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Basic Info

What is Sodium Iodide?

Anhydrous sodium iodide, molecular formula: NaI, molecular weight: 149.9, white deliquescent crystals or granules, will slowly absorb water up to 5% in humid air, and slowly release free iodine, turning yellow, relative density 3.6777, Melting point is 660°C, heat of solution is 23.60Kj/mol, boiling point is 1304°C, soluble in water, ethanol, acetone, glycerin, and aqueous solution are acidic, and it is widely used. Anhydrous sodium iodide is the raw material for manufacturing inorganic iodide and organic iodide. The purity of the sodium iodide prepared by the traditional anhydrous sodium iodide process is revealed, and the content of impurity potassium element is high, which is difficult to remove, which seriously affects its optical properties. At the same time, the particle size of the anhydrous sodium iodide powder prepared by the traditional process is The uneven distribution makes the bulk density of the anhydrous sodium iodide powder low, which increases the production cost and optical performance of the sodium iodide powder processed into optical devices.

Anhydrous sodium iodide is widely used. The excellent optical properties of sodium iodide can be well matched with the photocathode of the photomultiplier tube to prepare optical devices with high luminous efficiency. The optical devices have no obvious self-absorption in the luminous band, It has good resolution ability for both X-rays and γ-rays and has little temperature effect. With the performance and low price of sodium iodide, it is widely used in oil exploration, security inspection, environmental monitoring and other fields.

Sodium Iodide Uses

  1. The chemical market is used as an essential raw material for preparing not natural and organic iodides, along with as a cosolvent for iodine and for preparing iodine solutions.
  2. The pharmaceutical market is made use of to produce expectorants, diuretics as well as various other medicines.
  3. The food industry is used as a food supplement, and sodium iodide and potassium iodide are usually used to treat and prevent iodine deficiency disorders. Iodized salt contains 10 ppm iodide.
  4. The photosensitive sector is made use of as a photosensitive representative for films, and also in logical chemistry as a drop evaluation as well as other logical reagents.
  5. Sodium iodide is used as an oxidant in chain reactions. When the temperature level is less than 65.6 ℃, salt iodide kinds different hydrates with variable water material in aqueous solution. The dihydrate precipitated from the solution at room temperature level is an anemic prismatic crystal, as well as pentahydrate can be sped up at – 13.5 ~ 31.5 ℃. It reacts with sulfur dioxide to produce matching stable substances. It is reducible as well as can be oxidized to offer iodine.

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Application of Sodium Iodide

Iodotrimethylsilane is often used as a protective reagent for functional groups such as amino, hydroxyl, and mercapto groups in the field of drug synthesis and organic synthesis. Due to its high activity and mild reaction conditions, it has a wide range of applications, especially in drug synthesis, such as In the synthesis of cefepime and cefpirome.

CN201710134989.9 reports a preparation process of iodotrimethylsilane with mild reaction conditions, simple process, safe operation, high yield and very little waste. Anhydrous sodium iodide, anhydrous lithium chloride, trimethyl iodide Chlorosilane is used as raw material, and iodotrimethylsilane is synthesized in a dry nitrogen atmosphere. This method has changed the complex process of preparing iodosilane from traditional hexamethyldisilane and hexamethyldisiloxane. The reaction conditions are mild, the operation is safe, and the danger of using high-risk chemicals metal potassium and sodium is avoided. The iodine problem, the whole production cycle process, the output is only trimethyl iodosilane product and by-product sodium chloride, no other three wastes are produced, and the process is green and environmentally friendly.

Sodium Iodide Related Chemical Reactions

The action of sodium iodide with chlorine or bromine can generate elemental iodine and sodium halide at the same time.
(1) 2NaI+Cl2=2NaCl+I2
(2) 2NaI+Br2=2NaBr+I2

When sodium iodide reacts with acid, it can generate the sodium salt of the corresponding acid, and at the same time, hydrogen iodide, hydroiodic acid or elemental iodine can be generated.
(3) NaI+H3PO4=NaH2PO4+HI
(4) 2NaI+H3PO4=NaH2PO4+2HI
(5) 3NaI+H3PO4=Na3PO4+3HI
(6) NaI+H3Sb4=NaH2SbO4 (white)+HI
(7) NaI+H2SO4 (concentrated)=NaHSO4+HI
(8) 2NaI+3H2SO4 (concentrated)=2NaHSO4+I2+SO2+2H2O
(9) NaI+HCl=NaCl+HI

Sodium iodide reacts with hypochlorous acid to generate sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide and elemental iodine.
(10) 2NaI+HOCl=NaCl+NaOH+I2

Sodium iodide reacts with the following salts or oxides to generate different sodium salts.
(11) NaI+6Ce(SO4)2+3H2O=NaIO3+3Ce2(SO4)3+3H2SO4
(12) 2NaI+4Ce(SO4)2+2HCl=Na2SO4+2Ce2(SO4)2+2ICl+H2SO4
(13) NaI+3NaIO4=4NaIO3
(14) 2NaI+3NaIO4+3H2O=NaIO3+2Na2H3IO6+I2
(15) 2NaI+2CO2+H2O2=2NaHCO3+I2
(16) 2NaI+MnO2+3H2SO4=2NaHSO4+MnSO4+I2+2H2O


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