Tetrabutylammonium Hydrogen Sulfate CAS 32503-27-8

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Basic Info

What is Tetrabutylammonium Hydrogen Sulfate?

Tetrabutyl quaternary ammonium salt is a phase transfer stimulant with premium performance. Tetrabutylammonium bisulfate buffer salt system is frequently used as aqueous mobile stage in reversed-phase liquid chromatogphy detection, but, with the raising of tetrabutylammonium bisulfate focus, the security of tetrabutylammonium bisulfate barrier salt system Progressively decreases. Tetrabutylammonium bisulfate buffered saline option should be prepared instantly before use, and the usage time must not surpass 6 hrs (obvious turbidity can be seen after 8 hours at area temperature), otherwise it will trigger chromatographic top drift and even salt in the pump or column Precipitation causing pump and also column damages.

The production process of tetrabutylammonium bisulfate includes the procedure of drying. Due to the fact that tetrabutylammonium bisulfate is extremely water-soluble, it is necessary to ensure that the storage space atmosphere is completely dry, cool and away from compatible compounds throughout storage space.

The drying of tetrabutylammonium bisulfate is typically carried out in a dryer, and the majority of the dryers are double-conical drying cyndrical tubes. In order to prevent tetrabutylammonium bisulfate from exposuring to the outside setting as well as triggering air pollution, the drying cylinder is typically readied to be sealed. The water vapor vaporized from the strong during the drying out procedure can not be discharged in time, as well as the high-temperature water vapor gathers in the cylinder, which not just influences the drying effect, but also quickly causes security mishaps if the pressure in the cylinder is expensive.

Tetrabutylammonium Hydrogen Sulfate Uses

Tetrabutyl ammonium bisulfate can be used as surfactant, driver, emulsifier, anti-bacterial, bactericide, antistatic representative, etc. The tetrabutylammonium hydrogen sulfate barrier salt system is typically made use of as a liquid mobile stage in reverse phase liquid chromatography discovery, as well as can often create outstanding splitting up effects for some substances with unique structures that are hard to separate.

Due to the presence of quaternary amines and counter ions, the phase transfer catalyst tetrabutylammonium bisulfate exhibits antibacterial properties. It is used as phase transfer catalyst, surfactant, solvent, intermediate, active ingredient of conditioner, antistatic agent, detergent disinfectant, softening agent of textile and paper products, emulsifier and pigment dispersant. It undergoes the N-alkylation reaction of benzoylaniline β- Amino acid cyclization β- Lactam and nitrile are converted to amide, aryl 2-haloethyl ether is dehydrohalogenated to vinyl ether, and alcohol is oxidized as efficient catalyst.

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Application of Tetrabutylammonium Hydrogen Sulfate

Tetrabutylammonium bisulfate can be used as surfactant, stimulant, emulsifier, disinfectant, bactericide, antistatic representative, and so on. Tetrabutylammonium bisulfate buffer salt system is often made use of as aqueous mobile stage in reversed-phase liquid chromatography detection, and can commonly create exceptional splitting up impacts for some compound couple with unique frameworks as well as hard to divide. Its application instances are as adheres to:

Preparation of Tetrabutylammonium Hydrogen Sulfate


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