Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate CAS 68585-34-2 SLES

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Basic Info

What is Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate?

Sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES) is an extremely reliable frothing agent. It is an anionic cleaning agent as well as surfactant, which is found in numerous individual treatment products, such as soap, shampoo and also tooth paste. Utilized in wetting representative solutions, liquid detergents, detergents, hair shampoos and cleaning powders. Sles is likewise a surfactant, made use of in lots of cosmetics, with cleansing and also emulsifying residential or commercial properties. Sles is 70% soluble in tough water and also soft water, and also offers constant foam features.

SLES is an anionic surfactant extensively used in rinsing items as the major surfactant. Along with its exceptional decontamination (likewise referred to as cleansing), it likewise has exceptional emulsifying and also frothing buildings. It is the main component of cleaning products. It is compatible with all surfactants other than cationic surfactants.

Salt lauryl polyether sulfate may be infected by a large amount of ethylene oxide and also 1,4-dioxane. The global firm for research on cancer has actually identified ethylene oxide as a recognized human health hazard as well as 1,4-dioxane as a feasible human carcinogen. Ethylene oxide can additionally damage the nervous system, and also the California Epa classifies it as a possible developing poison based upon the proof that it may hinder human advancement. 1,4-dioxane is also persistent. Simply put, it is difficult to deteriorate and also can stay in the environment for a long time after washing down the shower drainpipe. 1,4-dioxane can be eliminated from cosmetics by vacuum demoulding in the production procedure, but consumers do not have a basic means to understand whether items having salt lauryl polyether sulfate have actually gone through this process.

Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate Uses

  1. Sodium dodecyl ether sulfate is an anionic surfactant. Its excellent detergency makes it one of the key ingredients of rinsing products, as the main surfactant. In addition to the cleaning ability, sles also has excellent emulsification and foaming ability, as well as compatibility with most surfactants (except cations).
  2. Sodium lauryl ether sulfate can be used in the formulation of wood coatings.
  3. SLES is used as a cleaning agent in cosmetics, and also for foaming and foaming products. It is common in shampoo, body wash and facial cleanser. It also exists in household cleaning products, such as dishwashing soap.
  4. Sodium lauryl ether sulfate has good solubility, good hard water resistance and high biodegradability. It also helps simplify formulation and production. In addition, it will also have a certain degree of thickening on the final product formula


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