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Basic Info of Succinic acid

What is Succinic acid?

Succinic acid (traditionally regarded as the essence of amber) is a dicarboxylic acid with the chemical formula HOOC–CH2–CH2–COOH. At room temperature, pure succinic acid is a solid with colorless and odorless crystals. Its melting point and boiling point are 185°C and 235°C, respectively. The anion it forms is called succinate ion, which is a molecule in the tricarboxylic acid cycle, which can release electrons to the electron transport chain through the following chemical reaction: succinic acid + flavin adenine dinucleotide → fumaric acid + FADH2

This process is catalyzed by succinate dehydrogenase (or complex II in the mitochondrial electron transport chain). The complex is a 4-subunit membrane-bound lipoprotein that is coordinated with succinic acid oxidation and ubiquinone reduction. The intermediate electron carrier is the flavin adenine dinucleotide and the 3 B subunit Fe2S2 cluster part. The ester of succinic acid is called succinate.

Succinic acid Use

Many people are unaware of the incredible effects of succinic acid on our bodies. It involves several chemical processes, which are mainly related to our metabolism. As an ancient drug that has been used for thousands of years, succinic acid content is the highest in Baltic Amber found in Baltic countries.

Nature provides mankind with many solutions to treat various medical conditions. With the increasing use of drugs and the increasing harmful side effects of drugs, succinic acid is a natural solution to the problems related to pain.

Succinic acid is also found in animal tissues and plants around the world. For medical or household use, it is either extracted from amber or made synthetically. The word “successful” means “success” in Latin, which means “amber”.

For thousands of years, our ancestors used amber in the form of medicine. Although they did not know the chemical composition of amber, they attached great importance to gemstones because of its therapeutic effect. This is why ancient witch doctors or therapists advised their patients to chew amber or use it as a necklace to treat diseases.

With our modern understanding of its properties, we have extracted the necessary chemicals and produced drugs to help cure various diseases, some of which are mentioned below.

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Recent studies have shown that succinic acid has the ability to improve cell respiration and glucose metabolism, so as to enable the body to perform its best function. When cells can absorb oxygen and use it to produce energy, our body has the energy we need to stay healthy.

Until these therapeutic properties are fully understood, many superstitions revolve around the use of amber. It is believed that Baltic Amber (succinic acid) can drive away the evil spirits that cause colds or influenza. This superstition has proved to be correct, because succinic acid does help strengthen the immune system and reduce the risk of colds or influenza.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of succinic acid is that it is used to relieve colic symptoms in teething infants. The baby always feels pain when he begins to grow teeth. If amber is used as a necklace, succinic acid will be released when the necklace is worn near the baby’s skin. The acid is then absorbed into the baby’s skin to produce a sedative effect.

Although the name implies something else, succinic acid is actually anti-inflammatory and contains many antioxidants. Due to its various characteristics of reducing pain, many patients wear amber on their wrists or affected areas to effectively relieve pain.

Succinic acid regulates cardiomyocytes. This means that it helps the heart pump blood normally. This is good for people with cardiovascular disease. Succinic acid is even known to help prevent heart attacks.

Succinic acid has an important influence on our thoughts. Current world problems and even daily scuffles will bring you great pressure, which is bad for your overall health. Because succinic acid helps release stress and chemical accumulation, you will experience a happy feeling when wearing Baltic amber.

Stress relief is important because once you calm down, you can focus on the important things in life. In the long run, regular practice of stress reduction techniques can make it easier for you to deal with stress situations.

The benefits of succinic acid to human body are numerous. It has been recognized by science and developed by medical institutions. The natural cleansing properties of this acid have been found to be interesting because it is said to do everything from clearing the accumulation of negative energy to relieving chronic pain.

Many mystics wear Baltic Amber to ease their thoughts and get rid of any negative energy as a way to improve their attention during meditation. Succinic acid contained in Baltic Amber gives users a warm feeling. They begin to suppress their desires and become one with the universe.

Having said that, wearing Baltic Amber allows succinic acid to enter your body for a long time, which is why you will find many spiritual masters wearing beads made of amber.

To this day, many people still allow infants to wear amber because it has many protective and therapeutic effects. The fact that children using succinic acid have been found to be happier and calmer in more difficult situations further highlights its effectiveness.

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