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Basic Info

What is Sodium Thioglycolate?

Sodium thioglycolate (TGA) is an essential flotation inhibitor. It is utilized as an inhibitor of copper minerals and pyrite in the flotation protection of copper-molybdenum ore, and has an apparent inhibitory results on minerals such as copper and sulfur, and can Effectively enhance the grade of molybdenum concentrate. Sodium thioglycolate, an effective inhibitor of a new type of sulfide ore, has been successfully used in molybdenum selection production for many years, and has completely replaced the highly toxic inhibitor sodium cyanide.

Sodium thioglycolate is alkaline, white solid, the smell of sulfur compounds, molecular weight 114.1, d20 1.325 g/cm^3. Soluble in water, methanol, ethanol, acetone and toluene, and aliphatic hydrocarbons. In the case of air, it is also oxidized to sodium bis-mercapto acetate. It is also a strong reducing agent. 10% of the liquid is brown, odourless, and has an Eh value of -334 mV. Its reducing ability is also stronger than mercaptopropionic acid, mercaptol actic acid, thioglycerol, thiouracil and 5-mercapto-l,2 triazoles. It can also be complexed with iron, copper, zinc and manganese ions. Many properties are similar to thioglycolic acid. The aqueous solution of TGA with a concentration of less than 70% by weight is stable in storage at room temperature, and H2S gas may be released when the temperature is too high. TGA and its alkaline aqueous solution are oxidized to purple-red disulfide in air. A small number of metal ions such as copper, iron, and manganese will catalyze this oxidation reaction to accelerate.

Sodium Thioglycolate Uses

Molybdenum ore can be used as a copper sulfur inhibitor and a highly efficient reducing agent.

In the cold wind of hair; As a depilatory agent; In bacteriology for preparing thioglycolate culture medium; As an analytical reagent, see mercaptoacetic acid.

Sodium mercaptoacetate can be widely used as the main agent for hair removal (such as leather and human body), hair ironing and dyeing, and preparation of solid and liquid culture media.

Sodium mercaptoacetate is a commonly used reagent in bacteriological research used to maintain the reduction conditions in the culture medium. Mercaptoacetate can also protect the enzyme from inactivation by keeping the protein mercaptan group in a reduced state. Thioglycolic acid medium is often used in inflammation research to trigger the reaction of neutrophils and macrophages in vivo.

Sodium mercaptoacetate used:

  • As a growth supplement in enrichment medium and its effect on Arcobacter.
  • In influenza hemagglutinin formula, to reduce disulfide bond mediated cross-linking and early efficacy loss.
  • In the electron microscope.

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Application of Sodium Thioglycolate

  • Application in the separation of copper as well as lead As a non-toxic, small molecule inhibitor, salt thioglycolate has an excellent repressive impact on chalcopyrite and also can be utilized in the splitting up procedure of copper-lead blended concentrate to attain copper, lead separation. The medication elimination result of the copper-lead blended concentrate, the type as well as the dosage of enthusiasts throughout splitting up, the pH worth of the pulp, the dosage of salt thioglycolate and also various other factors have an essential effect on the separation impact of copper and lead; however the dose of salt thioglycolate is One of the most vital variables is that when the dosage is appropriate, the splitting up of copper and lead can be better attained. When the dosage is too large, salt thioglycolate has a repressive result on both. Inhibition system: The spooky infrared contours of sodium thioglycolate reacted with chalcopyrite and galena are bifurcated and shifted and the symmetrical as well as asymmetric extending resonance absorption valleys of – CH2 – show up, as well as the uneven stretching vibration of – COO – appears. Absorption Valley, and so on. In the infrared spectrum contour after cleaning, the absorption valleys of these special teams come to be weak but not disappear, which shows that the physical adsorption and chemical adsorption of salt thioglycolate exist together externally of chalcopyrite and also galena.

  • Using copper sulfate to turn on sphalerite in high pH pulp, using lime as the inhibitor of pyrrhotite and pyrite, supplemented by sodium thioglycolate, can effectively understand the splitting up of zinc and also sulfur, and the commercial production examination acquired a quality of 45.10 % zinc concentrate, as well as the operating recuperation rate is 94.39%. Sodium thioglycolate is a medium-toxic representative, which has an excellent inhibitory result on pyrite and also pyrrhotite. It can completely change highly toxic cyanide as well as understand the separation process of zinc-sulfur without cyanide, which not just makes sure the zinc concentrate. The manufacturing indicators of quality as well as healing rate can likewise meet the national environmental management needs. Sodium thioglycolate has a little repressive impact on sphalerite and has preserved an excellent manufacturing index because of the use of sodium thioglycolate.



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