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Basic Info

What is Sodium Metabisulfite?

Salt metabisulfite is white or yellow crystalline powder or tiny crystals with a strong SO2 scent. The aqueous option is acidic. When touching solid acid, SO2 will certainly be launched to develop matching salts. It will be oxidized to Na2S2O6 when positioned in the air for a very long time, so this item can not be made use of. long-lived.

Sodium pyrosulfite plays a very important role in industries such as food, printing, and pharmacy, and along with economic development, the demand for sodium pyrosulfite is also increasing. At present, the production process of sodium metabisulfite is mainly two kinds of wet method and dry method. The dry method is to pass SO2 into the block of soda ash solid, and the wet method is to pass SO2 into sodium bisulfite and then centrifugally dry it. . Wet production of sodium pyrosulfite products is now of high quality for dry process products and less consumption of raw materials, but this method yield is not high, the recycling of raw materials and energy in the production process is less, the total energy consumption is large, and the economic benefit is low.

According to the regulations of my country’s GB2760-86: as a preservative used in fruit wine, the maximum usage amount is 0.25g/kg; as a bleaching agent used in glucose, sugar, bamboo shoots, rattan mushrooms, etc., no more than 0.45g/kg; the residual amount (SO2 0.025g/kg in bamboo shoots and mushrooms, 0.05g/kg in fruit wine and sugar, and 0.1g/kg in other varieties.

Sodium Metabisulfite Uses

  1. Utilized as chromatographic evaluation reagent, chemical and also reducing representative, made use of in color and also pharmaceutical industry.
  2. Salt metabisulfite has a more powerful minimizing property than sulfite, and its impact is similar to that of sodium sulfite. my country states that it can be utilized in candied fruit, biscuits, table sugar, rock sugar, caramel, candy, sugar, fluid sugar, bamboo shoots, mushrooms as well as tinned mushrooms, with a maximum usage of 0.45 g/kg. The residues of sweet fruit, bamboo shoots, mushrooms and canned mushrooms, grapes as well as black currant juice concentrate (calculated as SO2) are less than 0.05 g/kg; the deposits of biscuits, sugar, vermicelli and also other selections are less than 0.1 g/kg; the deposits of fluid sugar The quantity shall not surpass 0.2 g/kg.
  3. In the food industry, it can be utilized as whitening representative, preservative, loosening up representative, anti-oxidant, color-protecting agent and fresh-keeping representative.
  4. It is made use of in the pharmaceutical industry to produce chloroform, phenylpropanoid and benzaldehyde. The rubber industry is made use of as a coagulant. In the printing as well as coloring industry, it is made use of as a dechlorinating agent for cotton fabric after whitening and as a combing help for cotton fabric. In the tanning industry, it is used for natural leather therapy, which can make the leather soft, plump, hard, water-proof, anti-folding, wear-resistant as well as various other residential properties. In the chemical sector, it is used to create hydroxyvanillin, hydroxylamine hydrochloride, etc. The photosensitive market is utilized as a developer, etc.

Sodium metabisulfite is additionally a health hazard. For that reason, strictly controlling the recurring amount of sulfur dioxide in agricultural products is the essential to regulating table air pollution and also securing consumers’ health civil liberties. Salt metabisulfite is created in industrial grade as well as food grade, as well as its high quality signs are different.

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Application of Sodium Metabisulfite in Food

Presently, it is made use of in the processing and also preservation of light vegetables in our country, such as mushrooms, lotus origins, water chestnuts, white asparagus, yams as well as other products. Sodium pyrosulfite remedy is often made use of for shade defense. Certainly, there are some differences in the process of each factory. For instance, during the handling of canned mushrooms, soak fresh mushrooms in an aqueous option including 0.03 g/kg of salt pyrosulfite for 2 times, each time for 1-2min.

Salt metabisulfite is made use of as a biscuit dough improver in the biscuit market. It is prepared into a 20% solution prior to use, as well as contributed to the immature dough in phases during the dough preparation procedure. As a result of the reducing result of sulfur dioxide launched by salt metabisulfite on the gluten stamina of the dough during the dough preparation process, when the gluten toughness as well as toughness of the flour are high, adding a small amount can stop the deformation of the completed biscuit due to excessive gluten stamina. Challenging dough can be added according to the gluten stamina of the flour, however it is normally not utilized in crunchy dough with a high proportion of oil and also sugar. This is since the enhancement of oil and sugar itself has actually stopped the water absorption as well as growth of gluten protein and prevented the development of a big quantity of gluten. There is no demand to include sodium metabisulfite.

Health Hazards of Sodium Metabisulfite

Sodium metabisulfite is currently listed as an authorized food additive in Part B of Annex III to Directive 95/2/EC. Therefore, if the residue of sulfite exceeds 10 mg/kg (ppm), such food label is required. This is labeled E223 and the maximum allowable residue in crustacean products is set at 150 mg/kg. However, it is now recognized that when sulfite is present in food, it will lead to allergic reactions in vulnerable people and may pose a health hazard (Collins Williams, 1983). Metabisulfite is considered as a pathogen of asthma (Gunnison&Jacobsen, 1987). Accordingly, EU Directive 2003/89/EC will put forward allergen labeling requirements for all foods processed with sodium metabisulfite produced in the European Community.

Because the concentration of sodium metabisulfite is very low, the risk of symptoms caused by skin or inhalation exposure of sodium metabisulfite commonly found in consumer products is very low. Sodium metabisulfite has the following adverse effects on health:

  • Get in touch with – Skin contact can create a variety of signs from moderate skin inflammation or itching to soreness as well as swelling. Eye contact with sodium metabisulfite may create inflammation, splits or modest eye inflammation.
  • Inhalation – Breathing of salt metabisulfite dirt can create swelling or coughing in the nose and throat. Repeated or long term exposure might create aching throat or nosebleed. Breathing might likewise cause serious respiratory system reactions as well as intensify asthma or various other respiratory conditions.
  • Ingestion – Intake of sodium metabisulfite may irritate the mouth and also throat, nausea, throwing up as well as looseness of the bowels.
  • Other impacts – The International Company for Research on Cancer Cells (IARC) has not identified sodium metabisulfite as a carcinogen (health hazard).


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