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Basic Info of Solvent Red 197

What is Solvent Red 197?

Solvent Red 197 is a bright red powder. not soluble in water. Good light fastness, exceptional thermal security, as much as 300 ℃. It is a benzopyran colorant with high thermal security. It has been reported in the literary works that it can be made use of to identify bisulfite anions.

Jianbin Chao et al. created a coumarin-based dye, Solvent Red 197, for the discovery of bisulfite anions. The probe exhibits high selectivity as well as level of sensitivity to various other anions at area temperature. After the enhancement of HSO3-, the solid fluorescence of Solvent Red 197 was highly quenched, and its shade altered substantially from orange to anemic under UV light irradiation. The color of the remedy likewise changed from pink to colorless. As a result, it can be used as a colorimetric as well as fluorescent probe for bisulfite anion. Additionally, the discovery limit was as low as 1.76 μM. The outcomes reveal that Solvent Red 197 can be utilized for the style of fluorescent probes for the detection of HSO3- in aqueous option. In addition, this probe has actually been used for the decision of bisulfite in sugar examples with satisfying outcomes.

Solvent Red 197 Uses

Solvent Red 197 is a very thermally stable benzopyran colorant that can be used to tint a range of resins as well as fibers. Fluorescent red GK is mainly used for coloring plastics such as polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride and polycarbonate. Particularly appropriate for light transparent tones.

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Application of Solvent Red 197

CN200910178245.2 proposes a new method for preparing colorful ultra-fine capsule red phosphorus flame retardant, which aims to improve and innovate the defects and problems existing in microcapsule red phosphorus flame retardant products in the technical background. Those skilled in the art are familiar with the limited number of water-soluble organic pigments containing carboxyl or sulfonic acid groups in the molecular structure, and the number of color lakes that can react with calcium chloride, strontium chloride, manganese chloride or barium chloride to form a stable hue Less and less. The number of organic pigments and organic pigments that can be dissolved in organic solvents is huge, and the range of industrial applications is very wide.

CN2009101408445 proposes a method for colorizing red phosphorus by lake deposition, which is realized through chemical reaction, and must produce colored wastewater that needs decolorization treatment or sewage treatment. Therefore, the present inventor selects an organic pigment or organic pigment that can be dissolved in an organic solvent to deposit and color the ultra-fine red phosphorus, and then uses an aqueous solution of urea-formaldehyde resin, an aqueous solution of melamine resin or an aqueous solution of phenolic resin to carry out microcapsule encapsulation. The microcapsule colored red phosphorus with the same appearance color as the organic pigment or organic pigment; wherein the organic pigment or organic pigment has a large quantity and variety, and at the same time, according to the coloring needs of synthetic materials, according to the principle of three primary colors, a mixture of two or Two or more organic pigments or organic pigments can realize the rich color and diversification of hue of ultra-fine capsule red phosphorus flame retardant products. The organic pigment or organic pigment of the present invention can be selected from solvent red 197.

Synthesis of Solvent Red 197

Step 1
Preparation of 7-N,N-Diethylamino-3-benzimidazolyl-2-iminocoumarin. 2-Cyanomethylbenzimidazole (16.64 g), 4-diethylamino-salicylaldehyde (17.74 g) and piperidine (3.6 ml) were stirred in methanol (280 ml) at room temperature for 24 hours (h ). After about 24 hours, a pale yellow solid was isolated. The precipitated solid was filtered, washed with methanol (100 ml) and dried. The product was obtained in a yield of 27.5 g. This product was used in the next step without further purification.

Step 2
Preparation of 9-diethylamino-5-imino-5H-7-oxa-4b,13-diazaindeno[2,1-a]anthracene-6-carbonitrile. 7-N,N-Diethylamino-3-benzimidazolyl-2-iminocoumarin (25g) and malononitrile (5.5g) and 250ml of ethyl cellosolve were added to a bath containing an oil bath. In a 500 ml round bottom flask, the contents of the flask were refluxed for about 6 hours, maintaining a temperature of 180°C. The reaction mixture was then cooled to 5°C. The separated solid was filtered. The solid was washed first with 50 ml of ethanol and then with 50 ml of hexane.


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