The Importance of Vitamin B2 to The Human Body

Vitamin B2 is an essential nutrient for the human body, and it is an essential substance to form the surface of human tissues and organs.

Vitamin B2 cannot be stored in the human body, but the human body needs it every day, so it must be supplemented from food every day.

A slight deficiency of vitamin B2 will not feel anything in the body, but when it reaches a certain level, obvious symptoms will appear.

Table of Vitamin B2

What type of nutrient is Vitamin B2?

Vitamin B2 is a member of the vitamin B group. It is a water-soluble vitamin. After being absorbed by the human body, there is not much retention in the body. Excessive amounts are often excreted in the urine.

Vitamin B2 (chemical formula: C17H20N4O6, formula quantity 376.37), likewise referred to as riboflavin, is slightly soluble in water as well as is steady when warmed in neutral or acidic solutions. It is a component of the prosthetic group of yellow enzymes in the body (yellow enzymes play the function of hydrogen transfer in organic redox). When it is doing not have, it will impact the biological oxidation of the body as well as cause metabolic barriers. The lesions are primarily materialized as swelling of the mouth, eyes as well as external genitalia, such as angular stomatitis, cheilitis, glossitis, conjunctivitis and scrotal swelling, so this item can be made use of for the avoidance as well as therapy of the above illness. The storage space of vitamin B2 in the body is really restricted, so it needs to be given by the diet plan daily.

2 Buildings of vitamin B2 are the main factors for its loss: 1) it can be destroyed by light; 2) it can be destroyed by home heating in an alkaline option.

vitamin B2

The importance of Vitamin B2 to the human body

  1. Assist the normal metabolism of carbohydrates (carbohydrates), fat and protein, especially for fat metabolism, reduce fat accumulation and avoid vascular sclerosis and other effects.
  2. Important nutrients for growth and development.
  3. Maintain skin health and promote skin, hair and nail growth.
  4. Maintain the repairing effect of mucous membranes and avoid inflammation of the mouth, tongue and lips.
  5. Helps eye health and reduces eye fatigue.
  6. It is related to the oxidative reaction and antioxidant mechanism in cells, and maintains normal cell function.
  7. It is related to the absorption of iron and affects the production of red blood cells.
  8. Assists in the metabolism of vitamin B6.
  9. Assist in the manufacture of antibodies.

What are the effects of Vitamin B2 deficiency or excess on the body?

Vitamin B2 is water-soluble, and the excess part can be excreted from the body through the urine. Unless deliberately ingested in large quantities, it is not easy to cause excess problems. Generally speaking, most of the problems with vitamin B2 are caused by insufficient intake:

  1. It will affect the regeneration of skin cells, which can easily cause seborrheic dermatitis, obvious hair loss, and even baldness.
  2. It will affect the repair of normal mucosal cells, easily cause conjunctivitis, angular stomatitis, glossitis, and also prone to sore throat, throat and oral mucosal edema.
  3. The lack of eyes can be more sensitive, photophobia, sore eyes, blurred vision, itching and tearing, and corneal hyperemia.
  4. Fatigue and fatigue easily.
  5. Severe deficiency of vitamin B2 will also affect the metabolism of vitamin B6.
  6. If there is too much vitamin B2, basically the common problem is that the urine is yellowish in color.
vitamin B2

Vitamin B2 functions thoroughly

Along with the aforementioned growth promotion, anti-anemia, vision security, etc, study likewise found that it has the adhering to usages.

  1. Can improve coronary blood circulation and protect against hardening of arteries
    Medicinal research studies have verified that vitamin B2 can improve the blood supply of the heart because of its involvement in the body’s energy metabolism.

    In addition, vitamin B2 can also prevent platelet aggregation, enhance myocardial anemia as well as reduce the scope of coronary infarction, boost myocardial feature, as well as have fantastic prospects in securing the heart!

  2. Avoidance as well as treatment of migraine
    Affiliate Teacher Luo Sheng, Department of Neurology, Beijing Medical Facility of the Ministry of Health, pointed out that the treatment of migraine is made complex in clinical method. According to the results of medical study and also clinical method, for migraine headache clients, supplements of vitamin B2 (also called riboflavin) and also magnesium is an essential factor. More secure and also a lot more efficient way.

    Usage vitamin B2 to stop as well as treat migraine headache, and also the therapy amount of the drug ought to usually be regulated at about 400 mg or even more. It is most reliable for moderate people that have just a couple of migraine attacks in a month, as well as most of them have actually been on medication for greater than 3 months.

  3. Improve sex life
    Vitamin B2 is related to quality of sex-related life, specifically in females.

    Lack of vitamin B2 can be materialized as genital dry skin, vaginal mucosal blockage, ulcer, sensitivity to labiaitis, vaginitis, flaky skin, harsh skin, resulting in loss of sex drive, frigidity and also discomfort throughout sexual intercourse.

  4. Do not be afraid of chilly!
    Boost cold tolerance vitamin B2 combined with vitamin E and iron can boost the chilly resistance of the body. This is since they can join and enhance human basal metabolism or participate in human hematopoietic process, and their consolidated result is to advertise the body to produce even more heat to achieve the objective of protecting against cool.

What foods contain Vitamin B2?

If you lack vitamin B2, you can select milk and also its items, pet offal (liver, kidney as well as heart, etc), egg yolk, a variety of fish (particularly eel, crucian carp, and so on), spinach, carrots, mushrooms, algae, eggplant, Veggies such as celery and also tomatoes, and also fruits such as oranges and tangerines.

Some individuals who are seriously lacking in vitamin B2 should be supplemented with pharmaceutical-grade vitamin B2 tablets or vitamin B facility tablets under the support of doctors and pharmacologists.


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