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What is Sodium Alginate?

Sodium alginate is also called salt alginate, alginate, kelp gum tissue. It is a byproduct after extracting iodine and also mannitol from brown algae kelp or sargassum, and also its particles are composed of β-D-mannuronic acid (β-D-mannuronic, M) as well as α-L-guluronic acid (α-L-guluronic, G) is linked by (1 → 4) bonds, it is a natural polysaccharide, which has the security, solubility, viscosity as well as safety and security. Salt alginate has actually been commonly made use of in food industry as well as medication.

Sodium alginate (CHONa) is mostly composed of sodium salt of alginic acid. Soluble in hot water and also cold water, the pH worth of 1% aqueous solution is 6-8, can create a viscous colloidal remedy, as well as is very easy to combine with protein, starch, pectin, acacia periodontal, carboxymethyl cellulose, sucrose, glycerol and also sorbic acid Alcohol and also other blends. Insoluble in thin down acids with pH less than 3. When the pH is 6-9, its viscosity is stable, and its viscosity decreases when heated up over 80 ° C. It is a polysaccharide biopolymer with numerous qualities such as vast source, safe, very easy to deteriorate, and also easy biocompatibility. Therefore, it is utilized in medicine, food, product packaging, fabric industry, biomaterials as well as various other sectors have massive application value.

Sodium Alginate Uses

  1. Sodium alginate can be made use of as a sizing agent as well as printing paste for textiles, and also is widely utilized in the food market as a thickener, stabilizer, as well as emulsifier.
  2. As an emulsification stabilizer as well as thickener, it can be utilized in all kinds of food according to the policies of our nation, as well as it must be used in a proper amount according to manufacturing needs.
  3. In the manufacturing of beer, it is used as a solidification cleaner for copper, and at the same time, it is coagulated with healthy protein and tannin as well as got rid of.
  4. The United States is used for pie fillings, meat sauces, sauce, frozen foods, chocolate, luscious hard candy, chilly gel, jelly, syrups, emulsions, etc, the dosage is 0.1%– -0.5%.
  5. In Japan, it is utilized in gelato and cool spots to boost form retention and make the cells fragile, and also the dosage is 0.1%-0.4%. It imparts cohesiveness when making fillings, as well as its dose is 0.1%-0.7%. Since it is a hydrophilic polymer with strong hydratability, it is difficult for the water adsorbed on the stabilizer to develop ice crystals.
  6. Sodium alginate is a high viscosity polymer compound. The difference between it and also starch, cellulose, etc is that it has a carboxyl team and also is a high polyuronic acid created by the aldehyde team of β-D-mannuronic acid with glycosidic bonds.
  7. It is utilized to enhance blood quantity and also preserve high blood pressure, remove histamine toxoids generated by burns and also distressing blood loss, maintain the circulatory system before and also after surgical treatment, enormous hemorrhagic shock, melt shock, high fever and also severe dysentery as well as other systemic dehydration. The therapeutic impact is great. It likewise has the functions of eliminating cholesterol from the body, inhibiting the absorption of Pb, Cd, and also Sr by the body, and also shielding the intestinal system, regulating the intestinal tracts, minimizing weight, and also lowering blood sugar. In medication, it is primarily used as suspending agent, emulsifier, viscous agent, capsule material of microcapsule, and so on.

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Application of Sodium Alginate in Food Processing

Salt alginate is an all-natural plant polysaccharide and also nutritional fiber from algae, which has many wellness features such as lowering blood glucose, lowering fat, cleaning up the intestinal tracts, as well as getting rid of heavy metals in the body.

Salt alginate is mainly used as drugs, such as salt alginate, which has the functions of anticoagulation, reducing blood fat, and lowering blood viscosity. On top of that, its duty has numerous facets, including industrial applications, algae gel and also various other forms of hemostatic representatives can be made, including hemostatic sponge, hemostatic gauze, hemostatic movie, scald gauze, spray hemostatic agent, and so on.

On top of that, adding salt alginate in the production of dried out noodles, vermicelli, and rice noodles can enhance the cohesiveness of the product tissue, make it solid in stress, huge in curvature, as well as lower the price of damaged ends, especially for flour with low gluten web content, the result is more obvious. Including salt alginate to bread, bread and also various other products can improve the uniformity as well as water-holding impact of the inner tissue of the product, as well as extend the storage space time.

In the pursuit of a healthy and balanced diet plan, the role of sodium alginate in food is not restricted to the group of artificial additive. As a functional variable and health and wellness component, it will be much more widely used in various useful foods and natural food.

Below we will introduce the application of sodium alginate in a stylish diet plan – seaweed magic beans.

Magic beans, additionally referred to as standing out eggs, have a soft as well as flexible calcium alginate film on the outer skin, as well as a natural or synthetically mixed fruit juice with different flavors on the inner core. The pleasant juice spurts out, as well as the remarkable preference goes over. Sodium alginate reacts with calcium ions to develop calcium alginate gel. Using this residential property, it creates a movie finish to wrap the fruit juice and make pearl-shaped magic beans with good taste.

Thanks to the special warmth irreparable residential or commercial properties of calcium alginate gel, even if the magic beans are heated up, the layer will not alter, as well as the shape and preference can be kept “regular”. Therefore, initially, this item was used in hot milk tea instead of taro spheres as pearls. Now, as a result of the enhancement of production innovation and the promotion of automation, it has been extensively made use of in hot and cold drinks, gelato, shaved ice, pastry dental fillings, and also food design. and many other areas.

Application of Sodium Alginate in Food

Sodium alginate, also known as sodium alginate, is a polysaccharide carbohydrate extracted from brown algae such as kelp, sargassum, macroalgae, and Ascophyllum nodosum. It is not only a food thickener, but also can be used as a base material for bionic food or curative food.

Adding 0.2%-0.5% sodium alginate in the production of dried noodles, fish noodles, fast food noodles and packaged noodles can significantly increase the viscosity, prevent brittleness, effectively reduce the rate of broken ends, and be resistant to cooking, foaming, and non-stick. , Strong gluten, high toughness, delicate, lubricated and chewy taste. Adding 0.1%-1% sodium alginate in the production of bread and other pasta and cakes can prominently prevent aging and drying, reduce crumbs, and have gluten and good taste.

Generally, 0.1%-0.5% sodium alginate is added as a stabilizer in the production of ice cream, popsicles, and ice cream. The resulting mixture is uniform, easy to adjust the fluidity of the mixture when it freezes, and easy to stir. The finished product has good shape retention, smoothness and fineness, and good taste. It does not form ice crystals during storage, and can also stabilize the air bubbles in it. The expansion rate of the product is increased by about 18%. Increase output by 15%-17%, and make the product soft and elastic at the same time.

Adding 0.25%-2% sodium alginate to flavored yogurt can maintain and improve the shape of its curd, prevent the phenomenon of viscosity drop during high-temperature sterilization, and at the same time extend the storage period and keep its special flavor unchanged. It can also be used as a margarine thickener and emulsifier. In addition, when added to beverages, it can be made into a refreshing fruity syrup with saccharin and auxiliary materials, which has a smooth and uniform taste, and is stable and not layered.

Sodium alginate is widely used in the production of candies, frozen desserts and food cores and fillings. Sodium alginate is used as the main additive to produce high-quality fudge, fresh jelly, grape beads, lotus seed soup, tremella soup, red bean soup, etc. It can also be prepared in a certain proportion with other auxiliary materials. After freezing, a smooth and firm pudding can be obtained.

In addition, sodium alginate and starch additives can be used to make candies that can replace commonly known as “glutinous rice paper”, and the inner packaging film of pastries is used to prevent the melting of candies and the oil separation of pastries, and the effect is excellent. Not only can the strength and flexibility of the film be improved, which is beneficial to mechanized production, but also can save food and reduce costs. Adding sodium alginate to the core and stuffing of food obviously shows good gel performance and strong cohesive force. For example: pies, moon cakes, sandwich cakes, crushed fruit desserts and bun fillings, etc., have a uniform texture and a good taste.

Sodium alginate is an indispensable dietary fiber for the human body. It has unique nutrition, can combine with organic matter, reduce serum and liver cholesterol, inhibit the increase of total fat and total fatty acid concentration, and improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients. It can inhibit the absorption of harmful elements such as radioactive strontium and cadmium in the body. Because sodium alginate is carboxylic acid sodium salt (containing -COONa) and can be dissolved in water, and the negatively charged carboxylate ion (COO-) can combine with harmful heavy metal elements such as lead and mercury in the human body to form alginic acid Precipitation of heavy metal salts. It is insoluble in water, so it can be excreted with feces. Long-term consumption of Jiangtangle, sweet jelly, fruit juice powder, orange juice, etc. prepared with sodium alginate will help treat hypertension, coronary heart disease, obesity, diabetes and intestinal system diseases. For health food, sodium alginate is generally dissolved in water with auxiliary materials, mixed evenly, and then solidified into granules, strips, and fiber paper, which can be made into solid drinks or imitation meat foods.


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