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Basic Info

What is Sodium Chloride?

Sodium chloride is an important regulator of electrolyte balance in body fluids. The average amount of sodium in a normal human body is 150g, of which 44% exists in the extracellular fluid in the form of sodium chloride, and about 9% exists in the cells. A constant osmotic pressure in the body is necessary to maintain life, and sodium ions account for 90% of the cation content in extracellular fluid. Therefore, sodium is an important component to maintain the osmotic pressure and capacity of extracellular fluid. The concentration of sodium chloride in the blood is often maintained at a level of 0.6%. This concentration of sodium is a necessary condition for maintaining cell excitability and neuromuscular irritability. If a large amount of sodium is lost in the body, it can cause hyponatremia syndrome.

Sodium chloride injection can replenish blood volume and sodium ions, and can be used clinically for various salt-deficiency dehydration diseases (such as severe vomiting and diarrhea caused by extensive burns, profuse sweating and bleeding, etc.). When there is massive bleeding and blood transfusion is not possible, its injection can be infused to maintain blood volume for first aid. Work under high temperature in summer and sweat a lot, and lose a lot of sodium chloride, which can cause “heat stroke”. You can drink water containing 0.1% to 1% sodium chloride to supplement.

Sodium Chloride Uses

  1. Promote the cross coupling of organostanne and iodide without using palladium.
  2. Sodium chloride is an essential chemical basic material for the prep work of chlorine gas, sodium metal, caustic soda, soda ash, and so on, as well as is commonly utilized in dyes, porcelains, metallurgy, natural leather, soap, cold, and so on. In analytical chemistry, sodium chloride is a reagent for figuring out fluorine and silicate, as well as a basic reagent for calibrating silver nitrate.
  3. All-natural salt is the source of chlorine as well as salt and all or nearly all of their compounds, such as hydrochloric acid, chlorate, sodium carbonate, hydroxide, etc; For maintaining food; Making soap, salting out dyes; In the icy mix; Made use of for printing and also coloring fabrics, brightening pottery and also treating leather; Metallurgy of tin and also other steels.
  4. Natural salt is the source of chlorine as well as salt and all or almost all of their compounds, such as hydrochloric acid, chlorate, sodium carbonate, hydroxide, and so on; For maintaining food; Making soap, salting out dyes; In the frozen mix; Utilized for printing and also coloring textiles, polishing ceramic and also healing leather; Metallurgy of tin and various other metals.
  5. Sodium chloride is an essential substratum for preserving extracellular fluid volume, and also it additionally has a particular governing effect on the acid-base equilibrium of body fluids, and it is additionally among the vital elements for preserving neuromuscular excitability. It is mostly made use of to stop as well as treat hyponatremia disorder, dehydration caused by salt shortage (such as burns, looseness of the bowels, shock, etc), warm stroke, and so on; externally made use of for washing eyes, nose, wounds, and so on; intravenous injection of 10% hypertonic sodium chloride solution can advertise intestinal motility, Improve gastrointestinal feature.

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Application of Sodium Chloride

Sodium chloride is an essential chemical raw material for the preparation of chlorine gas, sodium steel, caustic soda, soda ash, etc, and is extensively utilized in dyes, ceramics, metallurgy, leather, soap, cold, and so on. In analytical chemistry, sodium chloride is a reagent for establishing fluorine and silicate, and a typical reagent for calibrating silver nitrate. Sodium chloride is the main salt to maintain the balance of osmotic pressure in the body. A big quantity of salt is supplied for consumption as well as managed food. When sodium chloride is deficient in the body, severe dehydration will certainly result. Dental typical saline can avoid dehydration and also salt loss under heat procedure.

What does your body finish with sodium chloride?

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