StearaMide CAS 124-26-5 Octadecanamide

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Basic Info

What is StearaMide?

Stearamide is a white emulsion, the product is safe, non-polluting, non-hazardous, and also eco-friendly. It is easy to distribute in water, and has the attributes of ultra-fine, reduced thickness, great dispersion compatibility and more. Primarily used in inks, paints, leather coverings, and so on, to boost level of smoothness, wear resistance, and anti-blocking properties; it can likewise be made use of as fabric post-processing aids, paper coatings, heat-sensitive paper sensitizers, and so on.

Due to the fact that stearamide is insoluble in water, it is essential to add emulsifier and dispersant in the process of preparing aqueous stearamide emulsion to attain the dispersion result. Even if the existing water-based stearic acid amide solution is included with an emulsifier and also a dispersant, the diffusion result is bad, and also it is easy to speed up, and also the sensation of flocculation as well as stratification will certainly occur when it is left for a long time. Additionally, the existing method calls for high-speed stirring as well as grinding under home heating conditions in the process of preparing the liquid stearic acid amide emulsion, the manufacturing procedure is made complex, and also the manufacturing price is high.

StearaMide Uses

  1. Stearamide is mainly used in inks, paints, leather finishings, and so on, to enhance level of smoothness, abrasion resistance, and anti-blocking properties; it can likewise be made use of as fabric post-processing aids, paper coverings, and also heat-sensitive paper sensitizers.
  2. The commercially offered stearamide normally contains palmitamide, which is non-hygroscopic as well as has good trickiness. It can stabilize solutions such as paraffin wax, enhance the dispersion result of pigments as well as dyes, and has unsafe and also mold launch buildings. As a result, it can be utilized as surfactant, fiber oil representative, launch representative, lubricating substance for vinyl chloride and also urea-formaldehyde resin, rubber worsening agent, pigment ink and also shade pastel worsening agent, etc.
  3. Stearamide is used as a lube and also release representative for plastics such as polyvinyl chloride and also polystyrene, as well as has superb exterior lubrication result and launch performance. It can likewise be used as an anti-blocking agent for polyolefin movies, usually in combination with oleic acid erucamide. Compared with the commonly made use of not natural anti-blocking representative (silicon dioxide), it has the qualities of not impacting the transparency of the item. It is utilized as an inner release agent as well as lubricant for artificial rubber or all-natural rubber to boost the processing representative of the rubber compound and enhance the product with great gloss.

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Application of StearaMide

Stearamide is utilized as a lubricant and release agent for plastic handling such as polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, urea-formaldehyde material, and so on. It has exceptional exterior lubrication and also release residential properties. It also has great openness as well as electrical insulation. When used for rigid transparent extrusion molding, the basic dosage is 0.3-0.8 parts. However the lubricity of this item is not as good as stearic acid. Short period, poor thermal security, as well as preliminary coloring. Accepting a percentage of greater alcohol can overcome the above drawbacks. If the quantity utilized in the resin is too huge, it is very easy to speed up on the surface of the product, which will certainly influence the printability as well as transparency. 

This product can likewise be used as a slip representative for polyolefins as well as an anti-blocking representative for movies. It can additionally be used as an internal release representative and lubricating substance for natural rubber and also artificial rubber to boost the processability of rubber. Improve the dispersion impact of various other ingredients such as pigments, and also provide the item an excellent gloss. Utilized as oil-based boring fluid emulsifier, lube for steel cord drawing.

Preparation of StearaMide

The prep work of stearic acid amide, the structure of raw materials by weight: 45 parts of stearic acid amide; 6 parts of emulsifier A; 14 parts of emulsifier B; 0.8 parts of defoamer; 0.5 parts of preservative; 60 parts of water. Explained defoamer selects polyoxyethylene polyoxypropanolamine ether for use; Described preservative chooses sodium dehydroacetate for use; Explained emulsifier A is chosen from sorbitan monolaurate; Defined emulsifier B is prepared by the following approach: (1) including thionyl chloride dropwise to 11-trans-octadecenoic acid, managing the reaction temperature to 55 ° C., and also mixing for 4 hours to obtain 11-trans-octadecenoic acid chloride; (2) Include sinapyl alcohol to acetone solution, after that add 11-trans-octadecenoic acid chloride, react at 35 ° C for 2h, as well as clean the item to obtain the emulsifier B; the 11-trans- The molar ratio of octadecenoic acid to thionyl chloride is 1:1.8; the molar proportion of sinapyl alcohol to 11-trans-octadecenoic acid chloride in step (2) is 1:10.

The preparation technique of water-based stearic acid amide: first add stearic acid amide as well as emulsifiers An and B right into water and mix for 60min (mixing rate is 2500r/min), then add defoamer and preservative as well as stir for 40min (mixing rate is 2500r/min)/ minutes) to obtain the defined aqueous stearic acid amide solution. The strong material of the ready liquid stearic acid amide emulsion was 41.7 wt%, and the thickness was 146mPa · S; the aqueous stearic acid amide solution was positioned under the condition of 20000r/min as well as centrifuged for 30min, no delamination sensation was seen; the liquid stearic acid amide solution When the stearic acid amide solution was placed at 20-35 ° C for 3 months, no flocculation as well as stratification happened.


  1. Octadecanamide – PubChem
  2. CN201811197885.3 A kind of aqueous stearic acid amide emulsion and preparation method thereof

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