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Basic Info

What is Sucrose Acetate Isobutyrate?

Sucrose acetylisobutyrate (SAIB) is an emulsifier with E number of E444. In the United States, SAIB is classified as a recognized safe (GRAS) food additive, which can be used in cocktail blenders, beer, malt drinks or wine cabinets, and may replace brominated vegetable oil.

SAIB is the abbreviation of sucrose acetate isobutyrate, which is a high-purity fluid fatty acid sucrose ester. Pure SAIB is an extremely thick transparent fluid with light shade. SAIB is a sugar derivative generated by the esterification of food-grade sucrose with acetic anhydride and also isobutyric anhydride. It is a blend of esters in all possible combinations, where the proportion of acetate teams to isobutyrate teams is about It is 2:6, so it is likewise called sucrose diacetate hexaisobutyrate. Sucrose acetate isobutyrate has good emulsification, dispersion and adhesion, as well as is commonly used in food, papermaking, daily chemical and also other commercial sectors.

SAIB has actually been made use of for many years as a thickness regulator or weight regulator in carbonated and also non-carbonated drinks as a result of its low volatility, resistance to hydrolysis and also staining, as well as non-toxicity. According to, SAIB itself has a neutral preference, so it does not impact the taste of the beverage. SAIB also has good oxidation stability and also reduced calorie value of 400 calories per 100 grams.

It is obtained by refining food-grade sucrose after esterification with acetic anhydride and isobutyric anhydride. It is a mixture of esters in all possible combinations, where the ratio of acetate to butyrate is about 2:6, then it is “sucrose diacetate hexaisobutyrate”.

Sucrose Acetate Isobutyrate Uses

  1. Sucrose acetate isobutyrate is used as a weighting agent in sugar drinks. It increases the specific gravity of flavored oils used in citrus drinks to prevent separation. It is tasteless and tasteless at the usage level. It is also known as SAIB.
  2. SAIB is generally used as flavoring and auxiliary materials for food, such as stabilizers, weighting agents; clouding agents for non-alcoholic beverages, which can prevent beverages from “cyclization”, “emulsion precipitation” and “separation”; SAIB has esters properties, can be used to adjust the density of the oil phase; SAIB can be used as a weighting agent, stabilizer, emulsifier, suitable for emulsified essence.
  3. Sucrose acetate isobutyrate is mainly used as a weighting agent or emulsified flavor stabilizer in citrus beverages. It is also widely used in cosmetics/skin care, fragrances, hair care, coatings, hot melt adhesives, paints, printing inks, and wires and cables.
  4. Since it induces a change in viscosity resulting in biocompatible adhesion, the release time of drugs (such as hormones) can be tuned in related drug delivery systems; refraction of SAIB and another sucrose derivative (sucrose octabenzoate) The rate is close to cellulose, which can improve the stability of low-sheet to heat and light, printability, and make transparent paper.

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Industrial Application of Sucrose Acetate Isobutyrate

The refractive index of SAIB is close to that of cellulose, so it can improve the stability of paper to heat and light, printability, and is used to make transparent paper.

SAIB has the advantages of A, low volatility and higher solid content; B, light color; C, better compatibility with polymer resins, oils and waxes, so it is widely used in coatings and printing inks.

SAIB has particularly high resistivity, good electrical properties, and good thermal stability. It can make electrical surface coating and electrical insulation, so it is often used as a plasticizer with superior performance and is widely used in the wire and cable industry.

SAIB is also used in cosmetics, skin care products, flavorings, fragrance fixatives, flame retardants, film manufacturing, textile processing and polymer crosslinking agents, adhesives, and as drug controlled release agents in the pharmaceutical industry.

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