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Basic Info of Sodium Sulfide

What is Sodium Sulfide?

Sodium sulfide is also referred to as alkali sulfide, stinky soda, as well as smelly alkali. The pure item is colorless or slightly purple prismatic crystal at area temperature. Industrial salt sulfide is usually pink, brown-red, and also khaki blocks due to pollutants. It has a rotten egg scent, is harsh, dangerous, and has a thickness of 2.427. Decays at 920 ° C. It is soluble in cold water and quickly soluble in hot water. When dissolved in water, it is almost completely hydrolyzed right into sodium hydroxide and sodium hydrosulfide (solubility at 10 ° C is 15.4 g, as well as solubility at 90 ° C is 57.2 g). The aqueous service is strongly alkaline. Destructive to copper, timber, skin, etc. Slightly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in ether.

Salt sulfide reacts with solid acid to release hydrogen sulfide. Deliquescence in the air, quickly oxidized to develop sodium thiosulfate. Sodium sulfide is generally made use of as rawhide depilatory representative, pulp food preparation agent, resources of sulfur dyes, dye intermediate decreasing agent, material coloring mordant, ore flotation protection agent, also can be made use of as desulfurization agent for viscose fiber as well as the production of salt hydrosulfide and also polysulfide. Sodium sulfide resources, etc.

Sodium sulfide in china from the 1830s. It was first generated by a chemical plant in Dalian, Liaoning Province on a little scale. From the 1980s to the mid-1990s, with the strenuous growth of the worldwide chemical market, the residential sodium sulfide sector undertook a basic modification. Suppliers as well as scale raised dramatically and developed swiftly. The sodium sulfide manufacturing location centered on Yuncheng, Shanxi has actually rapidly increased to more than 10 districts, cities as well as regions consisting of Yunnan, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia, and also Shaanxi. The nationwide annual production ability rose from 420,000 loads in the late 1980s to 640,000 tons in the mid-1990s. The fastest expanding result is in Inner Mongolia, Gansu, and also Xinjiang in northwest China. The manufacturing capacity of Inner Mongolia has actually reached 200,000 bunches, making it the largest sodium sulfide manufacturing base in China.

Sodium Sulfide Uses

Sodium sulfide is a basic chemical raw material, widely used in textiles, dyes, pigments, printing and dyeing, leather, papermaking, mineral processing, rubber, medicine, pesticide industries and the manufacture of polyphenylene sulfide plastics used in the aerospace field.

  • In the color industry, it is utilized to generate sulfur dyes, as well as it is the raw material of sulfur cyan and sulfur blue.
  • In the printing and dyeing sector, it is used as a color accessory for liquifying sulfur dyes.
  • In the tanning sector, it is used for hydrolysis to peel off raw hides, as well as it is likewise used to formulate salt polysulfide to speed up the saturating of dry hides and assist soften them.
  • The paper market is made use of as a cooking agent for paper.
  • The fabric sector is made use of as a mordant for the denitration of manufactured fibers and the reduction of nitrates, along with the dyeing of cotton textiles.
  • The pharmaceutical sector is made use of to create antipyretics such as phenacetin. On top of that, it is additionally made use of to make salt thiosulfate, salt hydrosulfide, sodium polysulfide, etc.

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Application of Sodium Sulfide


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