Sodium PCA CAS 28874-51-3 Sodium L-pyroglutamate

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Basic Info

What is Sodium PCA?

Sodium PCA, additionally referred to as sodium pyrrolidone carboxylate, is utilized as a moisturizer, skin conditioner and antistatic representative in cosmetics. It is a natural part of the skin as well as a good cream. It has the function of enhancing keratin and also is made use of to boost the skin’s own hydrating capability.

Sodium PCA is a humectant naturally existing in human skin. It is the main part in the stratum corneum of the skin. It has solid moisturizing homes. It is an amino acid by-product. Sodium PCA has a high water absorption capability as well as can soak up water from the air, which is comparable to hyaluronic acid (H · A) and also much more powerful than glycerin, propylene glycol, sorbitol and also various other moisturizing agents. It itself is a clear, colorless, unsmelling, slightly salty fluid, which can integrate water with cells as well as order water several times its very own weight. Sodium PCA transports moisture to hair and skin and also is used as an emollient or humectant in conditioners as well as creams; likewise in shampoos, hair sprays, hairsprays, skin fragrances as well as different other hair and skin see it. The CIR-approved sodium concentration restriction for PCA is 4%.

PCA-Na is soluble in water. It is a little soluble in organic solvents. At the exact same temperature and also concentration, its thickness is much lower than that of various other moisturizers. It does not have the sticky and thick feeling of glycerin. Creams also have great collaborating homes, as well as they work well when mixed together.

Sodium PCA Uses

Sodium PCA is known to bind moisture to skin cells. PCA, short for pyrrolidone sodium carbonate, is an ingredient in several aesthetic items. This cream occurs normally in the skin. Amino acids include salt PCA, which is called a hygroscopic representative. This indicates it has the capacity to remove dampness from the surrounding air. PCA in cherries or algae can aid rehydrate your skin. PCA degrees in the skin are highest throughout youth. These levels drop dramatically over time. Using skin care items that contain PCA can assist increase these degrees as you age.

PCA additionally has antioxidants that deal with cost-free radicals that can age your skin. It likewise has vitamins D and also E, which can assist renew the skin. Sodium PCA is included in hair shampoos and also conditioners to include wetness and also beam to the hair. Drawn out from lots of plants, yet the sodium PCA of each plant can be made use of to alter things. As an example, PCA removed from turfs as well as vegetables can be made use of as an emollient. When PCA is extracted from coconut oil, it is utilized as an emulsifier.

PCA, discovered in cherries or algae, replenishes wetness within the skin. Sodium PCA is additionally utilized in particular sorts of lotions to safeguard the skin from extreme sunlight exposure. While there are no recognized eye toxic irritants in sodium PCA, various other materials in these products may cause itching and burning. This substance not only takes in dampness from the skin, but likewise aids the skin maintain it. This makes it ideal for all sorts of skin care.

When sodium PCA is utilized in soap, it can assist the skin in several methods. It deals with the skin’s all-natural PCA to generate much healthier, a lot more nourished skin. Sodium PCA is used in lots of skin and cosmetic items in shampoos as well as conditioners, Sodium PCA maintains moisture in the hair shaft as well as also includes luster and also elasticity to the hair. When hair is too dry, static develops, resulting in unmanageable flyaways. Sodium PCA is taken into consideration harmless while PCA maintains adequate wetness in the hair to get rid of frizz and also dry hair in small amounts. It is thought about mildly toxic, however is likewise in some cases made use of with nitrosamines, which are considered a toxic substance. There have been no understood skin or eye irritations connected with using PCA. Sodium PCA is an effective emollient originated from plants.

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Application of Sodium PCA

Preparation of Sodium PCA

  1. Alginic acid is digested to prepare alginic acid;
  2. Alginic acid and a certain amount of compound ammonium salt are added to the neutralization reactor, and the reaction is carried out for 50-75 minutes, and the neutralization is completely converted into ammonium alginate, wherein, the neutralization reaction includes solid phase neutralization and alcohol It is the liquid phase neutralization reaction of the medium;
  3. The consumption of compound ammonium salt is 7%-15% of alginic acid;
  4. Compound ammonium salt is composed of ammonium chloride and basic ammonium salt, ammonium chloride: basic ammonium salt=10-20: 80-90;
  5. Basic ammonium salt includes one or both of ammonium carbonate and ammonium hydroxide;
  6. Plunger extrusion granulation, drying, and pulverizing to the ammonium alginate required by the required mesh size.


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