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Basic Info of Sodium Trimetaphosphate

What is Sodium Trimetaphosphate?

Sodium trimetaphosphate (also known as STMP), with the molecular formula of Na 3 P 3 O 9, is the metaphosphate of salt. It has the empirical formula NaPO 3. It is a sodium salt of trimetaphosphoric acid. It is a colorless solid that is utilized solely in the food and also building and construction markets. STMP is prepared by heating the sample salt polyphosphate.

Although attracted using a details powerful structure, the triplet ions have a D 3d symmetry. Cyclic hydrolysis to create acyclic salt triphosphate:

Na 3 P 3 O 9 + H 2 O → H 2 Na 3 P 3 O 10

The major reaction of triphosphate anions is ring opening by nucleophiles including amines.

Sodium Trimetaphosphate Uses

  1. Medication assistance.
  2. Sodium trimetaphosphate acts as a cross-linking agent in cross-linked anti amylase starch.
  3. Sodium trimetaphosphate, Na3[P3O9], is the most stable compound in this group of reagents. The hydrated form of sodium trimetaphosphate contains 6 or 10 crystalline water molecules. Commercial production was obtained by heating NaPO 3 at 525 ° C.
  4. In the food industry, it is utilized as starch modifier, juice turbidity avoidance agent, meat adhesive, dispersant, stabilizer (for ice cream, cheese, and so on). It can protect against food discoloration as well as vitamin C decomposition. It is also made use of as water conditioner.

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Production Method of Sodium Trimetaphosphate

The sodium dihydrogen phosphate method is a simple and commonly used method.

The sodium dihydrogen phosphate method is to heat the edible sodium dihydrogen phosphate, dehydrate it at 95 °C to become anhydrous sodium dihydrogen phosphate, and then send it to the box-type polymerization furnace for heating and melting polymerization. Sodium acid pyrophosphate is converted into cyclic sodium metaphosphate when heated to 260°C, polymerized into sodium trimetaphosphate when heated to 500°C, cooled and pulverized to obtain edible sodium trimetaphosphate finished product. That


Identification Test and Content Analysis

Identification test
The sodium salt test (IT-28) of the 5% sample aqueous solution was positive. Take about 100 mg of the sample, dissolve it in 5 ml of hot dilute nitric acid test solution (TS-158), warm it in a steam bath for 10 minutes, cool it, and neutralize it with sodium hydroxide test solution (TS-224) until the litmus is neutral. , After adding silver nitrate test solution (TS-210), a yellow precipitate should be produced.

Content analysis
Accurately weigh about 800mg of the sample and put it in a 500ml volumetric flask, add 100ml of water and 25ml of nitric acid, boil for 10min on a heating plate, and after cooling, make up to volume with water and mix. Draw 20.0ml of this solution, transfer it into a 500ml conical flask, add 100ml of water, heat to just boiling, add 50ml of quinolybdenum limonene test solution (TS-202) under stirring, cover with a watch glass, and put it in a screen-type cover Boil for 1 min and cool to room temperature, stirring occasionally during cooling. Filter through a Gooch crucible (or medium-porosity sintered glass crucible) of known weight, wash the filter residue with water for 5 times, each 25ml, dry at about 225°C for 30min, cool and weigh. Each milligram of precipitate thus obtained is equivalent to 32.074 mg of phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5).


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