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Basic Info of Silver Iodide

What is Silver Iodide?

Silver iodide (AgI) is a compound of iodine and silver, which is a yellow powder (decomposes at ~558 °C), decomposes under light, and absorbs a lot of heat, turns gray and then black, insoluble in water and ammonia, used in photography and nuclei of artificial rainfall.

The chemical formula of silver iodide is AgI, and there are two crystal forms, α and β. α-type is a bright yellow, odorless, microcrystalline hexagonal powder, which turns black when exposed to light, with a relative density of 5.68330 and a refractive index of 2.21 and 2.22. Insoluble in water and dilute acid, slightly soluble in concentrated ammonia water, and heated with concentrated ammonia water, it turns white due to the formation of AgI 1/2NH3 or 2AgI NH3 crystals, soluble in potassium cyanide, sodium thiosulfate, potassium iodide solution and hot concentrated nitric acid. It forms [AgI2]- or [AgI4]-3 complex ions with it in iodide solution (KI). Heated to 146 ° C that is converted into β-type. β-type is an orange cubic microcrystalline powder with a melting point of 558°C, a boiling point of 1506°C and a relative density of 6.01014.6.

Silver Iodide Uses

  1. Silver iodide is used in medicine because of its corrosiveness, astringency and antiseptic effect. Used for photography and silver valuation. Through heterogeneous nucleation, it is used for cloud seeding, depending on its β- AgI crystal structure.
  2. Silver iodide and silver bromide can be mixed to make photographic emulsion, which can be used as ice nucleus forming agent in artificial rainfall, as well as to prevent hail, snow, storm and typhoon, and can be used as raw materials for thermal batteries. Used as a catalyst in some reactions.
  3. Silver iodide is a really reliable center for the development of ice crystals. As the research things of interface electrochemical homes, silver iodide has vital benefits over mercury. It is likewise made use of as a strong lube for power contacts. It is also utilized as a regional preservative.
  4. Silver iodide is a yellow powder composed of soluble iodide as well as silver nitrate. Silver iodide can likewise be created by exposing metal silver to bromine smoke, as in silver lithography. This was the main halide utilized in all video camera processes in the 19th century, till the intro of silver bromide gelatin plates. Except for the silver lithography, all silver iodide procedures rely upon using minimizing representatives (such as gallic acid, pyrogallic acid or ferrous sulfate), acid inhibitors and also physical development of excess silver.

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Application of Silver Iodide

The mixture of silver iodide and silver bromide can make photographic emulsion, which can be used as ice nucleation agent in artificial rainfall, and can also prevent hail, snow, storm and typhoon, and can be used as raw material for thermal battery. Used as a catalyst in some reactions. Examples of its application are as follows:

Bioactive glass doped with silver iodide by weight ratio: non-doped silver iodide bioactive glass: silver iodide = 90~100:1~10. In the preparation method, silver nitrate, potassium iodide and iodine are first weighed according to the weight ratio of AgI; the bioactive glass without silver iodide is added into absolute ethanol, and ultrasonically treated to make it fully dispersed; then silver nitrate is added first, and then potassium iodide is added. and iodine; ultrasonically stir evenly, centrifugally filter, wash the precipitate with deionized water, freeze-dry, pulverize, and sieve to obtain silver iodide-doped bioactive glass. The bioactive glass doped with silver iodide is used to prepare medicines for the prevention and treatment of various diseases.

The above glass can effectively promote the healing of human body’s hard and soft tissue damage and can inhibit/kill bacteria. The composition contains bioactive glass particles and silver iodide crystals, and the composition is easy to store, carry and use.

The composite material includes cadmium tungstate and silver/silver iodide material, the silver/silver iodide material is supported on the cadmium tungstate, and the silver/silver iodide material is composed of Ag nanoparticles and silver iodide. Loaded on cadmium tungstate, in which AgI has visible light response characteristics, Ag nanoparticles have plasmon resonance effect, the two combined into silver/silver iodide material can be excited by long-wave visible light to generate photogenerated charges, improving the utilization rate of solar energy; CdWO4 has large The specific surface area is conducive to the mass transfer and diffusion of pollutants on the surface and contact with free radicals.

On this basis, the silver/silver iodide material composed of Ag and AgI is loaded on CdWO4, so that Ag, AgI and CdWO4 are compounded and tightly combined, which can not only improve the conduction and separation efficiency of photogenerated charges, but also expand the effect of AgI on visible light. It can improve the absorption range of visible light, enhance the absorption intensity of visible light, and improve the photocatalytic performance, stability and photocorrosion resistance. The silver/silver iodide composite material modified by cadmium tungstate of the present invention has the advantages of wide absorption range of visible light, high absorption intensity, high photo-generated charge conduction and separation efficiency, good photocatalytic performance, strong stability and photocorrosion resistance, and good recyclability. advantage.

The content of silver iodide in the photocatalyst is 0-25% (mol/mol), and the surface of the photocatalyst is composed of silver nanoparticles. The preparation steps of the porous photocatalyst are as follows:

  1. In the presence of sodium hydroxide, using silver-aluminum alloy as raw material, a dealloying method is used to prepare porous silver element.
  2. In the presence of hydrogen peroxide and potassium bromide, the porous silver is converted into porous silver bromide.
  3. Utilize ion-exchange method to convert part of silver bromide into silver bromine iodide.
  4. Performing photoreduction treatment on silver bromoiodide with ultraviolet rays to generate silver nanoparticles on the surface thereof to obtain a silver bromoiodide/silver photocatalyst with a coral-like porous structure.

Compared with the existing method, the catalyst prepared by the invention has the advantages of high visible light activity and easy recovery, and can utilize visible light to efficiently degrade organic pollutants such as dyes.

The described preparation method comprises the following steps:

  1. Under the condition of atmosphere protection, weigh lithium sulfide, phosphorus sulfide, lithium tin alloy powder and sulfur according to the molar ratio of 2.5-4.0: 0.5-1.0: 0.02-0.1: 0.01-0.05, and mix them evenly to obtain lithium sulfur phosphorus tin mixture.
  2. Under the condition of atmosphere protection and safe red light, get lithium sulfur phosphorus tin mixture, silver iodide and silver chloride, place ball milling in a ball milling jar, obtain the amorphous lithium sulfur phosphorus tin mixture containing silver iodide and silver chloride.
  3. The mixture obtained in step 2) is sealed under atmosphere protection conditions, and then heated to 100-200° C. under vacuum conditions for heat treatment.

The present invention improves the lithium ion conductivity of the obtained solid electrolyte material by adding lithium tin alloy, silver iodide and silver chloride at the same time.

Using the polymer complexing agent with no toxic and side effects as the carrier, the silver iodide nanomaterial is synthesized in situ on the polymer complexing agent by the in-situ synthesis technology to obtain the silver iodide complex dispersion. And excellent biocompatibility, the silver iodide obtained by the technical solution of the present invention and the polymer complexing agent have a synergistic effect, do not cause any irritation to the skin, mucous membranes, eyes, etc., and overcome the shortcomings of the existing silver-based antibacterial agents.

It also has strong antibacterial effect and excellent dispersing performance. It can be added to other materials to increase the antibacterial performance of the material, and can also be directly used for surface disinfection and sterilization of skin, medical equipment and household products. Prepare iodine salt aqueous solution and silver salt aqueous solution with molar concentration of 0.01~1.0mol/L, under the condition of stirring and temperature of 20~90 ℃, and control the flow rate, inject the above-mentioned substances into the polymer complexing agent aqueous solution, in the After the in-situ silver iodide is generated in the polymer complexing agent, ultrasonic treatment is performed for 30-60 min under the reaction temperature condition to obtain the silver iodide complex dispersion. The invention utilizes the polymerization inhibition effect of the polymer complexing agent to generate nano silver iodide in-situ in the polymer complexing agent, and the prepared nano silver iodide has small particle size, narrow distribution, and is easy to stably disperse in water. The silver iodide complex antibacterial agent provided by the invention has a sterilization rate of up to 99.9%, and can be added to other materials to increase the antibacterial properties of the materials, and can also be used for surface disinfection and sterilization of skin, medical instruments, household items and the like.

Preparation of Silver Iodide

Silver iodide can be obtained by the reaction of silver nitrate and potassium iodide, and potassium nitrate will be produced at the same time. The chemical reaction equation is:

AgNO3 + KI -→ AgI + KNO3

It can also react with silver nitrate and hydroiodic acid to generate silver iodide and nitric acid:

AgNO3 + HI → AgI + HNO3

Or silver cations react with iodine anions (except that silver ions are usually provided by silver nitrate):

Ag+ + I- → AgI

Or the silver element directly reacts with hydroiodic acid to generate silver iodide and hydrogen:

Ag + HI → 2AgI + H2


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