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Basic Info

What is Sucrose Octaacetate?

Sucrose octaacetate is a white powder, almost odorless, with a strong bitter taste and hygroscopicity. Sucrose octaacetate is soluble in chloroform, ethanol, ether and methanol, and is very slightly soluble in water. Sucrose octaacetate can be hydrolyzed to sucrose.

Sucrose octaacetate is a sucrose ester formed by the esterification of acetic acid and sucrose. Its melting point is 86-87°C. The eight hydroxyl groups on sucrose are completely esterified. It is a sucrose ester with a complete degree of esterification and has a variety of excellent physical and chemical properties. performance, and has many industrial uses. Sucrose octaacetate is an excellent plasticizer, insecticide, termite repellent and paper impregnant for fiber resins and synthetic resins; in coatings it has the functions of both an adhesive and a plasticizer and foam suppressor; it can Increases the adhesion of plastics to various surfaces; can improve sweetness persistence and sweetness quality, serves as an alcohol denaturant, and can be used as a food and pharmaceutical additive. Sucrose octaacetate also has a potentially huge market, that is, sucrose polyester (a fat substitute with excellent health-care functions) can be easily produced from sucrose octaacetate.

Sucrose Octaacetate Uses

Octaacetyl sucrose can be used as alcohol denaturant, bitter additive for food and medicine, adhesive for food packaging, paper impregnating agent, plasticizer and additive for cellulose ester and synthetic resin, etc. This product can be used as an additive for tobacco and its products and as a feed additive; it can also be used to prevent and treat thumb sucking and nail biting in children.

  • Bitter
    Sucrose octaacetate has been used to differentiate tasters from nontasters in mice, for use in clinical drug studies and sweetener evaluations, and in studies of taste physiology.

    The product is also used as a bittering and aversive agent. Until 1993, this compound was the active ingredient in an over-the-counter preparation that stopped thumb sucking and nail biting. It is also used in sprays and lotions to prevent dogs from licking, and as an additive to deter the ingestion of pesticides and other toxic products.

  • Flavoring
    Sucrose octaacetate is used as a flavoring in foods and beverages such as bitters and ginger ale.
  • Plasticizer
    Sucrose octaacetate has been used as an adhesive and as a plasticizer in varnishes and plastics. Although the crystalline nature of the pure compound is a hindrance to this latter application, mixed esters in which some of the acetate groups are replaced by propionate or isobutyrate can be used.

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Application of Sucrose Octaacetate

Sucrose octaacetate has a variety of uses. It can be used as a plasticizer for cellulose esters and synthetic resins, a raw material for material preparation, a denaturant for alcohol, an impregnating agent for paper, and a raw material for pharmaceutical and health care products. The following are some of the applications:

  1. Composite materials used in ultrasonic cleaning machines
    Related composite materials include the following components: 1,5-dibenzoyl-2,6-diglycidyl ether naphthalene, glycidyl methacrylate, polyamide cotton fiber, sucrose octaacetate, 9,9-di [4-(2,3-epoxypropoxy)phenyl]fluorene, ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer and accelerator, the weight content of each component is: 1,5 dibenzoyl-2,6-dihydride 7 to 15 parts of glyceryl ether naphthalene, 30 to 45 parts of glycidyl methacrylate, 10 to 25 parts of polyamide cotton fiber, 35 to 45 parts of sucrose octaacetate, 9,9-di[4-(2,3 -8 to 28 parts of -glycidoxyphenyl]fluorene, 15 to 25 parts of ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer and 5 to 15 parts of accelerator. Through the above method, a composite material with good impact resistance, fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance can be produced.
  2. Tobacco additives that improve the smoking quality of cigarettes
    The tobacco composite additive is composed of the following components calculated in mass percentage: 5% to 10% odor-inhaling modulating substances and 90% to 95% combustion modifiers; the odor-inhaling regulating substances are a combination of sucrose octaacetate and amino acids , the amino acid is selected from one or a combination of asparagine, alanine, and proline; the combustion modifier is two or more of magnesium lactate, potassium lactate, magnesium acetate, and potassium acetate. combination of the above. Applying the tobacco composite additive to cigarette paper or cigarette tobacco can increase the aroma amount and aroma concentration of cigarettes, enrich the tobacco aroma, reduce impurities, adjust the burning rate of cigarettes, and effectively improve the sensory quality of cigarettes.
  3. Chinese medicine preparation placebo for the treatment of knee joint synovitis
    The placebo is made of the following raw materials by weight: 80 to 120 parts of maltodextrin, 8 to 12 parts of caramel coloring, 0.04 to 0.06 parts of sucrose octaacetate, 0.10 to 0.30 parts of aspartame, and 0.40 parts of peppermint essence. ~0.60 parts, milk flavor 0.20~0.40 parts. The preparation method is: take maltodextrin, caramel pigment, sucrose octaacetate, and aspartame, add water to dissolve, mix, and spray-dry the mixture; add mint flavor and milk flavor to the spray-dried powder, mix, and dry. Granulation, whole graining, packaging. The placebo of the present invention is similar to a drug for treating knee joint synovitis in terms of appearance, taste, etc., is difficult to be identified by researchers and subjects, and can prevent bias and occurrence in double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials to the greatest extent. Break the blinding to ensure the quality of clinical trials.
  4. Bird and animal repellent
    The substance is characterized by including component A, which is aluminum ammonium sulfate; preferably it also includes component B; wherein the amount of component A is 0.5-99.5 parts by weight, and the amount of component B is 0.03-99.5 parts by weight. 60 parts by weight; the component B is selected from one or more of propylthiouracil, denatonium benzoate and sucrose octaacetate, and the propylthiouracil, denatonium benzoate and sucrose The dosage of octaacetate is 0.01-20 parts by weight. When used, just spray it on the field ridges around the crops. The invention can effectively repel beasts and is harmless to birds and beasts. While protecting crops, it will not harm birds or beasts. It has good environmental protection effect and will not cause pollution to the surrounding environment. At the same time, when the bird and animal repellent is used, it is sprayed on the field ridges around the crops. It does not directly act on the crops and has no impact on the crops.

Preparation of Sucrose Octaacetate


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