Super-catalyst recovers two greenhouse gases at the same time

According to a recent report by the Physicists Organization Network, scientists from the University of Surrey published a paper in the latest issue of Applied Catalysis B: Environment, claiming they have developed a cost-effective super-catalyst that can simultaneously recover the global warming that causes global warming Of the two major greenhouse gases, methane and carbon dioxide, are expected to replace existing carbon capture technologies and have the practical effect of curbing global carbon emissions.

At a recent UN climate change conference in Bonn, Germany, a study released by the Global Carbon Initiative said carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels and industrial production have broken the zero growth over the past three years and rebounded in 2017 and is expected to increase by two over 2016 Times Experts believe that the global energy model from fossil fuels to low-carbon or zero-emission clean energy, too slow, to avoid global warming by the end of this century reached 2 ℃ has been very difficult, and to achieve the goal of 1.5 ℃ increase is out of reach.

While existing carbon capture technologies are widely available, the costs are too high and most of the technologies are required to meet a variety of extremes in order to be successful. University of Surrey scientist Thomas Reina and his associates, by adding tin and ceria to a powerful nickel-based catalyst, have created a new super-catalyst that turns carbon dioxide and methane into an artificial gas for use as a fuel for production And a variety of chemical raw materials.

Reina said climate scientists have been pursuing the goal of finding ways to reverse the harmful effects of harmful gases on the atmosphere. The new super-catalyst not only removes these harmful gases but also converts them once and for all into renewable fuels. “Recycling carbon dioxide in this way is a viable alternative to traditional carbon capture technologies that will have a real impact on the health of the planet.” The Reina team has applied for a patent and is looking for partners to use it as soon as possible Great value changing the world.

From Science and Technology Daily

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