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Basic Info of Sodium Hyaluronate Acid

What is Sodium Hyaluronate Acid?

Salt hyaluronate is likewise called sodium glass acid. It is a physical and also energetic material widely existed in the human body. It is a polyphonic sticky polysaccharide made up of glucosamidal acid and also acetyl amin amino., Its molecular weight is 1 million. A thick -thick service is created in the water, which has a physiological level of acidity as well as ionic toughness. Its molecular type is variable, so it can be passed with thin shot needles. Fine-tuned inflammatory compounds in sodium hyaluronate, called healon. This item is dissolved in 1ml of saline in 1ml, and also its thick viscosity can be 200,000 times more than that of domestic water or physiological saline. Healon’s protein material is less than 0.5%, which is a clean and sterile high -purity service.

Sodium hyaluronate acid is a non -drug neutral tool. Salt hyaluronic acid injection is anemic and also clear sticky fluid. Salt hyaluronate is the major element of arthrine slide and one of the components of the cartilage material matrix. It can oil results in the joint tooth cavity, which can relieve rubbing between tissue, as well as at the same time play its adaptable impact, barrier stress on joint cartilage, Provide play to have physical features. High molecular top quality, high focus, and also high -stick flexible hyaluronate in the joint dental caries can substantially enhance the inflammatory response of the joints, boost the viscosity and lubrication function of the joint liquid, shield joint cartilage material, promote the recovery as well as regeneration of joint cartilage, alleviate Discomfort, increase joint activity. Generally, the amount of sodium hyaluronate is: 1ml (10mg) for the temporal mandibular joint, 2ml (20mg) for the shoulder joint, and also 2.5 ml (25mg) for hip and knee joints. It is primarily utilized to treat degenerative osteoarthritis, chronic trauma joint inflammation, rheumatoid or rheumatoid arthritis, temporal mandibular arthritis, and femoral aseptic necrosis.

Sodium Hyaluronate Acid Uses

  1. Sodium hyaluronate acid can protect corneal endothelial, epithelium, iris and retina during surgery.
  2. Replacement of water without loss, so it can keep the front room depth during the operation.
  3. Injecting into the vitreous cavity can help retirement of retinal due to compression.
  4. During glaucoma surgery, you can enter the conjunctival filter pillow to keep the filter pillow bulge.
  5. Helps separate tissue surfaces to reduce adhesion.

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Application of Sodium Hyaluronate Acid

Sodium hyaluronate acid, as a natural composition of the organism, has only 15 g in normal human body, it has a huge effect on maintaining the normal function of the human body and delaying aging. People have the highest HA content in the embryo period, and gradually decreased as they grow. If the relative content of HA in the body is 100%at 20 years old, it will decrease to 65%, 45%and 25%when the 30, 50 and 60 years old, respectively. The HA content in the body of the same age is also different. The HA content in the human body with premature disease is significantly reduced, showing many symptoms of aging. The reduction of HA can lead to many problems such as arthritis, aging skin, increased wrinkles, and eyebrows. Therefore, the content of sodium hyaluronate in the body can be regarded as a ruler of human aging. At present, oral sodium hyaluronate supplement endogenous hyaluronic acid is considered an effective way for beauty care and prolonged life.

In the late 1980s, orally oral hyaluronate beauty health foods appeared in Japan. Its theoretical basis is: After oral digestion and absorption of sodium hyaluronic acid, the prelude of hyaluronic acid synthesis in the body is increased, which increases the content of hyaluronic acid in the body and focuses on skin tissue, thereby enhancing the skin retention capacity of the skin, softening the skin’s keratin Layers to improve the effect of improving skin elasticity and reducing wrinkles. Containing sodium hyaluronate cosmetics only acts on the surface of the skin surface to play a local moisturizing effect, while oral oral hyaluronate is degraded, absorbed, and reenginer in the body through exogenous hyaluronic acid, increases the content of endogenous hyaluronic acid, activates to activate Full -body cells, exert the overall beauty and health effect.

The distinction between salt hyaluronate as well as hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is acid, and also sodium hyaluronate is salt. Salt -having is more stable. Adding salt to Non -Newton will be added. It is great for scrubing. Hyaluronic acid is a hydraulic item. Sodium hyaluronate and also hyaluronic acid, one is the removal technique, the other is the fermentation approach, the existence technique is different, and the impact coincides. Hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid) is the name of the elegance market, and also salt hyaluronate is the name of the food industry.

Hyaluronic acid is a biochemical medication with high clinical worth. It is commonly made use of in various ophthalmology surgical treatment, particularly for cosmetics, which can play an one-of-a-kind function in shielding the skin. Crease removal and also anti -wrinkle injections in the appeal market.

Sodiumhyaluronate exists in the body, with high web content in cells such as joint tooth cavity, skin, glasslike, cartilage material, umbilical cable, and cock crown. It has lots of physical functions, such as managing the attachment, placing, and also differentiation of cells and also cells, advertising the hyperplasia as well as activity of cells, in addition to participation in biological processes such as moisturizing, lubrication, wound recovery, tissue fixing and regrowth, inflammation reactions, embryo growth as well as tumor. In recent times, there have been an increasing number of research on dental absorption, metabolism and also efficacy in the house and abroad. A multitude of scientific proof has attested the efficiency of orally. It is presently one of the most acknowledged all-natural moisturizing agent in water retention.


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