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  • Appearance: Green-yellow to greenish granular powder
  • Purity: 99. 0%min
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Basic Info

What is Silver Carbonate?

Silver carbonate (chemical formula: Ag2CO3) is a light yellow or yellowish environment-friendly powder, a little soluble in water, and simple to become dark purple or dark grey under long-lasting light. After heating, it breaks down right into silver oxide, which is utilized to prepare other silver compounds.

Silver carbonate is a rainfall compound, which is prepared by double decay response of sodium carbonate and silver nitrate, or by filtration of argentite. It is far better to avoid light reaction to stay clear of shade dimming after exposure to light. The precipitate is a white powder. As sodium carbonate and silver nitrate are normally used to prepare silver carbonate, sodium carbonate can be hydrolyzed into salt hydroxide, which can likewise respond with silver nitrate to create silver oxide speed up, which is yellow when mixed with silver carbonate. Consequently, it is generally thought about that the new precipitate is a brilliant yellow powder, as well as the mix becomes darker in light after drying. Silver carbonate is broken down right into silver oxide and carbon dioxide at about 220 ℃, and also right into metallic silver at greater temperature levels. It is soluble in 2000 phr boiling water, quickly soluble in weaken nitric acid, acetic acid, ammonia water as well as cyanide alkali option, and insoluble in cold water as well as ethanol. The loved one thickness is 6.08. Melting point 210 ℃ (decomposition).

Silver carbonate is not a strong oxidant, however it is really beneficial in organic chemistry. Rapoport et al. It might be the initial individual to make use of silver carbonate to oxidize alcohol right into carbonyl derivatives. Rapoport refluxed codeine with silver carbonate in benzene to get codeine ketone with a yield of 75%. In later work, King et al. The codeine was oxidized with silver carbonate in the reflux toluene or xylene, and the return of codeine ketone was 85% in a shorter response time.

Silver Carbonate Uses

  1. Silver carbonate can be used to manufacture photographic materials such as film films, color photographic emulsions, photo films, silver plating, conductive adhesives, silver zinc batteries, other silver salts and catalysts, medical sterilization, ceramics, etc.
  2. Silver carbonate is a mild oxidant, which can convert alcohols right into aldehydes as well as ketones. It is also made use of as an organic tarnish and also Koenigs Knorr glycosylation.
  3. Silver Carbonate on Celite is used to synthesize 3-Oxo-12a-hydroxy-5 β- Cholanoic Acid is a kind of reagent, which is a derivative of ketone bile acid.
  4. The main use of silver carbonate is to produce silver powder for microelectronics. It is reduced by formaldehyde to produce silver without alkali metal:
    Ag2CO3 + CH2O = 2 Ag + 2 CO2 + H2O
    Silver carbonate is used as a reagent in natural synthesis, such as Koenigs Knorr response. In F é tizon oxidation response, silver carbonate on diatomite acts as oxidant to create lactone from diol. It is also made use of to transform alkyl bromide into alcohols. As a base, it has been made use of in Wittig response. The and CH keys are activated.


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