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Basic Info of Sorbic acid

What is Sorbic acid?

Sorbic acid, also called organic tea acid, 2,4-hexadienoic acid, 2-propenylacrylic acid, with the molecular formula of C6H8O2, is a preservative that can hinder yeast, mold and mildew as well as various other fungis. It is likewise used in animal feed, cosmetics, drugs, packaging materials and also rubber ingredients.

Sorbic acid is a white crystalline solid, which was first separated in 1859 by hydrolysis of oil distilled from immature ash berries. This name originates from the clinical term Sorbus aucoparia Linne, which is the moms and dad plant of ash. Sorbic acid was first synthesized in 1900. Up until independent researchers E. Mueller of Germany and also CM Gooding of the USA uncovered its anti-bacterial impact in 1939 as well as 1940 specifically, people had little interest in this compound. When the supply of tung oil in the USA decreased during The second world war, the very early passion in sorbic acid production was generally focused on its usage as a substitute for tung oil. Prior to it was authorized as a food preservative in 1953, the high manufacturing cost forbade the development of its usage. Sorbic acid is commonly used in foods with pH 6.5 or below.

With the progressively innovative food handling technology, food preservatives have come to be an indispensable role in the development of the industry. In order to guarantee far better storage space of packaged food, the application of chemicals also introduced a significant development market. Among one of the most modern chemicals in the food field is sorbic acid, which is similar to food in chemical composition. Along with its convenient usage as well as financial benefits, sorbic acid is incredibly efficient versus numerous microbes. Moreover, the fragrance and taste of the antibacterial items will not be affected. Sorbic acid and its potassium salt as well as calcium salt (E200, E202 and also E203 specifically) have actually been approved for use in a great deal of foods worldwide.

Sorbic acid Uses

Sorbic acid is an acidic preservative and also has repressive results on germs, molds as well as yeasts. Like various other natural acid preservatives, the efficacy of sorbic acid differs with the pH of the product. The lower the pH of the item, that is, the greater the level of acidity, the greater the preservative result, so the amount of preservative needed. less. The exact same goes for sorbates, which are just the used form of sorbic acid.

Such acids are developed from sorbates in the acidic pH variety. Its anti-mildew effect damaged with the boost of pH worth. The bacteriostatic impact is good at pH 3, and also the bacteriostatic effect is still at pH 6, however the needed focus is huge. Typically, the minimal focus (MIC) for complete bacteriostasis at pH 6 goes beyond 0.2%. Sorbic acid inhibits biological growth and also preservatives by preventing the dehydrogenase system in bacteria. Sorbic acid has a good antiseptic effect on jams, beverages, flour items, etc with a low pH value, but also for foods with a high pH value, it is typically needed to add acid to minimize the pH value, and after that make use of sorbic acid to accomplish the disinfectant impact. This negatively influences the taste, water retention, flexibility as well as all-natural top quality of the food.

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Application of Sorbic acid

Preparation of Sorbic acid

Sorbic acid can be obtained by sorbaldehyde oxidation method, acetone and crotonaldehyde condensation method, and malonic acid and crotonaldehyde condensation method, but it is produced by ketene method at home and abroad. In addition, the butadiene route has good development prospects due to the low cost of raw materials.

  • Butadiene route
    Under the catalysis of manganese acetate, butadiene and acetic acid are added and compressed at 140°C to obtain γ-ethylene-γ-butyrolactone, and γ-ethylene-γ-butyrolactone can be hydrolyzed at 100°C under acidic conditions to obtain sorbic acid.
  • Ketene method
    The acetic acid vapor containing the alkyl phosphate catalyst stays in the cracking tube above 700°C for 0.3s, and the generated gas mixture is converted into ammonium phosphate with an ammonia sauce catalyst and deactivated. Gradually cooled to -30–10 ℃ to remove water, acetic acid and acetic anhydride. The ketene gas is absorbed by crotonaldehyde, and under the catalysis of boron fluoride (or zinc chloride, cobalt chloride, etc.) Under hydrolysis, the crude sorbic acid is precipitated after cooling, and then recrystallized with 3-4 times the amount of 60% ethanol to obtain sorbic acid.
  • Malonic acid method
    By malonic acid, crotonaldehyde condensation, decarboxylation derived.
  • Acetone method
    By acetone and crotonaldehyde condensation, and then derived from dehydrogenation.


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