acid powder. Second, thiourea dioxide has good safety performance and is environmentally friendly and pollution-free during production and use.

Thiourea Dioxide

Thiourea Dioxide Uses

Thiourea dioxide is a substitute product for sulphur powder, an inorganic compound, with strong reducibility, good thermal stability, and convenient storage and transportation. This product can be used as reducing agent, bleaching and decoloring agent, plastic stabilizer, organic synthetic antioxidant and effect agent of photosensitive material, etc. It has been widely used in printing and dyeing, papermaking and other industries: 1. As an auxiliary of textile printing and dyeing, this product is widely used in the dyeing of vat and sulfur dyes, the reduction of bleached disperse dyed fabrics of wool and silk, and the production of various colored fibers. Color processing, pot cleaning, etc. 2. As a bleaching agent for pulp deinking, it is used in pulp bleaching and waste paper deinking in the paper industry. 3. In the polymer material industry, it is used as a catalyst and stabilizer for synthetic resins, a stabilizer for photographic exposure, and it is also used in fine chemicals such as pharmaceuticals, medicines, perfumes, and the recovery and separation of precious metals.

Storage of Thiourea Dioxide

Thiourea dioxide has strict storage conditions. This product needs to be stored in a dry, clean, well-ventilated warehouse with room temperature below 30°C. Keep away from fire, heat and direct sunlight. Pay attention to moisture and rain. Keep the container tightly closed and pay attention to the label intact. When handling, load and unload with care to prevent damage to the packaging and container, and pay attention to maintaining the normal pressure discharge of the container. It is not suitable for transportation on rainy days. It should be divided into equal parts with flammable or combustible materials, reducing agents, sulfur and phosphorus. Because thiourea dioxide is a reducing agent, avoid contact with oxidizing agents, such as chlorine bleach, soda percarbonate, soda perborate, persulfate, etc. The reaction will accelerate if it is mixed with water. Once thiourea dioxide is taken out of the bag or leaked out, it cannot be put back in the original bag. Because it is contaminated by stolen goods, rust, moisture and other pollutants, it accelerates its decomposition. Dissolve the leakage with a lot of water and throw it away.

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