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Basic Info

What is Thiamethoxam?

Thiamethoxam is the ISO common name for a mixture of cis trans isomers used as a new nicotine based endogenous insecticide. It has broad-spectrum activity against various insects and can be used as a seed dressing agent.

Thiamethoxam is a broad-spectrum internally absorbing insecticide, which means it can be quickly absorbed by plants and transported to all parts of the plant, including pollen, where it plays a role in preventing insect feeding. Insects can be absorbed into the stomach after feeding or through direct contact (including through their tracheal system). This compound interferes with nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in the central nervous system, hindering information transmission between nerve cells, and ultimately causing muscle paralysis in insects.

Syngenta claims that thiacloprid enhances plant vitality by triggering physiological reactions within plants, which induces the expression of specific “functional proteins” involved in various stress defense mechanisms of plants, enabling them to better cope with harsh growth conditions, such as stress caused by “drought and high temperature”, low pH, high soil salinity, free radicals generated by ultraviolet radiation, toxicity levels of aluminum, pests, wind Damage caused by hail and virus invasion.

In 1991, Ciba Geigy’s chemists first prepared thiacloprid. S-methyl-N-nitro-isothiourea was treated with methylamine to obtain N-methylnitroguanidine. This intermediate is used for Mannich reaction with formaldehyde in formic acid to obtain 3-methyl-4-nitroimino-1,3,5-oxadiazine. In the final step, the heterocyclic ring is N-alkylated by the thiazole derivative, resulting in a mixture of E and Z isomers of the final product.

Thiamethoxam Uses

  1. Main features of thiamethoxam
    Thiamethoxam is the alternate- generation neonicotinoid germicide developed after imidacloprid. Compared with imidacloprid, it has a wider insecticidal diapason, better water solubility, longer duration and lower toxin. It has the advantages of wide insecticidal diapason, strong systemic immersion, good stability, long- lasting effect, accessible use, and low price. In product, in addition to being used for scattering, there are also these new exercises, which are more accessible to use and kill germicides. Insects work more.
  2. Leafage spray
    Thiamethoxam is a alternate- generation neonicotinoid germicide, generally used to control aphids, rice planthoppers, whitefly, thrips, flea beetles and other piercing and filing- stinking pests. In the early stage of pest circumstance, use 5- 6 grams of 70 thiamethoxam- pymetrozine water- dispersible grains, blend with 30 kg of water and spot unevenly, because it has good systemic parcels and certain permeability, it can snappily stop pests Feed, effectively control the continued detriment of pests.
  3. Seed treatment
    Thiamethoxam is a alternate- generation neonicotinoid germicide with strong systemic property, good water solubility and long- continuing effect. It can also be used for seed treatment and control of underground pests. Before wheat sowing, 35 thiamethoxam suspense seed coating agent can be used to dress the seeds at a rate of 1200, and also sow after drying, which can effectively control slaveys, dayworms, operative justices, cutworms, ground bees, Leek bees and other underground pests can also control aphids, thrips and other ground pests. The validity period can reach 6- 7 months.
  4. Soil treatment
    Because of its slow metabolism in shops and soil, thiamethoxam has a long- term natural exertion, good water solubility in soil, long- lasting effect, and can also be used to treat soil. Before or when wheat is sown, use 500 grams of 3 thiamethoxam grains per mu, mix it with wheat seeds and sow together, it can also effectively control slaveys, needleworms, operative justices and other underground pests, and can also treat seedlings Aphids in the early stage can last for further than 3 months.
  5. Root irrigation treatment
    Thiamethoxam has good water solubility and strong systemic immersion. After being absorbed by the root system, the medicine can be transmitted from the root to the aboveground part, killing aboveground and underground pests.
    In the original stage of garlic bees, use 300- 500 ml of 35 thiamethoxam suspending agent, combined with irrigation, to wash the roots, which can effectively help the detriment of garlic bees.

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Application of Thiamethoxam

In the prior art, the compounded pesticides of pyriproxyfen and thiamethoxam are all used in the agricultural field to prevent and control various agricultural pests. So far, there is no research on the compounding of pyriproxyfen and thiamethoxam for the control of sanitary pests, and there is no research on the synergistic effect of pyriproxyfen and thiamethoxam on the control effect of sanitary pests . Therefore, the compounded pharmaceutical composition of thiamethoxam and pyriproxyfen and its application still need further research. CN201410443921.5 provides a sanitation pest insecticidal composition containing thiamethoxam and pyriproxyfen and its application.

In order to achieve the above object, the present invention adopts the following technical scheme: a sanitation pest insecticidal composition containing thiamethoxam and pyriproxyfen, and the effective active components are thiamethoxam and pyriproxyfen. Preferably, the mass ratio of thiamethoxam to pyriproxyfen is 1-5:5. Compared with the prior art, the present invention has the following beneficial effects:

(1) The present invention finds for the first time that thiamethoxam has the effect of killing mosquitoes, flies and their larvae in hygienic medicines, and discloses a compound composition of thiamethoxam and pyriproxyfen used in the field of public health medicines for the first time Compared with pyriproxyfen single agent, it has obvious synergistic effect, easy to use, small dosage, good control effect, prolongs the application period, low control cost, and has good application in the control of mosquitoes, flies and their larvae in public waters Prospects.

(2) The mechanism of action of thiamethoxam and pyriproxyfen is different, and there is no cross-resistance, which can quickly and effectively kill resistant larvae and slow down resistance; compounding or mixing of thiamethoxam and pyriproxyfen has the potential to expand Positive characteristics such as insecticidal spectrum, reduction of phytotoxicity, reduction of residues, delay of occurrence and development of pest resistance and resistance.

CN201610353272.9 provides a drug-fertilizer mixture containing thiamethoxam and monosultap. This method can reduce the amount of pesticides and fertilizers used, reduce environmental pollution, and reduce the number of times farmers apply pesticides and fertilizers.

To achieve the above object, the technical scheme of the present invention is: a kind of medicinal fertilizer mixture containing thiamethoxam and monosultap, comprising thiamethoxam and monosultap, fertilizer and auxiliary material A, said thiamethoxam and monosultap The pesticide granules containing thiamethoxam and monosultap are prepared separately, and the pesticide granules containing thiamethoxam and monosultap include the first active ingredient layer, the second active ingredient layer and the third active ingredient layer from inside to outside. Layer active ingredient layer, wherein: in the first layer of active ingredient layer, the weight percentage of each component in the first layer of active ingredient layer is: 0.15~20% of thiamethoxam and/or monosultap, crosslinking agent B2~12 %, the balance is auxiliary material C; in the second layer of active ingredient layer, the weight percentage of each component in the second layer of active ingredient layer is: 0.15~20% of thiamethoxam and/or monosultap, crosslinking agent D3~ 15%, the balance is excipient E; in the third layer of active ingredient layer, the weight percentage of each component in the third layer of active ingredient layer is: 0.15~20% of thiamethoxam and/or monosultap, binder F5 ~30%, crosslinking agent G1~10%, and the balance is auxiliary material H; wherein, at least one layer of the first layer of active ingredient layer, the second layer of active ingredient layer and the third layer of active ingredient layer is wrapped with thiamethoxam, At least one layer is wrapped with insecticidal sheets; auxiliary material A is the same or different from auxiliary material C, auxiliary material C is the same or different from auxiliary material E, and auxiliary material E is the same or different from auxiliary material H; The agent D is cellulose or cellulose salt, and the crosslinking agent D is the same as or different from the crosslinking agent G.

The beneficial effects are:

(1) The present invention adopts different cross-linking agents in different active ingredient layers to achieve different consolidation effects to promote or regulate the release of thiamethoxam and monosultap, achieving both quick-acting, medium-acting and long-acting effects The effect of killing diseases and insect pests;

(2) The present invention adjusts the release speed of thiamethoxam and monosultap with the help of different wrapping thicknesses of different layers, helps to realize the slow release performance of pesticide granules, and ensures that the active ingredients of pesticides can be stabilized in the process of crop growth. the release of

(3) According to the characteristics of diseases and insect pests, the present invention can wrap thiamethoxam or monosultap in different layers according to needs, or wrap thiamethoxam and monosultap at the same time to meet the insect control needs of different crops.

(4) The present invention selects a suitable water-soluble cross-linking agent, does not need to add additional organic solvents and surfactants for pre-dissolving, only needs to control the appropriate moisture content and temperature to realize the curing of the cross-linking agent, without adding organic solvents, surface active agents The active agent will not pollute the soil, avoiding the phenomenon of land compaction;

(5) The present invention uses slow-release pesticide granules and fertilizers to make medicinal fertilizers. Farmers only need to apply pesticides once, and can provide comprehensive nutrition for crops while achieving the purpose of preventing insects, sterilizing, and weeding in advance. In this way, the frequency of medication and fertilizer use is reduced, labor costs are reduced; the use of pesticides and fertilizers is reduced, and environmental pollution is reduced.

The Difference between Thiamethoxam and Imidacloprid

  1. Both imidacloprid and thiamethoxam have similar duration of systemic effect.
  2. The types of applications are different on different crops, and the duration of the same product on different crops is also different.
  3. Seed dressing with thiamethoxam and imidacloprid can stimulate the growth of the root system and can strengthen the seedlings in the early stage. It is good for the control of piercing-sucking pests on the ground, but it is about avoiding underground pests.
  4. The average recovery rate of thiamethoxam in wheat grains, plants and soil was 79.62%~94.70%, the relative standard deviation was 0.91%~6.56%, and the minimum detection amount was 5.0×10-8g. Wheat grains, plants And the lowest detection concentration in soil is 0.01mg·kg-.
  5. The detection method has good reproducibility, high accuracy and precision, and can meet the requirements of residue analysis of thiamethoxam in wheat and soil.
  6. 180kg of insecticide raw material with 97% content of thiamethoxam. Quality 100% imidacloprid raw material 199k.

Imidacloprid has a long-lasting effect and has a good control effect on piercing and sucking mouthparts pests. Seed dressing against aphids is the most obvious. It can effectively prevent wheat aphids, wireworms, cutworms and other underground pests and wheat powdery mildew, root rot, sheath blight, take-all and other diseases. Enhance the absorption capacity of ginger-inch nutrients; roots have many long fibrous roots, grip the dungeon, and resist lodging. Improve the quality, so that the wheat has a good appearance and a high selling price. Balance nutrition, promote roots and seedlings, increase tillering, enhance cold resistance, imidacloprid seed dressing can improve wheat yield and quality. Wheat production increased steadily. Less investment, high output.

Summary: Both have their own advantages, and the control effect of imidacloprid is better than that of thiamethoxam compared with seed dressing. According to the needs, choose the appropriate insecticide.


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