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Basic Info

What is Sodium Amide?

Sodium amide, also known as sodium ammonia, is a white or olive eco-friendly crystalline powder with ammonia smell, chemical formula NaNH2, molecular weight 39.01, melting point 210 ° C, boiling point 400 ° C. When heated to 500-600 ° C, it breaks down right into sodium, nitrogen and also hydrogen. Vigorously engage with water to generate sodium hydroxide and also release ammonia gas. Somewhat soluble in fluid ammonia, reacts slowly with alcohol. Rapidly absorb carbon dioxide as well as water airborne, as well as ought to be kept in closed condition. In fluid state, it can dissolve steel magnesium, zinc, molybdenum, tungsten and quartz, glass, silicate as well as various other substances. An ionic compound composed of a -1 valent atomic group created by removing a hydrogen atom from sodium ions and ammonia molecules – amino NH-2. Sodium amide is flammable, explosive, destructive as well as deliquescent. Because the amino group has a lone electron pair as well as is easy to integrate with a proton, it is highly hydrolyzed when it runs into water, and its aqueous solution is alkaline: NaNH2+H2O=NaOH+NH3. Soluble in liquid ammonia as well as warm ethanol. Dirt is harmful. Drastically bothersome to skin, eyes and respiratory system. Can create harsh burns after contact with skin. In natural synthesis, it is utilized as an ammoniating representative; a condensation accelerator; a dehydrating agent, a dehalogenating agent; a polymerization initiator and a raw material for the manufacture of hydrazine, sodium cyanide, azide, cyanide, hydrazine, and also indigo.

Sodium amide is conveniently oxidized airborne, developing a layer of yellow oxidation items externally. A few of the oxidation products are explosive and might detonate as a result of rubbing or heat. When salt amide is warmed to 300-330 ° C in vacuum, it disintegrates right into nitrogen, salt, hydrogen and also ammonia. Consequently, it must be sealed as well as stored in a bottle loaded with an inert atmosphere to stay clear of contact with air, water or fire to stay clear of explosion and also fire. Sodium amide responds with carbon monoxide to create sodium cyanide, which is beneficial to the production of salt cyanide. Sodium amide is typically made use of as a condensation accelerator, drying out representative, alkylating representative, etc in organic synthesis. Industrially, sodium amide is obtained by responding molten salt and also aeriform ammonia at 300-400 ° C, and also busy, it is gotten by reacting sodium and liquid ammonia in the presence of a stimulant at area temperature level.

Sodium Amide Uses

  1. Reagent used for: synthesis of allylamine and amide 1. synthesis of antibacterial agents 2. aggregation activation and heterocyclic chemistry 3. phenylation with diphenyl iodine chloride 4.
  2. Sodium amide can be used as a strong base reagent, and can react with vinyl bromide compounds to prepare alkyne compounds. Due to its strong basicity, sodium amide can also make ketones, acids, and nitriles generate active carbanions, and promote a series of nucleophilic substitution reactions.
  3. Dissociate NHf ions in fluid ammonia as an initiator for anion polymerization to produce polyvinyl chloride. It is also utilized in the manufacture of azides, cyanides, indigo and hydrazine.
  4. Amino sodium is widely used in organic chemical synthesis as a solid base in reactions, such as preparing phenylacetylene from 1,2-dibromophenylethane. It is additionally used for synthesizing 2,6-diamination of replaced pyridines as an initiator for heterogeneous chichichibabin reactions.
  5. Sodium amide is a solid alkaline substance, which is primarily made use of to make salt cyanide, as well as this compound can likewise be utilized to make azide. In organic chain reaction, sodium amide can be used as a condensation accelerator, dehalogenation representative, alkylating agent and also ammoniating representative, as well as is additionally a raw material for the synthesis of vitamin A.

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Application of Sodium Amide

Sodium amino is mainly used as a solid base in natural chemistry and is commonly utilized in liquid ammonia solutions. It is the favored reagent for drying out ammonia (liquid or gas). One of the primary advantages of using salt amino is its fairly low nucleophilicity. In the industrial manufacturing of indigo, salt amino is a component of a highly alkaline mixture that causes the cyclization of N-phenylglycine. This response produces ammonia, which is normally recouped.


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