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Basic Info

What is Stannous Chloride Dihydrate?

The chemical formula of stannous chloride is SnCl2, also known as tin dichloride. There are anhydrous and hydrate, the former is transparent crystal, the melting point is 246°C, the boiling point is 652°C, and the relative density is 3.95. It can be dissolved in water and be oxidized in the air to form insoluble chlorine oxide. It is hydrolyzed in water to form basic stannous chloride [Sn(OH)Cl] precipitation. When preparing its solution, it needs to be dissolved with concentrated hydrochloric acid and then diluted to inhibit hydrolysis. Because it is easily oxidized by air, metal tin is added to the solution. Granules prevent oxidation.

Tin protochloride dihydrate is a colorless monoclinic crystal or flaky crystal with a melting point of 37.7°C and a relative density of 2.71. It loses crystal water when heated to 100°C. Tin protochloride is commonly used as reducing agent, mordant, decolorizing agent and analytical reagent in chemical industry production; it is used for tin plating in electroplating industry. The methods for preparing stannous chloride dihydrate mainly include the reaction method of metal tin and hydrochloric acid; the reaction method of metal tin, chlorine gas and water.

Among the above methods, the method of direct reaction of metal tin and hydrochloric acid has extremely slow reaction speed, high energy consumption, low product concentration, and large amount of three wastes. The process of this method is also accompanied by hydrogen generation, which has the risk of explosion. The reaction of metal tin, chlorine gas and hydration to synthesize stannous chloride dihydrate reacts violently at the initial stage, and the control of pressure and temperature is relatively difficult, and the requirements for equipment are relatively high.

Stannous Chloride Dihydrate Uses

  1. Strong reducing agent for hydride determination by AAS, colorimetric determination of silver, lead, arsenic and molybdenum. Determination of inorganic phosphorus and alkaline phosphatase activity in serum. Determination of phosphorus content in soil and plants by molybdenum blue method. Catalysts for organic reactions.
  2. Tin(II) chloride dihydrate is used in industries such as dyes, fragrances, mirrors, and electroplating; it is also used as ultra-high pressure lubricating oil, bleaching agent, reducing agent, mordant, decolorizing agent and analytical reagent, used for silver, arsenic, molybdenum , Determination of mercury. Strong reducing agent.
  3. Stannous chloride dihydrate is mainly used in acid tin plating as main salt. Tin is in a divalent state in the plating solution, and the cathode efficiency is high, and the general dosage is 40-60 kg/L. It can also be used in the glass mirror industry as a sensitizer for silver nitrate plating, so that the coating brightness is good, and the coating of this product is not easy to fall off when it is added to ABS electroplating.
  4. As a strong reducing agent for carbonyl allylation reactions; as a Lewis acid catalyst in CC bond reactions; synergistic synthesis of α-glycosides, alkenes, dienes, cis-vinyl oxirane and allyl selenium with AgClO4 Catalyst for the synthesis of and endoperoxide deoxygenation; for the protection of carboxylic acids in the presence of 1,3-dithiane and selective methoxybenzyl ether scavengers; additive in hydroformylation and carbonylation reactions.

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Application of Stannous Chloride Dihydrate

The Detection Method of Tin Protochloride

Tested according to the analysis method specified in HG/T 2526-93

  1. Determination of stannous chloride content
    (calculated as SnCl2·2H2O) Determination of content In acidic medium, divalent tin reacts with ferric ammonium sulfate to reduce ferric iron to ferrous iron. Under the mixed condition of sulfur-phosphorus, using sodium diphenylamine sulfonate as indicator, titrate ferrous iron with potassium dichromate standard titration solution to calculate the content of stannous chloride.
  2. Determination of heavy metal content
    Use a mixture of hydrochloric acid and nitric acid to oxidize divalent tin to tetravalent tin, and use citric acid to mask interfering ions. In acidic medium, sodium sulfide and heavy metal ions form colored sulfides, which are visually compared with standard solutions.
  3. Determination of sulfate content
    Under acidic conditions, barium chloride was used to precipitate sulfate ions, and the turbidity was visually compared with barium sulfate standard turbidimetric solution.
  4. Determination of arsenic content
    In acidic solution, arsenic As(III) was further reduced to arsine with potassium iodide and stannous chloride. When arsine gas reacts with mercuric bromide test paper, brown spots are produced, which are compared with standard color classes.
  5. Determination of hydrogen sulfide precipitate in alkaline solution (calculated as Pb)
    The samples were determined by flame atomic absorption spectrometry after treatment.


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