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What is Strontium Ranelate?

Strontium ranelate (Portelos) is a new class of anti-osteoporosis drugs, which has dual effects of stimulating bone formation and inhibiting bone resorption, can reduce the risk of fracture, enhance bone strength and bone density, and overcome the effects of previous drugs single disadvantage. Strontium ranelate is composed of two stable strontium atoms and one molecule of ranelic acid. Strontium ions are involved in bone calcification, and have the function of stimulating osteoblast bone formation and inhibiting osteoclast bone resorption, which can improve the mechanical resistance of bone without affecting bone mineralization and changing bone structure crystals. Ranelic acid is a strong polar organic acid with no pharmacological activity, but it can form a stable chelate with divalent strontium ions.

Strontium ranelate was developed by the French company Servier, and it was first launched in Ireland in November 2004 and in the UK in December of the same year. Japan Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has the right to develop, produce and sell this product in Japan. It is currently on the market in China for the treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis to reduce the risk of vertebral and hip fractures.

Strontium Ranelate Uses

Strontium ranelate has dual medicinal effects of hindering bone resorption as well as advertising bone development. On the one hand, in osteoblast-rich cells, it can raise the synthesis of collagen and also non-collagen, and advertise osteoblast-mediated bone formation by boosting the expansion of pre-osteoblasts. On the other hand, by lowering the differentiation and resorption task of osteoclasts, bone resorption is reduced, so that bone renewal can be rebalanced, which is beneficial to bone development.

Strontium ranelate applies its medicinal effects generally via the strontium atom. Strontium is an alkaline earth metal element in the same household as calcium, which is located listed below calcium in the periodic table. Its absorption, distribution, and also discharging resemble calcium. After dental management of 2g. The outright bioavailability of strontium is 27%. Big doses of strontium can make bone mineral metabolism uncommon, as well as low doses of strontium can boost the replication of pre-osteoblasts, increase the number of osteoblasts, as well as boost bone formation; at the same time, it can likewise minimize the task of osteoclasts and decrease the number of osteoclasts. Chemicalbook quantity, lowers the rate of bone traction. The outcomes gotten in pet as well as human research studies are additionally consistent.

Weakening Of Bones (OP) is a progressive skeletal illness characterized by lowered bone mineral density (BMD) and degenerative modifications in the microarchitecture of bone cells. It appears by boosted bone fragility and sensitivity to cracks, the last being most common in the spinal column, hip, and also wrist. Females stop creating estrogen, which keeps bones strong, after menopause or after surgical treatment to eliminate their ovaries. For that reason, main OP is specifically common in postmenopausal or menopausal females.

Currently, there are two types of medications typically used in the treatment of osteoporosis: one course is medicines that hinder the activity of osteoclasts and hence inhibit bone traction, such as bisphosphonates, estrogen, calcitonin, etc; the second course is medications that promote osteoblasts Energetic drugs that promote bone development, currently just human recombinant parathyroid hormonal agent 1-34 gets on the market, which needs to be administered by shot, and also the medication cost is relatively high.

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Clinical Application of Strontium Ranelate

The EMA concluded that the benefits of strontium ranelate outweighed the risks in patients with severe osteoporosis who were not contraindicated. Furthermore, contraindications to strontium ranelate are easily identified and monitored through routine medical practice, meaning they do not prevent proper patient management.

  1. It is important to have a wide range of options for treating osteoporosis. In fact, many patients cannot take oral bisphosphonates because of contraindications or intolerable side effects. Although side effects are insignificant in most cases, they persist for 1 year in about 45% and are often the reason for discontinuation of treatment. The side effects of intravenous injection are similar to flu-like symptoms, and patients with renal impairment need to be treated with caution. At the same time, side effects of long-term use of bone resorption inhibitors have been reported rarely, but serious once they occur, such as atypical fractures or osteonecrosis of the jaw. Therefore, alternative therapy is warranted in patients with severe osteoporosis who cannot tolerate other drugs or who have been taking bone resorption inhibitors for many years.
  2. The compliance with strontium ranelate is very good, which is suitable for patients who cannot tolerate other drugs. An informal survey in Southampton, UK showed that 30% of osteoporotic patients discontinued or could not tolerate bisphosphonates, of whom 50% had no contraindications to strontium ranelate. This suggests that at least 15% of patients with typical postmenopausal osteoporosis could be treated with strontium ranelate. Furthermore, since good adherence is recognized as an important component of cost-effectiveness, this may further contribute to the cost-effectiveness of strontium ranelate.
  3. It is important to compare the mechanism of action of strontium ranelate with other drugs. Osteoporosis is treated in a variety of ways, broadly divided into bone resorption inhibitors (bisphosphonates, selective estrogen modulators, and anti-RANKL drugs) and bone-forming agents (parathyroid hormone 1–34). Strontium ranelate promotes bone rebuilding unlike other medications. This unique mechanism attenuates the inhibition of bone turnover by bone resorption inhibitors, and the distinct mechanism of action prevents discontinuation of pharmacological therapy to maintain continued protection against long-term osteoporotic fractures.

Thus, strontium ranelate is an excellent option in the management of osteoporosis today, and it is also useful in patients on long-term use of bone turnover inhibitors, especially those who have suffered fractures.



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