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Basic Info

What is Sodium Molybdate?

Sodium molybdate, chemical formula Na2MoO4, is a white rhombic crystal. At 100 ° C, it loses 2 particles of water of crystallization. The melting point is 687 ° C. The mean lethal dose (computer mice, intraperitoneal) 344mg/kg. irritating. Sodium molybdate is soluble in water but insoluble in acetone.

Sodium molybdate can be obtained by oxidizing as well as roasting molybdenum concentrate to generate molybdenum trioxide, leaching with fluid caustic soda to form salt molybdate solution, and after that it can be gotten after suction filtering, concentration, cooling, centrifugation and also drying out. Chemical Security of Sodium Molybdate: Secure under normal storage space as well as handling conditions at area temperature level in closed containers.

Salt molybdate is harmful, yet it is a low poisoning substance. Molybdenum poisoning can trigger joint discomfort, reduced high blood pressure as well as changes in high blood pressure, neurological problems, and disruptions in metabolic processes. The maximum acceptable concentration of soluble molybdenum compound aerosol is 2mg/m, which of dirt is 4mg/m. When calling and also utilizing sodium molybdate, wear the recommended safety equipment. Take notice of moisture. It must be shielded from rain and also sunlight throughout transportation.

Sodium Molybdate Uses

Made use of as a steel deterioration prevention, descaling agent, bleach accelerator, and also skin and hair protectant.

Sodium molybdate (Na2MO4) is utilized as an electrolyte additive for electrochemical capacitors. The addition of Na2MO4 as an electrolyte additive leads to enhanced capacitance, corrosion resistance, and stable performance.

Sodium molybdate is one of the most important molybdates. It is used as a raw material for the manufacture of dyes, molybdenum red pigments, and light-fast color precipitants; it is used for phosphomolybdic acid, sodium phosphomolybdate, molybdate, and molybdenum-containing catalysts , the manufacture of metal corrosion inhibitors and flame retardants for pollution-free industrial cooling water systems; it is also used as analytical reagents for alkaloids, galvanizing, polishing agents, and essential trace components for animals and plants.

Salt molybdate (NazMoO4-2H2O) is an important molybdenum resource that can be applied with other fertilizers or as a foliar spray (39% molybdenum). Sodium molybdate is the sodium salt of molybdic acid. Molybdenum oxide is integrated with sodium carbonate or sodium hydroxide to form sodium molybdate.

Molybdenum is an important element of nitrate reductase, which militarizes the conversion of nitrate (NO 3 -) to nitrite (NO 2 -). It is additionally a part of nitrogenase enzymes involved in nitrogen addiction by rhizobia in leguminous plants. Saturating seeds in a sodium molybdate option (made with mud or dust) before planting is an efficient seed therapy. Salt molybdate is one of the most frequently used molybdenum-containing plant food and can be utilized as a foliar spray or as a garden compost. It is also used in seed treatment.

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Application of Sodium Molybdate


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