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Basic Info

What is Sodium Bromide?

Sodium bromide, chemical formula NaBr or NaBr 2H2O. Anemic crystal (or powder), soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol. Really similar to sodium chloride. Oral poisoning is low. Its anhydrous form (NaBr) has a melting point of 747 ° C and also a boiling point of 1390 ° C. It can be used as silver bromide sensitizer. Medically it can be utilized as a sedative, hypnotic, or anticonvulsant. Industrially, salt bromide can be utilized to make bromine.

It is used for micro-determination of cadmium in logical chemistry, photographic plate production, and also pharmaceuticals. Physical as well as chemical residential or commercial properties Anemic cubic crystal or white granular powder. Odorless, alkaline and a little bitter preference. The relative density is 3.203 (25 ° C). The melting point is 747 ° C. It is hygroscopic airborne. It is conveniently soluble in water (solubility at 100 ° C is 121g/100ml water), and its aqueous solution is neutral. Slightly soluble in alcohol. Anhydrous sodium bromide crystals speed up out of the solution at 51 ° C, as well as dihydrate forms when the temperature is less than 51 ° C. Its bromide ion can be changed by chlorine.

Under acidic conditions, it can be oxidized by oxygen to release bromine. It can respond with silver ions to generate light yellow strong silver bromide, react with weaken sulfuric acid to create hydrogen bromide, and react with concentrated sulfuric acid to create bromine. It can also be replaced by chlorine gas to generate bromine, which is among the processes of extracting bromine from seawater.

Sodium Bromide Uses

The effect of bromide mainly depends on bromide ions, which can strengthen the inhibitory process of the cerebral cortex and promote its concentration. It is mainly used to treat neurasthenia, mental excitement, anxiety, etc. It is also used to treat pruritus skin diseases.

Sodium bromide is widely used and can be used for trace determination of cadmium and manufacture of bromide.

In the photosensitive market, it is made use of to prepare movie photosensitive fluid. It is made use of in medicine to produce diuretics as well as sedatives. Made use of in the fragrance sector to generate artificial scents. Made use of as a brominating representative in the printing and also coloring market. On top of that, it is also made use of in natural synthesis and also various other elements.

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Application of Sodium Bromide

Salt bromide is one of the most helpful inorganic bromide in industry. It is additionally made use of as a catalyst in TEMPO-mediated oxidation responses.

Sodium bromide plays a big role in the field of medicine

As a key pharmaceutical intermediate, sodium bromide can act on the nervous system and produce inhibitory effects. It is often used in the manufacture of sedatives, diuretics, hypnotics, anticonvulsants and other drugs. The human nervous system is usually very sensitive to bromine compounds. After injecting or absorbing a small amount of bromine compounds in the human body, the nerves will gradually be paralyzed, and a very small amount can be used as a hypnotic.

One type of sedative used in hospitals is made of bromine compounds. The three compounds of potassium bromide KBr, sodium bromide NaBr and ammonium bromide NH4Br are mixed together, and the aqueous solution is the “tribromine mixture” we often hear, and the common “tribromine mixture” is compressed into tablets. Tablets” to treat neurasthenia and hysteria.

In addition, sodium bromide is also used in anticonvulsant drugs. Sodium bromide is easily absorbed after oral administration and is slowly excreted by the kidneys. The bromide ions dissociated in the body strengthen the inhibitory process of the cerebral cortex, making the unbalanced excitement and The inhibitory process returns to normal, resulting in a sedative effect. Bromide ions have an inhibitory effect on the sensory and motor areas of the cerebral cortex, so it has a certain anticonvulsant effect while producing sedation.


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