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Basic Info

What is Solvent Red 52?

The chemical name of C.I. Solvent Red 52 is 3-methyl-6-(p-toluidyl)-3H-dibenzo[f,ij]isoquinoline-2,7-dione, which belongs to functional solvent dyes and can be used in A variety of resin and fiber coloring.

Solvent Red 52 is purple-red crystal with a melting point of 269°C-270°C. It is soluble in water and turns dark red in concentrated sulfuric acid. It produces red precipitate after dilution. At present, the synthesis method of this product is to use 4-bromo (or chloro)-N-methylpyridine anthrone and p-toluidine as raw materials, condense the two to obtain the product, and filter and dry to obtain the finished product.

As the main raw material of C.I. Solvent Red 52, p-toluidine will remain partially unreacted and remain in the final product. And p-toluidine itself belongs to hazardous chemicals (6.1 class poisonous goods, UN number: 3451, rat oral LD50 (mg/kg) 336, has carcinogenicity to animals), has certain harm to human body, simultaneously, to downstream The quality of the product has a certain influence. Therefore, it is necessary to control the p-toluidine content in C.I. Solvent Red 52.

Solvent Red 52 Uses

Solvent Red 52 is used in a process for the production of poly(trimethylene furandicarboxylate) using a zinc catalyst.

Solvent red 52 is widely utilized in the coloring of different material plastics, such as polyacrylic resin, abdominal muscle material, plexiglass, polyester resin, polycarbonate, etc. It has good warmth resistance and light resistance, high tinting toughness and intense color The benefits.

Use 4-bromo (or chloro)-N-methylpyridine anthrone and p-toluidine as raw materials, and condense the two to obtain the product. After filtering and drying, the finished product is obtained.

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Preparation of Solvent Red 52

A kind of environment-friendly preparation method of solvent red 52 dyes, it comprises the following steps:

(a) Put 80 grams of 1-methylamino-4-bromoanthraquinone into a 500ml three-necked flask, followed by 2 times the amount of p-toluidine (160g), 0.3 times the amount of potassium hydroxide (24g), and 0.01 times the amount Copper sulfate (0.8g) was heated up to 100°C for condensation reaction, reacted for 8 hours to the end, then added 1.5 times the amount (120g) of methanol for isolation, filtered, washed, and dried to obtain 79 grams of intermediate;

(b) Put the intermediate into 2 times the amount (158g) of solvent DMF, add 0.5 times the amount (39.5g) of acetic anhydride, heat up to 80°C for acylation reaction, and react for 10 hours to the end;

(c) Cool the product of step (b) to 40°C, add 0.4 times the amount (31.6g) of sodium hydroxide, then raise the temperature to 100°C for ring closure reaction, and react for 7 hours to the end; then cool down to 40°C, add 1.5 times the amount (118.5 g) of methanol was isolated, filtered, washed, and dried to obtain 82.3 g of Solvent Red 52 (purity: 98.5%, yield: 90%).


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