Tetraethylammonium Hydroxide CAS 77-98-5

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Basic Info of Tetraethylammonium Hydroxide

What is Tetraethylammonium Hydroxide?

Tetraethylammonium hydroxide is an organic quaternary ammonium base. A lot of the business products exist in the form of methanol as well as aqueous service. It is an anemic to light yellow fluid at room temperature. It has strong alkalinity and also can take in co2 in the air as well as decompose when heated. It has a very large range of uses in the field of industrial research study. It is utilized as a phase transfer catalyst, a template representative for molecular screen synthesis, a cleaning agent and a purification representative in the oil market. Utilizing aniline as well as bromoethane as raw materials and also utilizing tetraethylammonium hydroxide as stage transfer stimulant, N,N-diethylaniline was manufactured under regular stress.

Tetraethyl ammonium hydroxide is most commonly run into as a liquid remedy. Several hydrates Web 4 OH · xH 2 O. have actually been taken shape, including x= 4,5,9. These salts have well separated Et 4 N+ cations and also hydroxyl anions. The hydroxyl group is connected with crystal water through hydrogen bond. Anhydrous tetraethyl ammonium hydroxide has actually not been separated.

It is prepared from tetraethyl ammonium bromide by salt dual disintegration, utilizing an ion exchange column packed with hydroxide or by the action of silver oxide. Attempts to different Et 4 NOH will lead to the removal of Hofmann, causing triethylamine and also ethylene.Et4NOH was treated with different acids to obtain water and also other tetraethyl ammonium salts:

Tetraethylammonium Hydroxide Uses

  1. Alkaline drivers, solvents for certain sorts of dyes, and metal electroplating options.
  2. Tetraethylammonium hydroxide used as phase transfer stimulant, template and also cleaner for molecular filter synthesis.
  3. Tetraethyl ammonium hydroxide is a solid natural base, which can be used in photovoltaic chemicals, advanced porcelains, level panel display screen chemicals, discerning etching and also ester exchange stimulants.
  4. Tetraethyl ammonium hydroxide remedy (35 wt.% in H 2O) can be made use of as an organic structure routing representative (SDA)/ design template for the synthesis of mesoporous molecular filters as well as zeolite samples.

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Preparation of Tetraethylammonium Hydroxide by Electrolysis

The principle of electrolytic preparation of tetraethylammonium hydroxide is that under the action of electric field force in the tetraethylammonium chloride aqueous solution in the anode chamber of the electrolytic cell, the chloride ions in the solution migrate to the anode direction until it is discharged on the anode to precipitate chlorine gas. At the same time, due to the selective permeability of the ion membrane, chloride ions cannot diffuse through the ion exchange membrane, and only tetraethylammonium ions can selectively permeate and enter the cathode chamber, where they are enriched. The water molecules in the cathode compartment of the electrolyzer are decomposed into hydrogen and hydroxide ions at the cathode. The latter happens to combine with the tetraethylammonium ions migrated from the anode compartment to form tetraethylammonium hydroxide. The concentration of tetraethylammonium hydroxide increased continuously with the increase of the energization amount, and finally reached the expected crude product concentration.

The anode electrochemical reaction is: (C2H5)4NCl→(C2H5)4N++Clˉ

The cathode electrochemical reaction is: H2O→H++OHˉ

The overall reaction is: 2(C2H5)4NCl+2H2O→2(C2H5)4OH+H2↑+Cl2↑

The hydrogen generated in the electrolysis method is vented, and the generated chlorine gas is absorbed by lye to generate sodium hypochlorite, which is the main raw material of bleaching powder. Therefore, the method for preparing tetraethylammonium hydroxide has the advantages of simple method, high purity and no environmental pollution.

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