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Basic Info

What is Sodium Hypophosphite?

Sodium hypophosphite, referred to as SHPP/HYP0. Molecular formula: NaH2PO2. H2O, molecular weight: 105.99. Appearance: pearly crystal or white crystalline powder. Odorless, salty, strong water absorption, easy to deliquescence, soluble in water and glycerin. The aqueous solution is neutral, and it will decompose rapidly when heated above 200°C, releasing phosphine gas which may be naturally poisonous. It is an inorganic hypophosphite with strong reducibility and can explode when in contact with strong oxidants.

The existing production method is to make quicklime and water into a lime emulsion with a weight ratio of 1: 16 and pump it into the reactor, put the measured liquid alkali into the reactor by using the liquid level difference, and then drive the reactor with nitrogen Inner air, open the kettle inner jacket steam heating to 40~45 ℃ simultaneously, add yellow phosphorus 90~100KG, react under stirring situation. After the reaction is finished, filter with a plate and frame filter press, decalcify the filtrate, concentrate once, adjust the pH value, concentrate twice, crystallize by cooling, and pack centrifugally. Its defect is that liquid caustic soda is batched in the high-level metering tank, and is put into the reaction kettle by gravity using the liquid level difference, and the pressure is relatively small.

Because the reaction kettle is easy to scale, it is easy to block the liquid caustic nozzle installed on the reaction kettle, which often leads to dismantling and dredging of the liquid caustic pipeline, which seriously affects the progress of production; during the reaction of sodium hypophosphite, air is strictly prohibited in the kettle , Phosphine gas will explode when it encounters air, so the air must be driven out before the reaction is fed, and the cost of exhausting the air with nitrogen is relatively large, and the operation is inconvenient; the reaction filtrate is filtered with a plate and frame filter press, and the filter The moisture content of the cake is generally 45-50%. No matter how the filter cake is washed, it always contains 1-1.5% sodium hypophosphite and is transported away with the waste residue. The waste slag with high water content is viscous when dismantled, and operation is inconvenient; The yellow phosphorus proportioning of every kettle is 90~100KG, and output is lower.

Sodium Hypophosphite Uses

Sodium hypophosphite is mainly used as a reducing representative for electroless plating. Large-scale devices and also tiny objects that can not be electroplated; objects with complicated forms that need high accuracy and also concave as well as convex patterns; objects that call for high surface hardness and put on resistance on the internal wall of deep openings; plastics, porcelains, glass, The surface area of non-metallic materials such as quartz is metallized to get a thick and also consistent nickel-phosphorus coating that is better than electroplating.

Widely utilized in electronics, aeronautics, machinery, oil and also various other sectors. It can likewise be made use of to manufacture numerous water therapy representatives, catalysts as well as stabilizers for chemical reactions, interfacial activators for resins, molecular weight regulators, warm stabilizers and preservative.

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Application of Sodium Hypophosphite

Sodium hypophosphite is used as an analytical reagent, often used as a strong reducing agent, and also used in clinical testing and electroplating. Examples of its applications are as follows:

Sodium Hypophosphite Reduction Electroless Copper Plating Process

Chemical Plating is a technology to achieve metallization of non-conductor surfaces, which is widely used in surface modification, printed circuit manufacturing, electromagnetic shielding technology, electronic component packaging and other fields. Since electroless plating is the principle of self-catalyzed oxidation-reduction reaction on the surface of the substrate with catalytic activity by using the metal salt and reducing agent in the same solution under the condition of no external current, the metal or alloy coating is formed by chemical deposition on the surface of the substrate. A surface treatment technology, so it is also called Autocatalytic Plating, Electroless Plating or Electroless Plating.

According to the type of metal obtained by electroless plating, electroless plating can be divided into: electroless silver plating, electroless copper plating, and electroless nickel plating. Among them, electroless copper plating metal has the advantages of mature technology, good coating bonding force, high conductivity reliability, heat resistance and electromagnetic shielding, uniform coating thickness, and reasonable price, and is most widely used in electroless plating technology.

In the electroless copper plating solution, formaldehyde is replaced by other reducing agents to achieve electroless copper plating. There are literature and patent reports. The main alternative reducing agents include dimethylamine borane (DMAB), glyoxylic acid, sodium hypophosphite, etc. . Among them, the electroless plating system using sodium hypophosphite as a reducing agent has the characteristics of low pH value, low cost and relative safety, and has great development value and application prospect.


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