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Basic Info

What is Sodium Lauroylsarcosinate?

Sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, alias sodium lauroylsarcosinate, sodium lauryl- N- methylglycinate. The main functions of sodium lauroyl sarcosinate in cosmetics and skin care products are antistatic, froth supporter, soap, and surfactant. The threat factor is 3, which is fairly safe and can be used with confidence. Generally, it has no effect on pregnant women. Lauroyl sarcosinate Sodium glutamate isn’t comedogenic. FDA approved sodium lauroyl sarcosinate can be used directly as a food cumulative, and CIR allows it to be used in wash- off products and leave- in products with a attention of no further than 5.

Sodium lauryl sarcosinate is a white to light unheroic liquid with a special smell. Soluble in water, ethanol or glycerin, etc. Under normal conditions, it’s fairly stable to heat, acid and alkali. It’s lower prickly to the skin and has a weaker degreasing effect. It’s used as raging agent, soap,anti-enzyme agent, bactericide and emulsifier in colorful cosmetics, and it’s used in toothpaste to help dental caries. Sodium lauryl sarcosinate is an amino acid surfactant. In addition to its excellent face exertion, it also has the characteristics of antibacterial and bactericidal parcels, erosion inhibition and rust resistance, and good biodegradability, so it’s extensively used in cleansers and cosmetics., food and libation, essence rust forestallment, mineral flotation, fungicides and biomedicine and numerous other fields.

Sodium Lauroylsarcosinate Uses

  1. Sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, a raging agent and surfactant, is lauroyl sarcosinate( made from the breakdown of creatine or caffeine), a modified adipose acid. It’s frequently set up in soaps, body wetlands, facial cleaners and paring products as a raging agent, surfactant and hair exertion agent.
  2. N- Lauryl sarcosinate is an anionic amino acid surfactant with low toxin, low vexation, good biodegradability, good comity, antibacterial and erosion resistance,etc., and is extensively used It’s used in numerous fields similar as diurnal chemicals, food, essence processing, mineral flotation, fungicide deployment and biomedicine.
  3. Biochemical exploration. anionic surfactant. Hexokinase impediments. Anionic soap. insulation of incentive ribonucleic acid. It can be used for RNA and DNA insulation, as a lysing agent in cell sanctification, as an cumulative when separating DNA from mortal serum, and can also increase the nitrogen- fixing capability of leguminous rhizobia by adding this product. It also has numerous operations in immunochemistry.
  4. Applicable scholars have established an logical system for the determination of sodium lauryl sarcosinate content by gas chromatography. Dodecanedibasic acid was used as the internal standard, and the sample was replied with boron trifluoride methanol result to form methyl ester emulsion. The HP- 5 chromatographic column was used as the logical column, and the FID was used as the sensor, and the internal standard system was used for quantification.


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