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Basic Info of Sodium Lignosulfonate

What is Sodium Lignosulfonate?

Sodium lignosulfonate is also known as sulfite lignin. It is a heterogeneous anionic polyelectrolyte with different molecular weights and different structures, that is, polydispersity. The solid product is a light brown free-flowing powder that is hygroscopic. It is easily soluble in water, but insoluble in ethanol, acetone and other common organic solvents. The aqueous solution is brown to black with colloidal properties, and the viscosity of the solution increases with the concentration. It is a by-product of acid sulfite cooking and pulping in pulp production, and its content in pulping waste liquid accounts for about 42% to 55%.

During preparation, lime milk is added to the waste liquid of sulfite slurry to form basic calcium lignosulfonate precipitation, which is then separated and acidified by adding sulfuric acid to the precipitation filter cake, and then sodium carbonate is added to replace the base to make it. The calcium salt becomes sodium salt, and finally, the finished product is obtained by evaporation and drying. Sodium lignosulfonate has the functions of dispersing, binding, complexing and emulsifying-stabilizing, and is widely used in feed processing, mining, oil drilling, pesticides, rubber, printing and dyeing, leather and cement and concrete production.

In water treatment, this product can be used as scale inhibitor, dispersant and corrosion inhibitor for cooling water; it can be used as dispersant scale inhibitor in boiler water, with good thermal stability, even at 250℃, it can still maintain good dispersion performance. In addition, it is also widely used in the manufacture of industrial cleaning agents, asphalt emulsion preparation, lead-acid batteries and various ceramic products.

Sodium Lignosulfonate Uses

  1. Sodium lignosulfonate is used as a dispersant for dyes, wax lotion, pigments, water treatment and cleaning agents. Ceramic adhesive, dispersant in pigment and water treatment, stabilizer of wax and O/W lotion, tanning agent.
  2. Salt lignosulfonate (sodium lignosulfonate) is used as defoamer for paper manufacturing as well as adhesive for write-ups in contact with food in the food sector. It has antiseptic buildings and also can be utilized as a component of animal feed. It is likewise utilized in design, porcelains, mineral powder, chemical market, fabric market (natural leather), metallurgy industry, petroleum industry, fire resistant products, rubber vulcanization, and also organic polymerization.
  3. Salt lignosulfonate is mostly made use of as cement water reducer to diffuse the agglomerated concrete, separate out the water had, and also raise its fluidness. So as to lower mixing water and also save concrete. When it is utilized in the oil boring mud formula, it can properly reduce the mud thickness and also shear force, so as to manage the fluidness of the drilling mud, keep the not natural mud and also not natural salt impurities suspended in the exploration, protect against the mud from flocculating, and also have impressive salt resistance, calcium resistance as well as high temperature resistance.

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Application of Sodium Lignosulfonate

Lignosulfonates, including sodium lignosulfonates, have surface physicochemical properties such as dispersion, emulsification, solubilization, and adsorption due to their special structures, and their modified products have been used as surfactants to some extent.

Application Principle of Sodium Lignosulfonate

The number of carbon chains varies greatly depending on the material from which lignin is extracted. Some are suitable for fertilizer production, and some are suitable for pesticide additives. It contains a variety of active functions, dispersibility and chelation, and it is easy to combine with metal elements to form a chelated state, improve the physical and chemical properties of metal nutrient elements, save costs and improve efficiency. The adsorption and slow-release properties of lignin can better maintain the effectiveness of chemical fertilizers and can make it slowly release, and it is a good slow-release material for organic compound fertilizers. Lignin is a polycyclic macromolecular organic compound containing many negatively charged groups, which has a strong affinity for high-valent metal ions in soil.

Sodium lignosulfonate can also be used for pesticide processing. Lignin has a large specific surface area and contains a variety of active groups, which can be used as a slow release agent for pesticides.

There are differences in structure between lignin in plants and isolated lignin. The newly generated cell wall of plant cell division is thin and rich in acidic polysaccharides such as pectin, and gradually generates cellulose and hemicellulose, and the cells differentiate into various unique xylem cells (wood fibers, tracheids, and vessels, etc.), when formed When the secondary wall is in the S1 layer, lignin begins to form from the corners of the primary wall, and this phenomenon is generally called lignification. With the maturation of plant tissues, lignification develops to the intercellular layer, primary wall and secondary wall. Lignin is gradually deposited in and between the cell walls to bond cells together. During the lignification process of plant cell walls, lignin is formed. The infiltration of lignin into the cell wall increases the hardness of the cell wall, promotes the formation of mechanical tissues, and enhances the mechanical strength and load-bearing capacity of plant cells and tissues; lignin makes the cell wall hydrophobic, making the plant cells impermeable to water, which is a good source of water, minerals. The long-distance transportation of substances and organic matter in plants provides a reliable guarantee; the infiltration of lignin into the cell wall objectively forms a physical barrier, effectively preventing the invasion of various plant pathogens; preventing the conduction molecules in the xylem from transporting water Infiltrate out, while enabling terrestrial plants to survive in a relatively dry environment, enhancing the plant’s disease resistance. Lignin acts as a binding agent for cellulose, hemicellulose and inorganic salts (mainly silicates) in plants.

Factors affecting the decomposition of lignin are soil pH, moisture and climatic conditions. Other factors such as nitrogen availability and soil mineralogy also play a role. Among them, the adsorption of Fe and Al oxides to lignin can reduce the decomposition of lignin.


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