The Benefits of Glucose to the Human Body

In fact, many people are familiar with glucose. This is a very helpful nutrient to the human body. It can effectively enhance the body’s immunity, improve the ability to resist viruses, maintain the balance of intestinal flora, and effectively delay skin aging. To achieve the effect of lowering cholesterol, but if excessive intake can also lead to increased blood sugar.

Glucose is a kind of monosaccharide that widely exists in nature. There are many functions and functions of glucose. First of all, glucose is easily absorbed, and it is a source of human energy that can directly enter the human body to provide energy for the human body. Secondly, glucose can directly provide heat for the human body after ingesting it, which has a positive effect on the treatment of hypoglycemia, hypertension, edema and other symptoms. Finally, glucose also has diuretic and detoxification effects, and can provide an important role for some functional operations of patients with heat stroke and coma. Glucose can also maintain the normal activities of the human body and reduce the occurrence of adverse diseases and symptoms. Glucose can also be used in various sweets. In a word, there are many functions and effects of glucose, and it has a positive effect in medical treatment and consumption.

Table of Glucose

The efficacy and role of glucose

Many people know that glucose is an important nutrient, because once the human body is dehydrated or hypoglycemic, it should be supplemented with glucose as soon as possible, so as to bring sufficient energy to the human body, but many people do not understand glucose. What are the effects?

  1. Enhance immunity
    Glucose is an essential nutrient for human metabolism. After the human body obtains sufficient glucose, it can promote the regeneration of immune globulin in the human body and effectively improve the human immune capacity. It is especially suitable for those who are weak or have poor immunity.
  2. Effective against viruses
    Glucose can be used as the center of life activities and is a very important substance. It can control cell division and differentiation in the human body, rapidly promote the growth of human tissue cells, and prevent the formation of cancer cells in the human body. Preventing cancer can also effectively reduce the virus, and can reduce the occurrence of various viral diseases such as hepatitis and encephalitis.
  3. Maintain the balance of intestinal flora
    Glucose also has a very positive effect on human intestinal health. When the human body absorbs glucose, it can adjust the body, accelerate the reproduction of probiotics in the human intestinal tract, and effectively promote the discharge of garbage in the intestinal tract. It can not only maintain the balance of intestinal flora , can effectively prevent various intestinal diseases.
  4. Delay skin aging
    Glucose can activate the activity required by human cells, accelerate the regeneration of skin cells, quickly repair damaged skin cells, and reduce the damage of radioactive substances to human skin. Promote skin metabolism and delay aging.
  5. Lower Cholesterol
    Excessive intake of glucose may cause blood sugar to rise, but it can also reduce human cholesterol, significantly reduce the amount of low-density lipoprotein in human blood, effectively promote high-density lipoprotein synthesis, and have a certain effect on stabilizing human blood lipids.

The relationship between glucose and diabetes

Although some of these substances are beneficial to the human body, there are also substances that are harmful to the human body, but they are all substances in the blood, which are indispensable to maintain the normal operation of the human body. Among many substances, glucose plays a key role, and this substance has advantages and disadvantages. The upside is that it keeps the body functioning properly, while the downside is that elevated glucose can trigger diabetes.

Glucose is a substance, that is, the blood sugar of the human body. Once this index rises, it may affect the health of the body. Therefore, glucose is one of the indicators to measure the health of the body.

The normal range, if the blood sugar is measured on an empty stomach, the standard value is below 3.9~6.1mmol/L, if it is two hours after the meal, the standard value of the blood sugar measured is 3.9~7.8, if it is more than 7.8 under normal circumstances, It’s already high blood sugar.

Blood sugar is a fluctuating indicator that can change at any time. Because sugar is secreted in the body at any time, the human body ingests a variety of foods, and these foods contain sugar. If the blood sugar rises at the same time, or due to the accumulation of high-sugar foods in a short period of time, under normal circumstances, the blood sugar will return to stability after two hours.

If you are diabetic, consuming foods high in sugar all the time may increase your blood sugar. Because people with diabetes, the insulin system is damaged, unable to secrete insulin to allow glucose to accumulate, resulting in diabetes complications.

Can I eat watermelon with high glucose?


Doctor: People with high glucose can eat watermelon, but the intake should be controlled and not too much.

Glucose is also blood sugar, and I believe everyone is very familiar with this indicator. In the opinion of many people, once the glucose rises, all high-sugar foods should be rejected, and some high-sugar fruits will be avoided among fruits.

When it comes to watermelon, many people mistakenly think that watermelon is the representative of high-sugar fruits. But experiments have shown that watermelon is not a fruit with a very high sugar content, its sugar content is only about 4% to 7%.

Summary statement: People with diabetes and high glucose can eat watermelon. However, to control the intake, it is recommended to take one tablet a day, which may control blood sugar and avoid large fluctuations in blood sugar.

There are various types of food, and different foods have different nutritional structures. Judging food is not just based on taste, to judge the sweetness of food. For example, watermelon, although very sweet, is not high in sugar in terms of nutrients.

Doctor's advice: 3 kinds of food to really eat less

  1. Banana
    Banana is a kind of fruit containing dietary fiber, which can help people to relax the bowels and relieve dry stools, which is of great benefit to the treatment of constipation.

    Not suitable for diabetics and people with high glucose. Because it is understood that bananas taste extremely sweet, contain high sugar content, and belong to high sugar content fruits in terms of nutritional value. If you eat these fruits regularly, it will cause blood sugar fluctuations and lead to diabetes.

  2. Durian


    Durian looks like a hedgehog, but the flesh is very delicate. In terms of nutritional value, durian is known as the “Queen of Fruits”. It is a tropical fruit with a very high sweetness. Although the smell is unacceptable, there are many women who love to eat durian.

    Durian contains a variety of nutrients, which can help women supplement estrogen, delay aging, and beautify their skin. However, it cannot be ignored that durian is very high in calories and sugar, which is a kind of high-sugar fruit and is not suitable for women or men with high glucose or diabetes.

  3. Jackfruit菠萝蜜泡酒功效与作用_菠萝的功效与作用 菠萝的营养价值_菠萝苹果汁功效与作用
    I believe that everyone is very unfamiliar with this fruit, because ordinary families do not buy jackfruit, and it is often confused with pineapple. Jackfruit is a peculiar fruit that grows on trees with a golden color and gives a feeling of full appetite.

    In terms of taste, jackfruit is sweet and is loved by many female friends. It can supplement nutrition, stimulate the secretion of estrogen, and achieve the effects of beauty, anti-aging and anti-oxidation. Because of its sweet taste, the sugar content in jackfruit is very high, which is a high-sugar fruit, which is not good for health.

    If you eat it often, it will increase the glucose, so it is not recommended for diabetic patients, or those with higher glucose often eat jackfruit.


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