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Basic Info of Sodium Dimethyldithiocarbamate

What is Sodium Dimethyldithiocarbamate?

Sodium fumet (scientific name salt dimethyl dithiocarbamate) is just one of the crucial dialkyl dithiocarbamates, so it has the general buildings of salts, as well as can create a collection of other metal salts, which has a large range of social usages.

For example, in the rubber sector, it is made use of as a terminator for emulsion polybutylene rubber, butylated styrene latex, a vulcanization accelerator for rubber products, as an antiseptic algae as well as slime prevention in commercial water treatment, and as an oil and paper industry. Bactericidal and algicide, used in agriculture to produce pesticides such as Fumeishuang, Fumeifeng, etc. In mining, it is used as a beneficiation agent for gold, copper, gold and silver mines, etc., and also used as wood preservatives. It is used at home and abroad. Larger varieties of dialkyldithiocarbamates.

In addition, another important use of fumet sodium is as a heavy metal precipitant, which reacts with heavy metal ions at room temperature to form a highly stable chelate salt precipitate, so as to achieve the purpose of removing heavy metal ions in wastewater.

As a chemical with less dosage and toxicity, most manufacturers use the way of purchasing finished products of sodium formate to meet the needs of enterprises. As a result, the automatic production technology of sodium formate is still immature in China. As a metal precipitant for manganese production, the demand for fumei sodium has been greatly increased. The rise in global manganese prices has indirectly brought about a substantial increase in the benefits of the fumei sodium industry, and fumei sodium has also been listed as a key development industry.

Sodium Dimethyldithiocarbamate Uses

  1. Sodium dimethyldithiocarbamate in N, an N-catalyzed solvent, can be used as a solvent and a solvent.
  2. Sodium dimethyldithiocarbamate is an anti-bacterial agent. Likewise used as a styrene-butadiene rubber polymerization terminator. Intermediate of Rubber Accelerator TMTD and also Chemical Famex.
  3. Sodium dimethyldithiocarbamateis used as a terminator for solution polystyrene-butadiene rubber, styrene-butadiene latex, commercial fungicides, steel precipitants, vulcanization accelerators for rubber items and also agricultural pesticides, and so on. The carbamate salt is an intermediate of the fungicide fumeshuang, fumemethiron, fumemethium, fumeizinc, as well as fometickel.
  4. Sodium dimethyldithiocarbamate is used to assist steel precipitation in commercial wastewater treatment and pretreatment systems. If made use of properly, it can properly boost the elimination of some difficult toxins without influencing the setting or POTW operation.
  5. Sodium dimethyldithiocarbamate is industrially used as accelerator and vulcanizing agent for natural rubber, synthetic rubber and latex, and as an additive for lubricating oil in oil processing. It is also used as an antifungal agent for linoleum, which can replace the highly toxic antifungal agent high mercury chloride. It is a protective fungicide in agriculture, used for foliar spraying, seed treatment, soil treatment, and has a preventive effect on cereal smut and seedling blight of various crops, fruit trees, vegetables, wheat and other diseases. Applied to fruit tree nurseries, etc., it has a repellent effect on beetles, mice, rabbits, deer, etc., so it can also be used as a repellent.

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The Production Process of of Sodium Dimethyldithiocarbamate

The entire production process of sodium dimethyldithiocarbamate is divided into six processes, alkali dissolution process, mixing process, synthesis process, cooling crystallization process, centrifugation process and product packaging and storage process.

  • Alkali-dissolving process: First, turn on and stir the alkali-dissolving kettle, add 3.6 tons of mother liquor, take Jiaolong to transport 600 kg of flake alkali to the alkali-dissolving kettle, control the temperature below 60℃, and achieve full dissolution within 3 hours. The solution was allowed to stand, and after the cooling and precipitation was completed, the base mother was added dropwise to the reaction kettle.
  • Mixing process: Under the condition of uninterrupted stirring, pump 33% dimethylamine into the reaction kettle containing the alkali mother liquor at an approximately constant rate, and control the temperature below 25 °C.
  • Synthesis process: under the condition of uninterrupted stirring, the prepared carbon disulfide is slowly dripped into the reaction kettle containing the mixture of dimethylamine and alkali-containing mother liquor through the metering tank. The temperature of this process is controlled below 35 ° C. After the carbon disulfide is added , the reaction kettle was stirred for another half an hour, when the reaction was complete, the temperature dropped to about 20 °C.
  • Cooling and crystallization process: The synthetic liquid that has completely reacted in the reactor is placed in the middle tank for natural cooling and crystallization. After a large amount of sodium dimethyldithiocarbamate crystallizes out, centrifugation can be performed.
  • Centrifugation process: The solid-liquid mixture obtained in the cooling and crystallization process is sent to a centrifuge for centrifugation in several times, the mother liquor obtained by centrifugation is placed in the mother liquor tank, and the solid sodium dimethyldithiocarbamate is sent to the silo.
  • Packaging process: Pour the sodium dimethyldithiocarbamate in the silo into the automatic packaging machine, set the specifications for automatic packaging, the conveyor belt will send the packaged finished products to the palletizer for automatic stacking, which can be stacked in multiple layers, and then pushed out , and finally transported by forklift to the warehouse for storage. The exhaust gas generated in the whole production process is sent to different exhaust gas towers for exhaust gas treatment according to different exhaust gas types. The function of nitrogen is to maintain the pressure balance of the container and prevent the clogging of the feed port, etc.


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