Solvent Naphtha (Petroleum) Light Arom CAS 64742-95-6

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What is Solvent Naphtha (Petroleum) Light Arom?

Light aromatic solvent naphtha is a chemical with a density between 0.96-0.99. EC is the most basic and important dosage form of pesticide dosage forms. It has been popular with users for a long time and has always occupied the first place in the pesticide sales market. In 2014, the registration of EC products accounted for about 33%. The biggest problem with emulsifiable concentrates is the large amount of light aromatics (C6~C8) solvent oils (benzene solvents based on toluene and xylene), and a small amount of hydrophilic, polar, volatile and toxic (methanol, cyclohexanone, di Methyl formamide, etc.) solvent, the dosage is generally between 30% and 85%. The use of these harmful solvents has the dangers of flammability, explosion and poisoning, as well as serious pollution and harm to storage and transportation safety, human health, safe production and the natural environment. In many developed countries, relevant laws and regulations have been formulated, and light aromatic solvents (toluene, xylene), methanol, dimethylformamide and other solvents have been banned and restricted in pesticides. In my country, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has issued an announcement that since August 1, 2009, the approval certificate for pesticide emulsifiable concentrate products will no longer be issued; on October 23, 2013, the No. 52 announcement was issued, which involved the “limit standard for harmful solvents” in emulsifiable concentrate, and in 2014 Implemented on March 1st. This will reduce 90% of the domestic consumption of harmful solvents, and contribute to human safety and health, protection of the ecological environment and conservation of petrochemical resources.

At present, how to develop and use green and environmentally friendly solvents to replace harmful solvents has become a top priority. From the current point of view, there are mainly two types of light aromatics solvent oils in domestic substitute emulsifiable oil products: the first type is environmentally friendly organic chemical products, such as heavy aromatics (C9 and C10) solvent oils with large molecular weight and high boiling point (similar to foreign Solvesso series of solvents), sec-butyl acetate, mineral oil, etc. The second category is green and environmentally friendly vegetable oils, such as edible oils (soybean oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, etc.) and non-edible oils (turpentine-based vegetable oil, castor oil, biodiesel), etc.

Solvent Naphtha (Petroleum) Light Arom Uses

Coal tar naphtha is a central nervous system downer.

Light aromatic solvent naphtha is a chemical with a density between 0.96-0.99. EC is the most standard as well as important dosage kind of chemical dose kinds. It has been popular with customers for a very long time and has always occupied the starting point in the pesticide sales market. In 2014, the enrollment of EC products represented around 33%.


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